Schooled Out


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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy,Bolt Upright,Cole Gannon,Kidman and Invader whatsoever)
(Act one begins)
Please note: what you are about to read is fictional and this is about the ways to stop bullying in schools,neighborhoods and even the internet.
ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
after the C-5 dropped off Jade Ezell and her cat,Sam they heard someone screaming so she and Sam ran and saw a bunch of boys pushing,shoveling and tickling a brown-haired/hazel-eyed girl who is in her 30's.
"HEY!" Jade shouted "STOP THAT!"
"Stop what?" one of the boys said "We're not doing anything!"
"Oh really!" said Jade "Then why are you boys do with the girl."
"Nothing!" one of the boys answered
"Please leave her alone!"
"We will!" one of the boys said as Lee Jordan came and saw the boys.
"Well,well we meet again,boys!"Lee said
"Don't worry I took care of this they're leaving this girl alone." said Jade
"Oh no! These boys always comes in and comes out to mess up with ACME around."
"Yeah they did!" Lee answered as the boys gulped and one of the boys shouted "RUN!"And yes they did!
The Director of Operations' office
"Those boys better not come back here and do this again." said Chase Devineaux
"Couldn't agree more!" said Bolt Upright "Beside the ACME weekly meeting is tonight."
"Oh yeah the Chief is real concerned about the safety and lessons in both children and grow-ups." said Chase.
The hallway
"Thank you for helping me,I truly appreciated!" said the girl
"My pleasure oh and by the way my name is Jade and this is my cat,Sam." Jade introduced herself and Sam meowed as he purred and rubbed the girl's legs "What is your name anyway?"
"That's it?"
"Yeah! I've better go nice meeting with you,Jade and same for you,Sam." said Invader as she walked away.
(end of Act one)


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(Act two begins)
The next day...
Somewhere in San Francisco,CA,USA
Invader is heading for ACME when all the sudden a gray haired/gray eyed girl shows up and said "Hey mate!"
"Hi!" said Invader "I'm heading for ACME just to see Jade."
"Did you say her name?"
"Yeah! You know her?"
"I do and by the way I'm Kidman!"
"Nice to meet you,mate!"
"You too!" said Invader "See you soon."
As Invader keeps on walking all the sudden she bumped into the boys who came to ACME all the time and one of the boys said "Well,well we meet again."
Invader gasped and scared at the same time "Leave me alone,I mean it this time." she said
"We don't care!"
As Kidman came and said "Leave her alone!"
"Hey back off,shrimp!" one of the boys said
"No way!"
"Alright you asked for it." one of the boys said as he's about to punch Kidman when all the sudden coming from behind Jason Argonaut grab his fist and said "Don't even think about it."
"Let go!"
"Girls,run!" said Jason as Kidman and Invader ran but more boys show up and gang up on them until a smoke bomb shows and the boys saw Kidman and Invader gone.
"You two okay?" Carmen Sandiego asked after she rescue them.
"Yes we are!" Kidman answered "Thank you,Carmen!"
"Look it isn't safe when those juvenile delinquencies running around."
"Juvenile delinquencies?" Invader said to Carmen
"Yes!" Carmen answered "Come on you two you'll be safe at ACME."
ACME Headquarters
the Hallway
"I'm telling you Detective Jordan this bullying thing has to stop." said Tyson Jackson while talking to Lee.
"*sighed* I know it's getting worse." Lee said as Chase came with his hair mess up "Chase,what happened to you?"
"Jordan,I don't want to talk it please leave me alone." Chase answered as he unlock the door of his office,enter his office and closed the door.
Commander Ivy Monaghan came along with Cole Gannon and Maylee Young "Lee,where's Chase?" she asked Lee
"He's in office and he doesn't want to be bother." Lee answered
"It's the Academy!" said Ivy
"I'm afraid it is." said Cole
"What happened to the Academy?"
"We don't want to know." Maylee answered
"Well I do!" said Ivy
"Ivy,no!" said Lee as he guards the door
"Lee,move away from the door."
"No,Ivy please leave him alone!" said Lee but Ivy didn't listen to him as she push him away from the door and enter Chase's office without knocking first and shuts the door in front of Lee's face.
Lee decided to exit himself but Tyson stop and asked him "Where are you going?"
"I need to be alone." Lee answered as he leaves feeling upset about this bullying thing.
Later that night
Bolt Upright's office
"Come in!" said Bolt (voice only) Jade enter his office and she said to him "It sure is quiet here at ACME."
"Yeah everybody went home."
"Well Kidman and Invader are in the safe room they told me what happened today at least Sam is comforted them with love as much as possible."
"Couldn't agree more those boys are scaring the living daylights out of everyone the agents have try to stop them."
"Beside it's not only here but everywhere else."
"Yeah lots of kids suffer everyday at school."
"Not only at school but around the neighborhood and online...parents,teachers,even principals are doing their best to make sure that bullying has to stop."
"You're right,Jade!" said Bolt "Why don't you just go home we'll figure it out."
"Beside ACME cannot hide away forever from this bullying long enough." said Jade "Beside self-defense isn't the answer...see you later,Bolt!"
Five hours later
Jade's house
"I don't know about you,Sam." Jade said to Sam right after they return by C-5 of course "But we have to try don't you think,Sam?" And Sam meowed as someone knock on the door (at the least the door is locked). Jade opens the door and sees a envelope with her name on it she came back inside and she opens the envelope and there is a letter...'Dear Jade, I know you're upset about this bullying thing I do too...I felt sorry for Chase,Ivy and Lee neither one of them can't sleep good. I know why don't we discuss this over lunch tomorrow at 516 Green Street you may remember 'Mrs. Doubtfire' living upstairs. CS.' Jade knew Carmen has something in the meantime her mother is picking up Sam as always to take him home.
(end of Act two)
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(Act three begins)

