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We are now 5 days into Paradigm Shift and fast approaching the one-week-later time stamp, this is what's been happening...

After destroying ACME tower in a covert operation and ensuring that Chief Weller's granddaughter, Hailey Weller was safe and on her way back to the United States, Chase Devineaux, Eugene Grovington and Mikal Darsha (Khalid Rafai) (known as Oxide) send a mysterious message to the Brazil Team.

The plane which held the Brazil Team (Deric Storm, Calina Corranos, Vincent Fumigalli and other ACME/V.I.L.E. affilated operatives) mysteriously crashes somewhere in South America.

Hailey Weller returns to the United States with Doctor Sophie Conrad and Agent Nevon Blair.

Chase Devineaux, Eugene Grovington and Mikal Darsha (Khalid Rafai) also return to a press conference set up by Tanya Ezrin. Chase tells the press that the tower was found, but is being salvaged for parts due to the extent of damage. Chase noticeably does not mention the plane crash, and Eugene edits documents regarding the mission.

Chase is promoted by the ACME board to 'Director of Operations'. He later speaks to Chip Masters and shows him a love letter from Eartha Brute, implicating that the VILE agent has strong feelings for Chip. Chase ends the conversation by telling Chip that he will infiltrate VILE.


In Cape Town South Africa, Joe Kerr gets the GPS tracking off of the stolen Porsche Cayman.

Carmen Sandiego makes her way safely through the desert to meet up with Doctor Roux after a high speed car chase. Dr. Roux's mask is removed for Carmen's eyes only.

In Wales, Bran Ap Bychan decides it is time for him to do something about the situation.

Dr. Sophie Conrad hears of the plane crash in San Francisco, and instructs her medical team to be on standby.

Kidman and the rest of VILE find out about the plane crash, which cuts their celebration short. She eventually meets with Joe Kerr and mentions how she wished she could have stopped Carmen from stealing the tower.

In Sao Paulo Brazil, Sarah Nade is dispatched to find the status of Vic-the-Slick, while in Panama Zack Monaghan is sent to recover the ACME agents.

Nevon Blair meets Daniel Ainsworth to talk about the situations.

Sammy arrives at ACME, and upon her first hour there helps deliver a mysterious package to Chase Devineaux's locker.

In Morocco, Flag calls Ti-Jean. The two speak of a mysterious book with bleached text which Flag may need 'sometime next week.'

Contessa hears of the events via the press conference and decides it is time to 'join the hunt.'

Ivy Monaghan becomes suspicious of the events unfolding, and finds the package that Sammy left in Chase's locker. She sees a video of the tower being destroyed. Philo who happened to be in the locker rooms at the time also sees this video with her, and the two speak briefly.

Chase has a heated argument with Agent Mayhem regarding the leaked video of her pleading for ACME to save his job. Mayhem leaves the argument in tears, and is seen by Lee Jordan, who is obviously up to no good.

E. Mayhew

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A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860–1932).[1] In a lucid dream, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment.[2] Lucid dreams can be realistic and vivid.[3] It is shown that there are higher amounts of beta-1 frequency band (13–19 Hz) experienced by lucid dreamers, hence there is an increased amount of activity in the parietal lobes making lucid dreaming a conscious process.[4]

Though she believed fully in them she'd never had one. But she knew this was what it was.

Before she opened her eyes she'd figured out where she was.

The sound of the rotor system was prominent even with the doors closed, Eleanor noted to herself as eyes opened to take in the situation from her place belted into a seat aboard a helicopter flying over the ocean. She had wet hair in front of her face, dirt covering every inch of her, an injured arm bandaged tightly and scrapes on every bit of exposed skin though a lack of pain helped her note the high use of pain killers - taking deep breaths felt difficult. Around her sat about 8 others, each as wet and dirty as herself, each in varying states of attentiveness. A quick look at everyone caused her to note that aside from Chase Devineaux strapped in 2 seats down she didn't recognize anyone - but that felt wrong, like something in the back of her mind thought otherwise. Why did it feel wrong?

The air in the cabin was tense, a feeling which spread to her, intensifying to a sensation like ice had filled her veins as a voice came over the helicopter's intercom.

