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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon, Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas and Dee Cryption whatsoever)

(This is not only a crossover, but it's also a Valentine's Day story)

Guest Characters from Mega Man NT Warrior

1. Mega Man and his net operative, Lan Hikari
2. Dr. and Mrs. Hikari, Lan's parents
3. Roll and her net operative, Maylu Sakurai
4. Rush the cyber dog
5. Guts Man and his net operative, Dex Oyama
6. Chisao, Dex's little brother
7. Proto Man and his net operative, Chaud Blaze
8. Ms. Mari, Lan, Maylu and Dex's teacher
9. Famous
10. Ribitta, a news reporter
11. Torch [Fire] Man and his net operative, Mr. Match
12. Elec Man and his net operative, 'Count' Jack Zap
13. Wacko [Colored] Man and his net operative, Maddy
14. Magic Man and his net operative, Yahoot
15. Mr. Albert Wily
16. Magnus Gauss, 'Count' Zap's older brother


Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan

Gauss, Inc. Warehouse

Magnus Gauss: *walking with Dee Cryption and a tan-skinned woman in her 40s...to computer engineer* Is everything all set?
Computer Engineer (male): All set, sir.
Regina DeGlace: Mr. Gauss, this is brilliant, now I can help the women who got rejected by the men of their own dreams.
Dee: Can you guarantee it works?
Gauss: Of course, Miss Cryption and Miss DeGlace, since you were a relationship consultant, I am hoping your members of your club will be happy to use the Computerized Universal Potential of Individual Daters or CUPID for short.

Regina: This is incredible!
Dee: But what about the other women who still single and didn't find the men of their own dreams, hmm?
Regina: Dee, some women may never meet unless they're broken-hearted.
Gauss: Not widowed nor divorce I should say.

Regina: That's right, Mr. Gauss, some of the women would do it the old-fashioned way and no way, a man will love any woman at all.
Tundra: *voice only* You've got that right, Regina!
Regina: *looking at her PET* Tundra, this dating booth will get the members to be match for to the men they want after these years.
Tundra: It'll be the best to get notify the members immediately.
Regina: Thank you, Tundra! *As Tundra log off...to Gauss* When are you to send in CUPID?
Gauss: It's already begun! *With an evil grin on his face*
Dee: Oh, boy are all the girls ready to look for the men of their own dreams.

[End of Prologue: Tundra, a female Net Navi version of Tundra Man from Mega Man 11 and I don't own the game or the character whatsoever there's more to come]
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Chapter One

A Shopping Mall just two miles from Jade's House by car.

*While inside the mall all the single ladies are line up to try and find match for themselves with the CUPID the new computerized dating booth including Jade Ezell who is next*

CUPID employee #1 (female): Your name, please?
Jade: Jade Ezell
CUPID employee #2 (male): May we see your I.D., please?
*Jade brings out her I.D. Card to the two CUPID employees*
CUPID employee #1: *As she returns Jade's I.D. Card to Jade* You may be over 21, ma'am, but in this case, you don't have the potential to find you a man.
Jade: In other words?!?!
CUPID employee #2: You look disqualified.
CUPID employee #1: Please leave, you're going to hold up the line.
Jade: Fine by me, thanks for your time. *As Jade leaves, the next lady step in next to get lucky to find a man for herself*

Jade's mind: *as Jade is walking to meet up with her friends from home* What did these two saying that I look disqualified?!?! Is it because of my appearance or are they just realized that I'm acting suspicious that I might find out about it? Oh, well, better see what ACME thinks about that dating booth?

Meanwhile in the Dentech area of Tokyo, Japan

Ribitta: *on screen* All the single ladies of the Dentech Area are going crazy over CUPID...the latest computerized dating booth, hoping to meet the right man and right now, I'm in line to interview two CUPID employees who tell me before I go in for find a man for myself.

