Writing Speed Gum Under Doubtless Defector


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Write something using the five words in this tread's title.

  • speed
  • gum
  • under
  • doubtless
  • defector

  • It can be a sentence, paragraph, poetry, idiom, haiku, story, anything that has to do with the written word.
  • Use any form of the word (all tenses and hyphenations accepted).
  • Does not have to encompass TECS or the fandom.
  • Be responsible for your own content.
  • Stay creative.

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*has some hot chai tea, naan bread, and chicken mulligatawny that she ordered from Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House, because they deliver.* ;)
is attempting to start a fight for the ages.
Lincoln: Know why I never get into trouble?

A: I'm in a cent.

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