Caffe Baonecci (alias Danilo Bakery) 516 Green Street,San Francisco,CA,USA
As the C-5 appeared and so did Jade there was Carmen smiling a bit.
"I hope that clue help you." she said to Jade
"It sure did." said Jade as a black Corvette parked at the back of the cafe "What's Lee doing here?"
"I'm not only inviting you or Lee I also invited Chase and Ivy as well." Carmen answered as Lee,Chase,Ivy and Bolt came out.
"Uh Carmen you forgot about Bolt too."
"Ack! Chase why is Mr.Upright here?" Carmen asked Chase
"He's my right hand assistant,Carmen." said Chase
"I've figure ACME wants to know what you are up to." said Bolt as Carmen got an angry face in front of Bolt.
"Take it easy,'sis'!" said Jade as Carmen sighed and she shook her head and she sits down along with Jade,Chase,Lee,Ivy and Bolt.
"Miss Sandiego,is there's something you like to talk to us?" Bolt asked
"I have a confession to make regarding about those bullies." Carmen answered
"Alright spill the beans,Carmen." said Lee
"Those bullies are not really bullies they are juvenile delinquencies."

"That's what Invader and Kidman told me last night before me and Sam are heading home." said Jade

"Would you explain everything,Carmen?" Ivy asked

"Jane Reaction,Dara Riska,Al Loy and Otto Reddmore wanted to open up VILE Academy." Carmen answered as all but Jade gasped.

"Sort of ACME Academy except for its for new VILE recruits,am I right?" Jade asked

"*sighed* I respect that idea but unfortunately I said to them 'It's impossible to run a school for new VILE recruits and I'm sorry it's never going to happen anyway nobody would step into that school anyway I beg of you all to stop and think about that idea because my concern is to all the other VILE agents and I'm worried nobody's going to learn from my method of crime please think it over before you all will regretted listen to what I warn you about that idea.'"

"Do they listen to your warning,Carmen?"

"They didn't and in fact it didn't work all I know is those four make a ridiculous mistake they did after they broke in a youth correctional facility and freed those juvenile delinquencies so they started running the academy right away." Carmen answered as Lee's cellphone ring...

"Would all excuse me for a minute I've got to make this call fast?" said Lee as he stands up and leaves to take the phone call.

"Are you sure about this,Carmen?" Chase asked

"I'm sure about it." Carmen answered.

Lee returned and he said to everyone
"I've got a call from Tyson he and the rest of the ACME agents saw both Kidman and Invader got capture by the boys breaking in the ACME safe room and they heading for the Russian Hill district." Carmen gasped
"Oh fudge!" said Jade "That's not good."
"Come on!" said Chase "Let's go before we're too late."
"Thanks for the confession,Miss Sandiego we'll handle this right away." said Bolt as he leaves along with Chase,Ivy and Lee.
"Jade,get back to headquarters and get your cat out of the Chief's office." said Ivy
"You got it,Ivy!" said Jade as she press the GPS button from her padphone and C-5 herself to Headquarters.

