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[hr][/hr]San Francisco | Friday, February 22. 2014 | Vol. 001 Issue 003[hr][/hr]​
[bimg=fleft]http://findcarmen.com/data/photos/l/0/117-1393076316-73d01e81c7c24f23f1119ae472dc7410.jpg[/bimg]The Breaded Truth! Eugene Grovington has always been a mystery. Is he a just a Flight instructor? Is he a killer mercenary hiding from his past? Or is he a champion baker in disguise? Yes dear readers, our undercover agents have revealed that ACME's Pilot may be lending a secret beer bread recipe to a local bakery in a bid to make millions. His business partner? Rumor has it, it's ACME's newest programming guru Jason West.

[fieldset=Airplane Naming Competition!|100]ACME announces an Airplane Naming Competition. Winners will receive a month's supply of popcorn (best consumed while watching real life drama occurring at the Neutral Grounds area.)[/fieldset]Dorms Open for Semester - After a long renovation, Portwood Hall Dormitory is open and accepting students, agents and staff. Is Romance already brewing with Derrin and her neighbor? Will there be any issues between Colleen's robotic pals and Molly's obsessive gardening? Will the loners like Scarlet ever integrate? Is there really a ghost in the basement laundry room? We'll keep you posted![hr][/hr][bimg=fleft]http://findcarmen.com/data/photos/l/0/118-1393076318-2ac86f37a8aee2a06b46d9c375133f76.jpg[/bimg]Communicator Catastrophe? - by @Superman - In a troubling development, unconfirmed reports have come in of the lithium ion batteries within the ACME communicators catching fire or exploding when damaged. ACME labs has refused comment on the issue, but our sources say an internal memo has been distributed, recalling certain versions of the device. Apparently revision 11.3 couldn't quite handle the company’s grueling field tests.

Possible Security Leak! - Some ACME Faculty Records were leaked recently, allowing us a small glimpse into their daily schedules. We found out that 'killer walk' is a new exercise craze that's proven popular with ACME's elites like Chase Devineaux and Ivy Monaghan , Dr. Sophie Conrad's schedule is mysterious on Tuesday afternoons, and instructor Ann Tickwittee is part of a strange cult that likes to "polish Anubis"! Scandal!
[hr][/hr]Desperately Seeking Detectives
(Seeking) - Need boyfriend? I'm available! See Evgeni! I'm got fur hat!
(Selling) - San Francisco Urban Sledding Set only $19,000. It's a Steal, mate. Contact Lee Jordan

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