Lan Hikari: Boy, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.
Maylu Sakurai: You got that right, Lan, I mean can't they buy flowers, cards or chocolates and giving to a man as their secret admirer.
Lan: Yeah, I've got the feeling that computerized dating booth is all over the place...Huh?!?!
Maylu: *to Lan* Lan, what's...Ms. Mari?!?!
Roll: It looks like she's trying out for the dating booth.
Mega Man: Probably looking for Mr. Right.
Maylu: Lan, I've better go, I've got piano lessons at home.
Lan: *as Maylu leaves by her scooter* Okay, I've better go home.
Mega Man: And you'd better get your homework on, Lan. *Lan skates his way back home with a huge sigh*

Number #1 Curry

Count Zap: *as Dex just returns from another delivery while Chisao place new placemats onto the tables * I can't believe the girls are all crazy for finding a guy even Maddy is on it.
Yahoot: I doubt no one can't help her, not even that computerized dating booth.
Maddy: *with tears in her eyes* You got that right, Yahoot! *Crying out loud as Mr. Match brought in a bag of rice*
Mr. Match: *to Yahoot* You should have said that Yahoot.
Dex: *to Maddy* What happened?
Maddy: I was there, and those CUPID employees told me I look disqualified. *Crying out loud*
Count Zap: Perhaps you need to lighten your face a little.
Maddy: *frustrated at Count Zap* Who ask you, Count Zap?
Mr. Match: Maddy, at least you've got a job here and can't complain.
Maddy: Thanks a lot, Mr. Match, I've better get back to work.

Dex: *as the door slides down automatically* Welcome!
Vic the Slick: *as he, Patty Larceny, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas* Don't mind if we drop in!
Patty: Hey, Maddy, how are you?
Maddy: Awful! *Crying*
Patty: Huh?!?!
Moe: Awful!
Lars: Yeah, what's wrong with your girlfriend, Match?

Moe/Lars: What?!?!
Vic: Is it something to do with that dating booth machine thing that all the ladies' line up for?
Mr. Match: Aye, Vincent and those fools tell Maddy she looks disqualified.

Patty: Oh, Maddy, maybe it's your face that makes you, an old lady.
Maddy: *to Patty with her angry face while washing the dishes* Watch it, Patty, I'm not in mood to talk about right now.
Yahoot: Maddy, you're scrubbing too hard!
Count Zap: You guys' better leave before Maddy blows up a fuse.
Vic: C'mon, you heard Count Zap, let's go! *As he, Patty, Moe and Lars leave the restaurant fast*

*In the Cyberworld*

Wacko Man: Oh boy poor Maddy!
Guts Man: What's wrong with your net operative?
Wacko Man: No one will find her Mr. Right.
Magic Man: That's enough you two, get back to work.
Guts Man/ Wacko Man: Sorry!

Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

Sakura Watanabe: *to her cousin, Daniel Yamaguchi while on break* Daniel, I'm glad you're still here.
Daniel: This better be good, Sakura, I'm still on the case to track down the technology equipment created by Gauss Incorporation, what'd you got?
Sakura: I've found a line of ladies around downtown most of them are over twenty-one for some computerized dating booth.
Daniel: Sakura, that's not good!
Sakura: Not good is right, some of the ladies have rejected to use the dating booth some do and that's not all I've found.
Daniel: Show me. *As Sakura brought out her cellphone and shows Daniel a familiar logo* Sakura, get that photo print out.
Sakura: Got it, Daniel! *As she leaves*
Daniel's Mind: *while Daniel is heading back to his office* Well, well, it looks Magnus Gauss has strike again and why a computerized dating booth for women twenty-one and over. There's bound to be a connection somehow.

The Hikari House, Dentech Area...dinnertime [The Hikari is enjoying a fish dinner]

Mrs. Hikari: A dating booth?!?!
Dr. Hikari: Is that true, Lan?
Lan: Yeah, Dad, me and Maylu saw Ms. Mari in line for it.
Dr. Hikari: Probably try and find a man for herself.

Mrs. Hikari: True, but can't your teacher find someone the old-fashioned way.
Lan: Well, Mom, she's trying the only problem is she can't find Mr. Right, so maybe that dating booth is the only option left.
Dr. Hikari: Lan, I know Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I wish all women should have done buying chocolates, flowers or even a card for the men without their names mention.