"...Speechless, are we? Perhaps you are now seeing my point, Syshchík. The world is vulnerable, the ease of which it shall disintegrate rests upon the flawed perception of one incongruous mind… Now hear me well, the meltdown has been activated. Sincerely, I apologize to your loving friends, but my demonstration is not yet complete."

"How fast are we going?" Devineaux deftly left his seat, surging to the front of the helicopter to speak to the crew. "Wind direction, maximum speed, distance from origin, possible destinations. I need data, move it!"

Eleanor could not move. It wasn't that she was afraid, she just simply could not move, or even speak to the others nearby; her role in this place was to only observe. Left to watch the reactions of the people around her, from the sobbing of the woman next to her to a particularly stunning blonde woman and a handsome young Israeli talking to Chase by the cockpit. The only exception to the chaos was a man who at first glance she'd simply dismissed as someone she didn't know before. He was fair with long white hair and a set of delicately beautiful features but there was something about him, something in the eyes that made him seem strange, almost other worldly. His eyes were like a California sunset. No, seriously, they seemed to melt from yellows to oranges to reds and seemed... cat like.

The longer she stared at him as he unbuckled his seat belt and wandered around the cabin as if looking for something the more about him she seemed to notice; like a leather bound journal that he held tightly in his hands with a distinctive symbol on its cover, the heavy robes that hid his figure or his... long... catlike ears. Huh, other worldly was right. Her stare remained even as a different feeling of dread started to settle in. Not a cold feeling like ice in her veins but a type of dread that came with a feeling like she should be careful he didn't have a knife.

She could hear the mutterings of the cockpit and its pilot unnaturally well for someone so far away.

Sir, I'm no rocket scientist, but don't look like we're home free. Best case scenario, we don't feel a damn thing. Worst case, we make it and die of radiation."

A nuclear blast. The helicopter was running from a nuclear blast. Turning her gaze back to the white haired man she watched as his eyes started to dart around, a tension finally coming over him as he started to adjust himself and chant. The words he'd started to mutter were gibberish to her but obviously they had some sort of meaning to him as he spoke them with a desperation that matched the rest of the cabin perfectly. E could feel the hair on the back of her neck start to stand on end as his tone got a little faster just before he opened his mouth wide and swallowed a large mouthful of air.

Outside of the vehicle the world seemed to turn a shade of white so strikingly bright she turned her head away for just moment. She assumed it was from the nuclear explosion that had been threatening the group, but by the time she'd turned her head back the white lights of the world had been replaced by white sand. The helicopter had come to land in a desert, its engine dead, its blades no longer spinning. They had escaped by... unnatural means and White Hair had been the cause of such means. There was no other explanation.

White Hair was the first to run out the door and, finally finding herself able to move she was quick to unbuckle herself and follow, able to poke her head out of the helicopter just in time to watch him lean over and give a loud heave, a black iridescent substance retched from his mouth hitting the bright white sands of the desert. Hopping out of the vehicle she moved to try and help the white haired man but gave pause as she heard Chase's voice in a tone she could not remember ever hearing out of him. It was beyond his normal calm and controlled range, it was... almost panicked.

"Don't touch anything!"

The black substance soaking into the contrasting landscape started to spread, its size growing slowly with a stench which could, just by itself, punctuate the words spoken. As the dark shade was about to reach her feet she started to step back, slowly at first. Finding it started to spread more quickly towards her she found herself having to nearly jump backwards to avoid it. The faster she moved backwards to get away from the dark substance the faster it seemed to follow, and she continued to retreat until she felt her back press itself against something - someone. As she froze in place the black liquid did as well, bubbling into the sand, as if almost herding her into a wanted position.

Turning her head and eventually her body she found Chase Devineaux standing behind her almost casually with his hands in the pockets of a crisp Burberry suit, a stark contrast to the damp, dirty ripped clothes she'd seen on him just moments before. His mood seemed different as well, a charismatic smile on his face as he offered his hand.

"Share an elevator with me?"

"...Elevator?" E asked, her first words spoken since she'd started this dream. She looked, first around for this elevator he spoke of which was nowhere to be seen, and then at him, eyes staring into those steel doors which were bathed in a bit of mischievousness. Finally she held her hand out for his. With sleigh of hand, he placed in hers a piece of candy... on a stick. A red lollipop.

