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This story is canon characters are not in this one...

It started before Christmas and right before Jade's Christmas Adventure...(although cats can't talk but their own mind can speak in human language.)

Jade's house

Sam came to visit to see Jade..."I've got a surprise for you,Sam!" She said...
'Oh boy!' Sam said 'I wonder what Jade's got for me I hope it's not a toy.'
"Look what I've found in the front yard and I hope Mom doesn't mind to have another and you got yourself a little sister."
She shows Sam a female patched mackerel tabby and white kitten. "Sam this is Socks,Socks meet Sam."
Socks hissed at Sam in which he got scared.

An hour later her mother was happy to see the little kitten and she took her and Sam home despite Socks can't stand him.

The next day at Jade's mother's house

Sam is going to have his favorite breakfast all the sudden he saw Socks...'Hey what are you doing eating my breakfast?' he asked but Socks didn't answer when she taste his breakfast and she said 'Yuck! I've figure this isn't for me I bet you want this.'

'Yeah! Because it's my breakfast!' said Sam 'And you're just a kitten.'
'Well I want my own breakfast for me.' said Socks
'If you're desperate for breakfast we could share.'
'No thanks!' said Socks until something scared her and she ran...'Socks!' said Sam as he followed her by going out of the window...All of the sudden Socks screeched as she was caught by a VILE henchman who was about to steal the presents out of the house just grab her and speeds off in his motorcycle.

'Hang on I'll save you!' said Sam as he ran faster to rescue Socks from a VILE henchman when the police car shows up the henchman just turn around but not for long when Sam pounce unto the henchman he screamed as he got plunge into a lake while Sam grab Socks by his mouth to safety just in time.

Jade's house...two and a half hours later.

"Sam did what now?" Jade asked while she's on the phone with her mother. "Aw! Sam's a hero why what happened?
Socks try to run away why? Oh that's it she didn't eat...Mom,she's a kitten and kittens need to eat their own food at four weeks old...Thank you,I've figure you're going to talk to a veterinarian and ask how old she is...Okay goodbye!" And Jade hang up the phone.

'My cat a hero now I know Sam will be a big brother for now on after he needs a friend or in this case a little sister.' Jade's mind said.

Jade's mother's house

'From now on don't run away from home.' Sam said to Socks.
'I'm not going to,big brother!' said Socks 'But how did you became such a hero.'
'It's a long story,Socks!' said Sam 'Just don't tell our owner about my adventures with Jade,meeting ACME agents like Chase,Ivy,Zack and Lee Jordan trying to be friendly to him and catch Carmen Sandiego if we all can.'
'Promise.' said Socks as she purrs at Sam.

The End
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