Lan: Just like Mom did, right?
Mrs. Hikari: That's right, Lan! *To Dr. Hikari* And by the way, are you're working overtime tomorrow.
Dr. Hikari: Looks like it, dear, I won't be home for dinner so save me some, would you?
Mrs. Hikari: Of course.

Lan's bedroom

Lan: *as he finished bathing and putting on his pajamas* Boy, Mega Man it sure is tough for Ms. Mari to look for a guy, I mean should've she gives something to a man on Valentine's Day already?
Mega Man: Lan, it's none of my business, Valentine's Day is just once a year, I hope you're done with your homework.
Lan: It's a tough one, but I've got it through before dinner, I wonder if some girl would give me something I would give something white to her.
Mega Man: What do you mean, Lan?

Lan: Well, the girls give chocolates, flowers or even a card for the boys without knowing who the girl is on Valentine's Day and the boys give something white to the girls on March fourteenth which is called White Day. [In Japan women give chocolates, flowers or even a card to the men on Valentine's Day and on March 14th men give something white to the women on White Day, by the way I don't own the facts whatsoever]
Mega Man: *sighed* It's a long day, Lan, we've better get some rest, alright? Let's not think about Valentine's Day or even White Day, is that clear?
Lan: Okay, Mega Man, goodnight! *He turns off the light and Mega Man rest too*

[End of Chapter One]
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Chapter Two

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA [two days later]

Director of Operations' Office

*While Chase Devineaux is at a board meeting, Jade handles the office work for his sake*

*Translated from Spanish*

Jade: *while talking to Amber Rojo on screen* ...You're kidding, Amber, you didn't use the CUPID dating booth?!?!
Amber: Yes, Jade, I bet you did.
Jade: No, Amber, I didn't because I look disqualified accorded to the CUPID employees.
Amber: Disqualified?!?! Those CUPID employees said the same thing about me, now I'll never get a bouquet of orchids for Love and Friendship Day from a secret admirer.
Jade: Orchids?!?! Oh, I get it, in your country [Peru] gives orchids instead of roses.

(Chase: *yelled* JADE!!!)

Amber: Is that Chase?
Jade: Sure is, Amber, I've better get up from his chair, right now.
Amber: *as Jade gets up from Chase's chair* I'll talk to you soon, Jade, goodbye!

*End of Translation*

Jade: *as Chase enters his office with a rage face and a paper in his hand* Chase, I just doing some office work while you're...
Chase: *interrupted as he shows Jade the paper* Explain this letter.
Jade: Chase, I didn't write this, and the ink isn't black nor blue looks light purple to me.
Chase: Never mind, did you or did you not write this letter saying from your secret admirer?
Jade: No, like I said I didn't, I was doing some office work for you.

Arthur Chance: *voice only* You two girls can't tell me that neither one of you wrote this.
Maylee Young: *voice only* It's true, Arthur!
Jessie Lyon: *voice only* Neither one of us wrote it and saying your secret admirer.

Jade: *to Chase* Uh-oh! You're not the only one with letter writing problems.
Chase: *as he steps out and saw Arthur with an angry face at Maylee and Jessie* Chance, let me guess, accusing two girls for the letter.
Arthur: You got that right, Chase!
Jessie: I swore it's not one of us!
Arthur: *to Chase* I bet you accused Jade for that one.
Chase: Exactly, but she didn't write this one either.

Arthur: Unless...*He and Chase thinks it over very fast*
Arthur/Chase: Jordan!

Interrogation Room (ten minutes later)

Lee Jordan: *after looking at the two letters Chase and Arthur place on the table* What?!?! I have nothing to do with these letters, I swore, I was at the file room when a mailman shows up deliver the mail already.
Arthur: Oh boy, Jordan wouldn't write letters like these.
Lee: And the ink wasn't black nor blue.
Arthur: Something's not right.
Lee: Perhaps there's an envelope it can tell who send to you two.
Chase: Actually, it doesn't have the return address.
Arthur: *showing Lee an envelope* Maybe take this one to the lab I believe they use invisible ink.
Chase: Jordan, sorry to accuse you, Jade and the girls! *He gave the two envelopes to Lee* But take those and find out.