"It's for good girls, they say." He began walking out into the desert, slowing for her to catch up. E paused to look at the lollipop, then up at him and started to follow him across the bright white sands, throwing a glance behind her to watch the sickly black substance bubbling on the desert floor follow them, as if daring her to try and retreat from their march. Following silently time passed though she could not tell how much before they arrived at a set of elevator doors held up by themselves in the middle of nowhere. Chase paused, standing aside to let her pass, staring at her expectantly, waiting for her to press the button on the elevator. It took a moment before Eleanor understood what he wanted but finally understanding she passed by him, turning her back on him just a moment do as was expected of her.

As her finger pressed the button the bright sunlight dimmed, day turning to night in an instant. Beneath her feet the soft cushioning sand hardened, turning into a concrete street as around her rose buildings, curbs and street lights as her only way to see. The temperature of the air dropped dramatically from a blistering hot desert sun to a cold windy snowy night and as E turned to look for Chase she found him gone, in his place a single red rose on the wet concrete.

The elevator dinged, the doors opened and, without much of an option in the current temperature that had found her, she stepped through the door, turning to look at the red rose as the black substance, still following her, covered and consumed it as the shiny metal door closed and the elevator started to ding, indicating the floors she was starting to pass.


Ding ding beep beep beep beep beep beep beep...

Drowsy eyes opened to look at the table sitting next to a bed, eyes without glasses reading the large numbers on a digital alarm clock and a hand finally reaching out to slam the snooze button. Five AM never stopped being too early for a morning run.

Deric Storm

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(with the lull in the action, I figured I might as well post what Vic, Cali, and myself have so far...)

Darién Gap, Panama

Deric could feel the warm sun on his face. His breathing was labored due to a weight on his chest. He opened his eyes, thinking he would be seeing the form of Calina Corranos. To his horror, he saw the unconscious form of Vic the Slick laying on top of him.

“Well,” Deric said to no one, “this sure as hell isn’t how the dream sequence usually goes.” Getting his bearings, Deric realized that the two of them were connected by a harness. Looking up, he could see the disconnected canopy of what he remembered was his parachute amongst the branches of a tree. Unhooking the harness, Deric rolled Vic’s carcass off, allowing him to breathe a little easier.

‘God, he’s heavier than he looks’ Deric thought as he stood up to get some semblance of his bearings. After looking himself over, Deric was relieved to find that he had no serious injuries or bleeding from parachuting into the jungle. However, there was one small problem, he and Vic were the only ones in the immediate area.

“See ya on the deck...”

That was the last thing he said to Cali the last time on the plane as it was going down. If that was the last thing he said to the lovely Brazilian bomb tech, he would be very upset. ‘Wait,’ he thought as he reached into the pouch where he placed his ACME-issued communicator, ‘I can probably raise her on her communicator...’ His hopes were temporarily crushed when he gazed upon the smashed visage of the item in question.

“Oh, googly,” Deric swore as he threw down the, now useless, piece of technology. Starting to feel a sense of panic, Deric use the only form of technology he had available to him.

“CALI!!!” he bellowed.

“Quiet down willya?” Vic rubbed his head, sitting up, “you ACME kids always yellin’ when yer don need t’be”

The jungle was massive, and they were in a sort of clearing. Sort of, because you couldn’t really see the sun the way a grassy clearing lets you. Here, the sun was through bits of leaves high above. Everything to the left, right, front, and back, were dark. All of it started to get scary.

“Don’t think this is Kansas,” Vic commented and stood up, “CALI!!!” he helped the ACME agent.

“Wow, you don’t say,” Deric snapped, voice dripping with sarcasm, “I would never have guessed that. This place reminds me so much of home. You know what, you’re a bloody genius.”

Calina Corranos was with her brother, Jose gathering the pilot and the navigator from VILE when she heard the sound of her name in the distance.

"Your friends yell too loud," her brother heard it too, "people will find us."

"They're not far," Cali said, "I'll get them."

"You bring them here," her brother shouted to her back as she ran, "we go together to the safe house."