The Russian Hill district

Lee stopped his car as the police officer stop,came and said "Sorry you can't go any further."
"Officer we're from ACME please let us pass." said Lee as he shows the police officer his badge.
"Oh thank the City by the Bay!" said the police officer "Okay ACME be careful!"
"Thank you,officer!"said Lee as the police officer let ACME go by Lee driving his car to the scene of the crime.
(end of Act three)
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(Act four begins)
"Thanks,Chief !" said Jade as she and Sam got out of the Chief's office right after a mouse scared the living daylights of the Chief thanks to Sam he chased and catch the mouse just in time.
Just then Maylee came and said "Jade,your padphone is finish charging."

"Thanks,Maylee!" said Jade as Maylee gave Jade her padphone and then a message from Chase shows up just in time according to him that the boys are inside Yick Wo Elementary School located at 2245 Jones from kindergarten to the fifth grade along with teachers,staffs and the principal are held hostage waiting for demands from ACME. (the elementary school I mention here I don't own that school whatsoever)
Russian Hill district

inside the school
the boys shoveled both Kidman and Invader in the Janitor's closet and used a chair unto the door "ACME's here!" one of the boys said
"Let us out!" said Invader (voice only)
"You'll never get away with this." said Kidman (voice only)
"Shut up you no good damsels in distress."

outside the school

the police are relieve when the police chief gave Chase a megaphone and Chase said to one of the boys while using the megaphone "ACME IS HERE!"
"IT'S ABOUT TIME!" the boy said while using the megaphone that he grab from the Principal's office.
Lee's face is steamed and said "Why you...!" but Ivy stop him from getting the boy.
"Easy,hot shot!" said Ivy
"Jordan,calm down!" said Chase as he used the megaphone again.
inside the school

the C-5 appeared and so does Jade and Sam "Sam,distract the boys! I'll free our friends and release the hostages." she said quietly and Sam did when he meowed at one of the boys "hmm...hey cat how did you get here?" as the boy is about to grab him but Sam ran "Guys there's a cat here!"
"Let's get'em!" and the boys did while Jade grab the chair and open the door to the janitor's closet "Are you two okay?" Jade asked quietly
"We sure are,mate!" said Kidman
"Thanks for getting us out." said Invader

"We're not done yet come on let's freed the hostages." said Jade quietly as she,Kidman and Invader gets the hostages and slowly they are heading for the back way of the school until one of the boys saw Jade and yelled "HEY!"
Kidman and Invader are scared "Go!" said Jade as Kidman and Invader ran along with the kids to the back side of the school
"I wish you should've done it!" one of the boys said as Jade grab the fire hose.
"Really?" said Jade and the boy gasped and screamed while Jade spraying him with the fire hose...As the boy from the outside heard one of his friends screaming.
"WAIT HERE,ACME!" he said as he put down the megaphone and enter inside the school "What happened?"
"She soaked me!"
"Who?" said the boy when he saw Jade with the fire hose and she spray him and he screamed then Jade turn off the fire hose just like after the first boy did.
outside the school

"Chase,Bolt,Lee,look!" said Ivy as she saw some people and the students coming from the back side of the school
"How did the hostages,Kidman and Invader got out all the sudden?" Bolt asked.
"Jade!" said Lee
"What?!?!" said Ivy

"She must have gone to the back of the school earlier with the C-5 no doubt." said Lee when the boys screamed got hose down by Jade spraying the water and one of the boys said "We surrender!" and the police came and arrested the boys while Jade got outside along with Sam who got wet a bit but he's okay right after she turn off the fire hose and put it back carefully.

"Heh-heh!" said Chase as he shook his head while Lee and Ivy laughed and said in unison "Oh Jade!" Jade shrugged with honesty.

back at headquarters (the next day)
Bolt Upright's office
"Splendid job,Jade!" said Bolt "You really know how to hose those boys down!"
"Thank you,Bolt but still it's a work in progress in schools,neighborhoods and online there are lots of bully prevention online not only for little kids but to teenagers as well." said Jade as someone knock the door.
"Come in!" said Bolt and Ivy enter the office.
"Jade,you ready to go thrift shopping." Ivy asked
"You bet I am,Ivy!" said Jade "but I go for books if I were you."
"Why can't you get clothes?"
"Bedbugs that's why!" Jade answered as she and Ivy head out the door..."Cute but smart thinking,Jade." said Ivy.
"Thank you,Ivy!" said Jade
and so Jade and Ivy are heading out to thrift shop while Carmen in disguise smile and winked at Jade 'We'll meet again! Next time!' her mind said.
(end of Act four)
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