Lee: *as he grabs the two envelopes using a plastic storage bag* Got it, Chase! *As he gets up and leaves the interrogation room with the evidence and head for the lab*

Arthur: Now what?!?!
Chase: Go to the place where the 'secret admirer' wants me to meet, while you do the same.
Arthur: *sighed* Right, Chase!

Meanwhile at Dentech Academy, Dentech area of Tokyo, Japan

*Class has ended for the day while everyone else is going home or somewhere; some kids like to help out with the teachers*

Dex: *to Lan and Maylu as he finished putting on his chef's uniform* Well, Lan, Maylu, I'd better get my little brother and head for work.
Lan: Don't push too hard.
Dex: *as he leaves* No problem! *Ms. Mari screams so loud*
Maylu: Ms. Mari! *As she and Lan came to Ms. Mari who starts crying really loud*
Lan: Ms. Mari, what happened?
Ms. Mari: *grabs the envelope and hides it in her purse* Nothing! *Kept crying*
Lan: It doesn't sound like nothing.
Ms. Mari: I'll see you tomorrow, kids! *Grabs her purse and leaves*

Dentech Area

Mega Man: *to Lan* I don't understand why Ms. Mari is so upset.
Lan: Me neither, I mean two days ago me, and Maylu saw her in line at that dating booth.
*Lan's PET beeps and Lan answered and there was Famous on screen*
Famous: *on screen* Agent Lan, I'm glad I've found you.
Lan: What's going on, Mr. Famous?

Famous: *on screen* Oh, brother, it's Famous, Agent Lan! Listen up women around the Dentech Area are being heartbroken over a letter that rejected them from getting a man after going to CUPID two days ago.
Lan: CUPID?!?! Wait a minute, that's the name of the dating booth, how did you know that?
Famous: *on screen* I don't, but ACME Japan's Agent Yamaguchi does meet him at ACME Japan Headquarters all shall be explain.

Lan: Right, I'm going there right now and if you see Chaud would get him too?
Famous: *on screen* Not while he's on duty after pursuing a felon with connection of the counterfeit electronic components and computer software that could contain Malware.
Lan: That's not good!
Famous: *on screen* Right, Net Police around the world along with law enforcement experts in technology would stop them before the net is no more.
Lan: Alright, I'm going to meet Agent Yamaguchi right way.
Famous: *on screen* And ACME might send in an agent to help you.
Lan: Got it, Mega Man, let's go!

Mega Man: Lan, I hope we can solve this before dinner time.
Lan: Very funny, Mega Man, let's go! *As he leaves...Mr. Albert Wily walking to the phone booth, grabs the handset and dials in the number*

Wily: Ah, Carmen Sandiego, it's Mr. Wily! Meet me at Number One Curry as soon as you can. *And he hangs up the phone and leaves*

[End of Chapter Two: Sorry for the wait, my friend was putting a new wire on the internet and no, it doesn't have Malware just so you know]
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Chapter Three

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

Receptionist (female): *to Lan who entered headquarters* Can I help you?
Lan: Ma'am, I want to talk to Agent Yamaguchi, please.
Receptionist: Is there a reason why? *Lan shows the receptionist his Net Savior Badge, she pressed the intercom button* Agent Yamaguchi, Lan Hikari is here to see you.
Daniel: *voice only by intercom* Excellent, send him in.
Receptionist: Agent Yamaguchi wants to see you.
Lan: *as he sees the receptionist's eyes* You seem to be in tears.

Receptionist: It's nothing, I've got something in my eyes. *As Lan leaves the receptionist started weeping*

Agent Yamaguchi's Office

Lan: Daniel, I saw the receptionist in tears what's wrong with her?
Daniel: She's been using that computerized dating booth and got rejected all of the sudden, Sakura send that envelope to the lab, however, before all the single women gets heartbroken, Sakura found this on one of the computerized dating booths *as he shows Lan a picture* recognize the symbol?

Lan: Gauss Incorporated...that means Mr. Gauss.
Daniel: Precisely, somehow that computerized dating booth and him are involved we have no idea why he did it?
Lan: Me neither, all I remember was...*gasped* Ms. Mari got rejected perhaps one of the single ladies got lucky.
Daniel: Hmm...Maybe or maybe not, that's all I can give you for now until then we're all puzzled.

Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA, USA [Famous for its farmer's market open year-round but only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays until 2 P.M. I don't own that information whatsoever]

Arthur's mind: *as Arthur enters the building alone* I don't understand why here, and I wonder is this prank or...*as a buzzing bee flying around coming from outside onto Arthur* Oh, what's a bee doing here? Perhaps someone runs a honey stand should have kept the bees at their hive. *As Arthur came to the farmer's market and gasped as he sees someone familiar...a woman with glasses and braces*

Rhoda Bykes: Want some honey?
Arthur's mind: Oh no, it can't be!
Rhoda: *as she sees Arthur* Art, hi, honey!
Arthur: Rhoda, Rhoda Bykes!
Rhoda: Long time, Artie!
Arthur: It's Arthur! What are you doing here?

Rhoda: Just selling honey, Honey!
Arthur: Hope you got a license to sell.
Rhoda: C'mon, Art, it's been a long time, your queen is back from the past to get her drone.
Arthur: *as Rhoda came closer to him* No way, you got me confused with someone else.
Rhoda: No, I'm not, Art, I hope that letter surprises you.
Arthur: *raised his eyebrows* Letter?!?! *As he sees the letter and saw a bumblebee symbol, he screamed out loud and ran out*

Honeybee: *voice only* Looks your drone just left.
Rhoda: *as she grabs her PET* Not yet Honeybee wherever he's goes, the bee will follow.
Honeybee: What do you mean?
Rhoda: I put something in his pocket. that will be a honey of surprise.

[Honeybee is a female Net Navi version of Hornet Man from Mega Man 9, by the way, I don't own the game or the character whatsoever]

Chase's Apartment *Chase enters his apartment and all the sudden a magenta dyed hair, blue eyed, tan-skinned woman in a little black dress shows up in the living room*

Norma Payne: It's been a long time, Chase Devineaux!
Chase: Norma Payne, no wonder, my landlord didn't tell me you're coming, how did you get in?
Norma: Through the window.
Chase: Wait a minute, you mean...*Norma use her index finger to stop talking*
Norma: Let's just say, I have a friend to help me. *Grabbing Chase by using her hand and grabbing him by his dress shirt...to Chase* How about a kiss, handsome! *Until the SFPD Officers break through Chase's door*

SFPD Officer#1 (female): Freeze!
Chase: *raise his hands up* Officers, this is not what you think!
SFPD Officer#2 (another female): Not you, sir, her!
Chase: *as Norma puts on her jacket and shoes on* Norma, what's going on here?
Chaud Blaze: *as he shows up* Agent Devineaux, stay away from her.
Chase: *after he turned around and saw Chaud* Chaud, thank goodness, you're here, she just...
Chaud: *interrupted* I know no thanks to her net Navi, Nitro Man!
Chase: *raised his eyebrows* Nitro Man?!?!

Norma: So, what, Chase, let me kiss you goodbye then.
Chase: *As he pushes her to the officers* No thanks, Norma, we'll never be a couple ever after all these years.
Norma: Then I'll see you later, Nitro Man, blackout time!
Nitro Man: *voice only* Wheel Cutter! *Yes, the entire apartment building became dark and then Norma's gone when the electric is back on*
Chase: She's gone!
SFPD Officer#1: We were about to handcuffed her.
SFPD Officer#2: *to Chase* You know her?

Chase: Long time ago, officer, she's been having eyes on me, but I've never like her, I told her to leave me alone she never listens and then I talk to her parents and well, they send her to an all-girls school to teach her a lesson about being independent, but that didn't last long, last time I talk to her parents they said she was expelled, but they're didn't bring her back and that was a long time ago.

