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I honestly don't know the reason for celebrating my birthday anymore.
Not like I have guests to invite to a birthday bash anyways.
I am not expecting any gifts or cake this year.

I seem to busier than usual as I'm running back and forth over vile headquarters.

A pack of red candles, a package wrapped in brown paper, and other seemingly random items I brought to the meeting room today.

I leave the items outside the door. Strangely I am instructed to do that.

I tried to pop my head in to solve my curiosity.
I realized the door was locked and had something heavy propped against it.

Everyone seems so withdrawn today and barely acknowledging my existence.

"What in the world is going on?" I mutter as I try to force myself into the meeting room.

Suddenly the door moved. It knocked me onto the ground.

I hear a recognizable voice scolding me.
"curiosity killed the cat, Laverna." She teased me.

"But satisfaction brought it back, " I replied as I look up to meet her gaze.

The door closed quickly behind her as she helped me back onto my feet.

"You will get your just deserts soon enough.' She mentioned while wiggling her nose.

"s that wordplay?" I wondered as she carefully leads me away from the meeting room.

I thought I saw her smile under that oversized hat.
She started telling me a story about herself as a child.

I didn't pay much attention as my thoughts kept running back to the meeting room.

It dawned on me that just deserts weren't wordplay.
It was a term used for deserved punishment.

She sensed my body tighten up from fear.
She patted me on the back. She was trying to lessen my anxieties.

"All is not what it seems," she explained to me as we reached her office.

I remained silent as she ushered me inside.

"What are you planning to do with me?" I questioned while burying myself in my oversized coat.

"Laverna, you aren't on my bad side," She answered with a deep exhale.

I stare at her in disbelief. Honestly, she had to be tricking me.

"you are my little sister, not some useless goon." She explained as she ran her fingers through my ringlets.

"I wouldn't be alive today, if not for your meddling," I sheepishly admitted as I was unused to affection.

She just nodded in agreement before asking me to remove my Cochlears

"why?" I asked in concern since I'm deaf without them.

"It will only last for a moment," She answered.

I pull the processors off my head quickly.
"will this day get any weirder?" I mumbled under my breath.

after what seemed like forever,

I felt her tap me on the shoulders.

I put them back into place before turning around to face her.

"Follow me," She instructed, so I followed.

I followed her back to the meeting room.
I frowned as we reached the door.
"I thought I wasn't allowed in there," I mumbled.

She didn't reply as she opened the door.

I followed her inside dutifully.
The room was eerily dark as I entered.

"it's too dark," I complained as I flipped the light switch.

"Happy birthday, Laverna!!" Vile Agents cheered while wearing silly party hats.

The meeting room held a surprise party for me.

"Thanks, everyone," I replied with a smirk.

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