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This is a random RP that takes place New Year 2014. It's open to everyone, feel free to test RPing your new characters in here without reprecussions.

Premise: New Year Party ringing in 2014, what are you doing, where are you, how are you? Let us know.

From NGs chat:

  1. No one knows each other.
  2. We're all a little awkward.

Tip: the '/me' tag works in threads too, if you want to test that out.
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Gudrun Svea Nygård picked out a light green dress that tied a ribbon around her waist and ruffled down to cover her knees. She wore a pair of neat closed-toe heels because her dress wasn't long enough for a proper party but her shoes should be.

Looking around the party hall in the lobby of Accolade, she grabbed herself the cure to her nervousness: a little glass of wine.
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For Calina Corranos, this would be her first New Year in San Francisco. She had moved here after her studies in the middle of the year. With time spent on her new job teaching at the academy and moving to her new apartment, she had not much energy to socialize. A blond young woman took the cup of wine right out of her hand and began to drink.

"Ah..." Cali said to @Gudrun, "That is my glass?"
Ignoring the overwhelming scent of disinfectant, Colleen Slate studied the items on her bed. The shrill beep from her phone reminded her that is was time to go. She crammed as much into her new purse as she could and wondered if wearing two purses would strike people as odd. She quickly dismissed the thought as socially risky. Picking up the remainder of her necessities, a bag of kale chips and a 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer, she hurried over to her dresser.

"Good thing this dress is not too tight." she thought, grabbing a roll of tape.


The one she keeps in the closet
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It seemed like eons since Kidman had been to any kind of party, and so was still debating how one went about partying when she zeroed in on the buffet across the room, and as if driven by instinct, began filling her many pockets with food.
Colleen surveyed the room as she took a glass of wine. Feeling irritation from the duct tape, she was beginning to think the smuggled items may have been a misstep. She cautiously took a sip while squirming slightly.
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Constance Kitlyn slowly made her way around the large room as she surveyed the unfamiliar faces. It was quite a lovely gathering. The many decorations which filled the room created a festive atmosphere that seemed to welcome the new year with open arms. Adjusting her curved Dutch braid she had formed into a messy bun on one side of her head, she moved towards the beverage counter. New years filled her with mixed emotions. On one hand, they presented a chance to begin again, to fix the mistakes of the past. On the other hand, it meant time was running out. Just eighty or so more new years and everyone in this room would probably be dead. The thought was frankly unpleasant and a little depressing.

But Constance didn’t dwell on this. She couldn’t. She was young, and the night was young.
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Evgeni swaggered into the main lobby of Accolade, a flashy smile revealing mostly-white teeth from under his hawk-nose. His confident gait allowed his arms to swing casually at his side while his gray sportcoat flapped in his own draft. With a suave brush at his rusty brown hair, the Russian scoped the area and observed that there were significantly more females present than males. What a party!

"So much women!" he commented to no one in particular. He then approached the nearest eye-catcher, a young, cheery South American lady. With a swift motion, he grabbed the fullest wine glass in passing and halted beside her with a 'nonchalance' that was dreadfully obvious. "How you like wine?" he asked before downing his beverage in one Russian swig.

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Joe strolled into the lobby apprehensively. Dressed in a purple accented pinstripe suit complete with zoot shoes and fedora, Joe was the splitting image of a classic 20s gentleman; Inwardly though, he wondered if it had been such a good idea to attend this shindig. He was usually not one for parties and socializing, at least not in a city he wasn't familiar with.

His stay in San Francisco was supposed to have been a short one but the infamous Bay Area fog had had other ideas. With his flight home now cancelled, he had decided to make the best of it and at least kick off the new year in some form of good cheer. Hopefully it was a decision he would not soon regret.

Taking a deep breath, he put on a broad smile and walked towards a young Asian lady he had spotted. She was holding a glass of wine and looked to be slightly irritated with something. As he approached her, he took off his hat in a classic gentlemanly bow.

"Evening Miss, a penny for your thoughts?"
Colleen refrained from divulging her true thoughts, which were anchored to the fact that she was drinking a week before her 21st birthday. She took in the gentleman's exuberant attire and courtly manners. Searching for an adequate response, she raised her wine glass and tried to act natural:

"Oh, I was just wondering which yeast species was used for the fermentation process for this marvelous drink."

Unaware of her wiggling, she was quite pleased with her first social interaction.


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As far as Ivy was concerned the holidays brought out the worse in people. Fighting, drunkenness and an increase in illegal spending and shipping all made for an investigation list longer than anything Santa could come up with. This sparkling New Year's party was a wonderful distraction, but she knew that even before the lights dimmed it would be time to head back to work.

At least she was already close by. Ivy adjusted her champagne colored bandage dress and took the first glass of cider offered to her. Finding no one she recognized her tactic was to head to the sidelines. It was there that she spotted the figure of a girl (@Kid Kidman) who seemed to be stuffing small buffet items into her pockets in a rush. Unsure of what her reasons were Ivy walked within speaking distance, not wanting to startle she smiled, "You know, the croissants might be easier to smuggle out."

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