Chaud: As in?!?!
Chase: About nineteen years ago.
SFPD Officer#1: It's a lucky thing you didn't aid her to escape.
Chase: No, I want her arrested for breaking and entering.
Proto Man: It's not only breaking and entering, Agent Devineaux, she's involved in the black market selling counterfeit electronic components and computer software that contains Malware.
Chase: What?!?! I thought Agent Yamaguchi is doing this.
Chaud: Not only that, but he's also tracking down Magnus Gauss.
Proto Man: He's maybe involved with the black market.
Chase: The question is what's the connection between Gauss, Norma and the black market.

Number One Curry, Dentech Area, Tokyo, Japan

Carmen: *to Vic, Patty, Moe and Lars who came in with her while Rush the cyber dog waiting for his curry bang a drinking glass with a spoon* And you didn't find Dee Cryption?
Vic: No sign of her, boss.
Moe: We've look everywhere for her.
Lars: Even here, I wonder why?
Carmen: Oh great, did any of you try calling her?
Patty: Sorry, Aunt Carmen, she's probably turn off her cellphone already.

Dex: Welcome... *recognize who enters the restaurant* Huh?!?! Yahoot, it's Mr. Wily!
Yahoot: Dex, Chisao, go to the back, please!
*Rush is upset*
Chisao: C'mon, Rush, out the back! *As Rush follows Chisao and Dex in the back...voice only* You'll get your meal, I promise.

Mr. Wily: I'm glad you all are here, ah, Carmen, glad you show up too.
Carmen: I am now what's going on?
Mr. Wily: I'll explain the whole thing!

[End of Chapter Three: by the way Nitro Man is from Mega Man 10 and I don't own the character or the game whatsoever]
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Chapter Four

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

*The C-5 appears and so did Jade*

Shirley: Oh, Miss Jade, there you are, have you seen Director Devineaux?
Jade: No, have you check his office?
Shirley: No, I haven't I don't want to disturb him while he's busy, why, what's going on?
Jade: Trouble around Sweetwater's Flea Market, some guy bumped unto me and told me that a woman is after him.
Shirley: What do you mean?
Jade: Well, I would like to talk to him about this.

Shirley: *as she places a big envelope onto the desk* Since you're here, ACME's got mail from nowhere, maybe you can give it to Director Devineaux for me.
Jade: *As she grabs the big envelope* I will, Shirley! *As she leaves and headed for Chase's office, knock on his door...quietly* Chase, it's Jade! *She heard someone opens the file cabinet in the file room, raised her eyebrows* Chase?!?! *As she enters the file room and saw Lee only* Lee, what are you doing here?

Lee: Jade, what are you doing here with that big envelope?
Jade: I was about to give it to Chase in his office.
Lee: Uh, Jade, he's not in his office.
Jade: What do you mean?
Lee: *sighed* He's in the safehouse with Chaud. *Jade slaps her forehead with her hand*


*Someone knocks on the safehouse door*

Chase: *voice only* Chaud, can you get that?
Chaud: Sure thing, Agent Devineaux! *As he opened the safehouse door and there was Jade and Lee*
Jade: Chaud, so glad to see you, Lan's not here?
Chaud: He's back in Dentech Area, what's going on?
Lee: Jade has an envelope for him.
Jade: And I need a talk with him.
Chaud: Mind if I join in the communication, Jade?
Jade: Yes, Chaud and you'd better listen, Lee, this could be important.

Lee: *As Chase came out of the bedroom* About what?
Jade: About what happened at a flea market in Sweetwater, Tennessee.
Chaud: Were you there?
Jade: Yes, Chaud, a man bumped unto me and telling me a woman is after him.
Lee: Does a man know that woman?

Jade: Yes, according to the man he said that he knows that woman when he was in high school anyway, she was a foreign exchange student from Venezuela, but he never loved her at all because he already has someone his parents already arrange to marry after going to college or going to the military and if optional getting a job afterwards.

Chase: Really, Jade?
Jade: It's true, Chase, I've figure you overhearing my conservation about what's going on in my neck of the woods, anyway the woman is older than the guy is.
Lee: Talk about a cougar meeting her cub at first sight.
Jade: Lee, may I finish?
Lee: Sorry, Jade, go on.
Chase: So, by any chance, Jade, did the man married to the girl his parents arranged for?

