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(Photo came from a general search on Facebook and is acceptable under common use. I came up with the idea for this short story a few days ago, and I mentioned it to @Laverna in chat, and she gave me her blessing. I hope she likes it. 🙂 )

Wearing a mid-length lightweight charcoal duster coat, with 2 large side- pockets, Laverna returned to the non-descript building that was VILE's headquarters, it was long after the unofficial curfew most VILE agents observed; but most agents who had been returning late, had an ID with their picture on it, that could be used to open the front doors after hours--or any locked door in a high-security area in VILE, at any time of day. Due to the transitory nature of criminal activity, a new ID was issued to all agents who wanted one, every 30 days.

But Laverna did not have one of these IDs; she had the feeling that some of the other agents didn't really trust her with something like that--even though she is a young woman now, and not the little girl that she used to be. But that was alright with Laverna--she was used to being on her own, even before she was a thief--and didn't really trust things like credit cards or keycards--unless she could steal some else's--because she was afraid things like that could be used to track her.

Normally the raven-haired young woman would climb a tree, get one roof and look for an open window or vent of some kind and try to get in that way--but she was wearing that gently used, name brand black ankle boots with the full-length, side zip, stitching accents on side panels, 3 inch shaft height, 3 inch top width, 9 inch circumference, soft fabric lining, insole with arch support 1/34 stacked look boot heel that she had stolen from a thrift shop earlier that day--and even though she knew the light drizzly rain should not hurt the smooth, oiled leather or the water resistant suede, she wanted to keep her new loot in good condition.

So she went around to the back of the large building, to where the food deliveries were made; the door was like an old style garage door--and although it was a bit rusty, it could easily be opened by anyone who was strong enough.

Laverna closed the door behind her, and once she was inside, she took a few steps in darkness, before turning on a light that was just on the outside doorway of the main kitchen at VILE; there was always coffee and food there for anyone who was up late; especially the security guard on duty; so Laverna sat down for a few minutes and had a cup of coffee, to warm up a little, and ate a big chocolate chip cookie.

When she was done, Laverna walked back to her room; she opened her locked door, and walked through the doorway; she closed the door to her room and as she began to take off her coat, to hang it up, she stepped on something on the floor with the heel of one of her boots. Squatting down, she saw a large, square envelope, with her name written on it in very neat, precise, feminine handwriting. Picking it up, she noticed there was no return address on the front--or on the back either--as she turned it over. As she waked over to her bed, wondering who could have sent this to her. She had been on her own for so long--she didn't even know if she still had family anymore, anywhere--and if she did, she was sure none of them knew she was here, at VILE--and she was certain if they had she knew they would not have approved of her life as a thief. Laverna reached into one of her coat pockets and took out a knife, and used it to open the envelope. When she opened the envelope and took out a card.

The greeting on the inside of the card said:
"Wishing you peace, love, and happiness on this Winter Solstice."

Tucked inside the card was a note, written on lined paper, folded in half; in handwriting that matched the writing on the envelope. It said:

Hello Laverna,

Enclosed you will find a $20 gift card from Amazon--so you can get something nice for yourself-- and a $10 gift card from Pet Co, so that you
can get something nice for your ferret--without having to steal it. 😉

Be well, always--and if you ever really need help--please know that you have friends at ACME.

Julie Justice."

Laverna squatted down, pulling up a lose floor board to reveal a very small room safe with a combination lock and put the note and the gift cards in it, to keep them
safe--for now--and put the left the card on the small table by the bed.

She needed to take a bath now, just to warm up a little--but she had to admit the card she received gave her a warm feeling, too. 🙂

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