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(( what if Laverna was Carmen’s biological daughter? Also, does anyone wants me to finish this alternative universe? )) (( this is all joking ))

She liked things a certain way planned, and she didn't want when major interruptions to her criminal activity placed upon them
Work continued despite a minor hiccup caused by someone holding the world's greatest thief a bit too long in his arms.

She was having a meeting within vile headquarters. Although; no one was willing to listen to Carmen in her condition.
Acme detective agency was confused about her recent loot. They hadn't figured it out and unfortunately that meant another heist.
She stole A Thomas day crib, a Victorian rocking chair, and several other baby-related artifacts across time, space, and the globe.
And the next heist was also baby related.
This was turning into the longest pregnancy announcement.

“Carmen, aren’t you afraid acme will put two and two together and notice someone got to you first ?” A henchman asked sheepishly.

Carmen blinked at that choice of wording about her current status.
“You have a dirty mind. I hope the detectives realize it, but that remains to be irrelevant to the topic of the meeting.” She explained.

“Someone’s hormonal,” Jacqueline hyde sarcastically remarked, causing everyone to laugh.
Carmen sighed
“You goofs, I'm not,” she argued like a kid causing more laughter

“Jacquline broke auntie Carmen. She can't even make a good comeback,” Patty larceny teased, making Carmen even more frustrated.

She was often teased about this ever since she announced it.
At first, Vile thought it was a prank; There was no way Carmen was pregnant.

However, it's been five months later, and everyone seemed to have grown used to the idea, and many tended to see who could make Carmen's newly found emotions spiral into a game.

Carmen didn't mind as she knew it wouldn't just be them laughing at her situation once Acme cracked the blatantly obvious capers they recently pulled.

She wondered why they hadn't figured it out yet. The detectives probably didn't want to realize who did it. A certain director of field operations.

The meeting ended after a few more belly rolls causing Carmen to shake her head in disbelief
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