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little red riding hood ? v.i.l.e.
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((. At night I like to write sleepy diaries of Charlet as she falls asleep writing about her life at vile))

Tick tock is my favorite sound

I have a ticking clock in my room

I like to hear it’s sound all around

It helps me know i’m not dreaming

Sleep isnt fun for me

I should try to count sheep

Does vile even have sheep?

I know we have cats and goats.

I like alpacas more than goats

Maybe the boss will let me steal an alpaca one day

Stealing isnt easy

Its fun though

I once stole a cookie from a bakery

It was delicious

I also steal people’s food sometimes

I also steal sodas left out

I like soda
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Actually, it wouldn't surprise at all if VILE had a sheep farm somewhere in New Zealand. They could sell sheep--their meat, and wool--to fund all their legitimate business enterprises that fund all their charitable activities (as @Joe Kerr has previously said). ;)


little red riding hood ? v.i.l.e.
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Why is vile called villians international league of evil if we only steal?

Why did i see a guy spraypainting grass green today?

Why can’t i find narnia?

Have you heard there is a rumor in st petersberg?

Why am i the smallest in a line of twelve and not called madaline?

Why do i see more junior thiefs in the future?


little red riding hood ? v.i.l.e.
Known Aliases
Midnight dance off with my shadows
And the thunder rains making music to play
However it’s not as easy as I want it to be
It’s not okay to dance much longer

So I skip over to my bed
And I think about the life I led
So many secrets up in my head
And I wonder if I had been fed up
When I left oss
Or was I bored with waiting as a spare
Or did I even care?

I don’t even know why I left them
Perhaps I been denying it
Because it probably hurts me more
In my core
If I acknowledge that’s she is gone
So I grab my sanbunny and I go to her in my dreams

Oh mama your little girl is coming to play
For tonight

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