Product Tester Special Child Assistant Researcher Laboratory Experimental Theory Tester (Charlet Only!)

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Special Child Assistant Researcher Laboratory Experimental Theory Tester (SCARLETT)

1. Acceptance of all following terms(Or you go to bed with no dessert!)
2. Disclosure
. a. Participant must be certified as knowledgeable and adherent in the practices of (OSHA)
. b. Signees' acceptance of the contract(this document) details
. c. Signees' agreement to non-disclosure of specific technologies (formula, software, and hardware)
. d. Retribution(Punishment) for non-compliance of section 2

3. Allowance for additional background checks on public records, criminal history, after school records, references and emergency contacts, neighbors,
family/dependants/co-habitants/ex-spouse (also involves Participant interview)

4. Agreeance of compliance with Leadership
  • a. Obligation to report deviation from Lab policy (See ACME Labs regulations manual) by Leadership/Company Employees to Company (ACME) (You have to tattle)
  • b. In relation to 5a - Lab (ACME Labs) hearing process and retribution in cases of slander (name calling), libel (writing mean things)
  • c. In relation to 5b - Tester protection and company pay (your allowance); Laboratory and Participant cooperation with government authorities
5. Compliance with Equipment handling guidelines (see rulebook)
6. Mission pay(cookies and milk) and Mandatory Rest Period(Nap Time)
7. Laboratories: (Home 01), (ACME Labs) maintains normal company services during Mission(testing) and Mandatory Rest Period(Nap time), (Medical, psychological, security, insurance, 401k, dependant services, Academy tuition (if applicable), emergency services, etc.)
8. Specifics of healthcare during Equipment Testing
. a. Details on medical personnel(Doctors) . b. Medical personnel judgment, and legal consolation for mechanical malfunction
. c. Good-Samaritan provision
9. Understanding of cooperation with third-party members (Home 01)
  • a. (Refers to Section 2)
  • b. Guidelines on fraternization with third-party members (Home 01 staff)
  • c. Obligation to report illegal activity of third-party members (Home 01 staff) to Leadership(You have to tattle)
  • d. In relation to 9c - Witness protection and company pay; Company and Participant compliance with government authorities
10. Understanding of risks during Equipment Testing
  • a. Pre-testing physical requirements(Fun exercise playtime!)
  • b. Pre-testing psychological analysis(How do you feel today?)
  • c. Laboratories: (Home 01), (ACME Labs) obligation to mandatory release of participants from Mission due to diagnosed injury(ouchies), at the discretion of Company medical personnel and/or Company leadership
  • d. Company is not responsible for Participant voluntary action contrary to in relation to 12c
11. Legal penalties for breach of Contract(You'll be grounded!)
12. Participant’s voluntary withdrawals post-contract may be reviewed and enacted upon at Company’s (Home 01) discretion
13. I have read this Agreement carefully and my questions, if any, have been answered to my satisfaction(Is it okay?)
14. Obligation to inform the Company of [discoveries, methods, opinions] during Testing. These become the intellectual and/or physical property of Home 01.
15. Decision is not made under physical or psychological duress. I make this Agreement without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.(No take backs!)

Signature CharLeT
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I dare you to release this outside the forum looking like a true document form and see if anyone falls for it, in taking it seriously.🙃

( In other words, lets see if people outside here who aren't aware it's a fan fiction piece, think it isn't. )

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