Deric’s ears picked up as heard movement in the brush. He quickly unholstered one of his pistols as he shushed Vic’s yells. “Quiet, Slick! I think we’ve got company.”

“Quién está ahí?” he ordered in Spanish, “Vamos despacio.” A huge smile broke out on his face when he saw Cali appear from the brush. “Oh, thank God. I was afraid I...” he left the rest unsaid.

Calina looked at the two men with a smile too, "Jose is not far, we saw the wind take you a little away from the landing zone, you are okay?"

“Other than waking up with him on top of me,” Deric gestured at Vic, “I’m good now.”

She helped Vic and Deric with their gears, "Follow me, we can talk when we get to safe house."

Deric leaned into Cali as he reached for his pack. “Are the rest of the flight crew with your brother?” he whispered. He, Cali, and her brother had each strapped on one of the VILE crew members before they jumped out of the plane. If any of them were hurt, this plan would be all shot to hell.

“Yes,” Cali smiled when she gave her reply, “is Vic okay?”

“Yeh I’m Okay!” Vic answered for himself, “thanks for askin.” He was in the jungle, hot, and real humid, walking in handcuffs with two ACME agents. When he saw his pilot and navigator with the ACME designated pilot, he felt better.

Deric rolled his eyes at the polyester-garbed criminal’s whining. Even though he had a vague idea where they were, it would be incredibly more difficult if there were people missing, injured, or worse. “Anyone know where we are?” He asked the group, “Based on our direction of travel and how long we were in the air, I’m guessing Panama, but I’d like to make sure.”

After confirming their position, they plotted a course and started making their way out of the jungle. Standing at the rear of the group, Deric logged onto ACME's communications network. Letting the group move a little further ahead of him, he quickly typed a message to the ACME agent who would be awaiting them at the safehouse...

Wonder Twin #2- we made landfall in the Darien Gap region. Should be at the safehouse in about 48 hours. - Calamity


Airfield Staff
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The computer chirped once, waking Eugene and alerting him nothing was left. Nodding at this, he logged off and grabbed his backpack, hoping the shuttle bus to the main campus was still making its rounds. Eugene sighed in relief when he reached the lobby and noted the bus had just arrived for the remaining late night stragglers.

The eight remaining students and one lone instructor all immediately gravitated to a seat and sprawled out while the driver waited his customary five minutes. This driver - Eugene didn't know his name - always did during the last run of the day. Satisfied he wasn't going to leave anyone behind, he slipped the bus into gear and began the half hour trek to ground zero. The events of the last few days had shocked all others aboard into a dazed silence, and all aboard were jarred from their thoughts when Eugene's communicator issued forth with a death metal ring tone; a ringer he had set specifically for the priority channel the Panama team was using.

"Is that news about the crash?" one Cadet I-don't-know-your-name asked, his green eyes anxiously fixed on Eugene.

"Fraid not kid, just another report from Top reminding us to keep quiet." Eugene lied easily. Seeing the cadet's disappointed look, he continued, "Relax, it's easier to do your job when you aren't a bundle of nerves." While Cadet Twitchy took a few calming breaths, Eugene turned his attention back to the communicator to find a report from the Panama Team Lead stating they were en-route to the safehouse. The control team would be able to guide them well enough until they reached their destination, and the safehouse would need every minute they had to prepare for the next stage of the operation. Flicking his communicator's screen off, Eugene leaned back and spent the rest of the bus ride in the limbo between sleep and wakefulness.

All too soon, the bus lurched to a halt in front of the ACME dorms, bringing an end to Eugene's catnap. Giving a quick stretch as he stepped off the bus and stared at the illuminated dormitory building, his thoughts turned to how he could best spend the 48 hours until Panama's unofficially official check-in.


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Wrap-Up Note:

Cali and Deric's prerogative was to keep Vic from returning to VILE. He was later released by Sarah Nade and regrouped at Stone Harbour.

Paradigm Shift is the last time any one hears from Carmen Sandiego for some time. After Acton Roux parted ways with her, she is not seen again for another twelve months, where she resurfaces in Kamchatka. That chapter introduces Melana Lancaster.

ACME began raiding VILE hideouts, particularly driving out a major base of operations in Antarctica.

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