Jade: *sighed* Sadly, no, Chase, the girl died at age sixteen of an illness, broke his heart completely, however the woman tries everything to get his attention but was sent back to Venezuela finding out that she was an escaped con artist wanted in Caracas after he and his parents were shocked and surprised.
Lee: How long was that?
Jade: According to the man that was fifteen years ago.

Chaud: But why did she come back to America? For him?
Jade: Without a doubt, Chaud, I'd better informed Amber Rojo to contact the Caracas Police whatsoever about the woman and he gave me the woman's name already.

Chase: *to Lee* Jordan, find anything about Norma Payne?
Lee: Not in the file room, probably head for Maine and find the answers there.
Jade: Or try and look at the database and find her there. *Lee slaps his forehead with his hand*
Lee: Thanks, Jade, why did I not think of it sooner? *As he leaves*

Chaud: Was there anything else the man knows?
Jade: All I remember was she found him after uh-oh...Chase, Chaud, I've got a weird feeling about this dating case.
Chaud: You mean?
Proto Man: The computerized dating booth known as CUPID.
Chaud: Of course, the CUPID the question is who created that computerized dating booth.
Proto Man: Net Police doesn't have any leads, but ACME does.
Chase: I've figure Norma use the same thing too to find me.
Jade: And I bet Arthur's secret admirer is after him too. *Until an alarm buzzed*

Lee: *voice only* Terrific, now what?
Jade: *as she came to Lee* What's wrong now, Lee?
Lee: *As Chase and Chaud came as well* Beats me, Jade, I wonder why?
Chaud: Proto Man, anything?
Proto Man: Chaud, there's viruses around this system.
Jade: Not good.
Chase: Let's go! *As he, Jade, Lee and Chaud headed for the Laboratory*

Spencer Ross: *as he and Brenda N. Butters came out of the lab* Jade, Chase, Lee, the mainframe is swarming with viruses.
Lee: Oh fudge!
Brenda: We try to put anti-virus system, but it didn't work.
Lee: Now what?
Chaud: *as he shows his Net Savior badge to Spencer and Brenda* Lead the way, you two, Jade, get Lan at once.
Jade: *to Spencer and Brenda* He's with us, you two, *to Chaud* I'll get him fast! *As she uses her padphone to warn Lan*
Jade's mind: I hope Lan gets over here immediately.
Brenda: *to Chaud* Follow us then! *As Chaud follows her and Spencer to the Laboratory*

Meanwhile in the Dentech Area, Tokyo, Japan

Maylu: *as she and Lan are about to go home after school* I hope Ms. Mari will be alright.
Lan: She's lately feeling down and out already about this matchmaking thing.
*Lan's PET beeps*
Mega Man: Lan, ACME's mainframe computer is in trouble at the main office in San Francisco.
Roll: Looks like they need some help at once.
*The C-5 corridor opens*
Lan: Better go, Maylu!
Maylu: Lan, wait!

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Lab's Network Area

Proto Man: There's too many of these bee viruses in the system, Chaud!

The Laboratory

Chaud: *to Spencer and Brenda* How did that happen?
Brenda: Detective Chance gave us the gold card that his 'secret admirer' gave him after he left the Ferry Building yesterday and take it out of his pants pocket. *The C-5 appears and so did Lan and Maylu*
Chaud: Lan, Maylu?!?!
Lan: Maylu?!?!
Maylu: I've figure to help you guys.
Brenda: *to Lan* You sure?!?!
Lan: She's an allied to ACME under us...Jack-in, Mega Man, Power up!
Maylu: Jack-in, Roll, Power up!

The Lab's Network Area

Mega Man: Charge Shot!
Roll: Roll Blast! *The Bee viruses got vanished by a big blast combination coming from Mega Man and Roll*
Proto Man: Mega Man, Roll, thanks for coming!
Mega Man: But we're not done yet.
Roll: The bee viruses are going to spread again.
Chaud: *voice only* No, they won't, Cyber Sword, Wide Sword, Long Sword, battle chips in, Program Advanced!
Proto Man: Light Sword! *And just like that the hole is seal*

The Conference Room (Ten Minutes Later)

Arthur: *after Spencer shows him the gold card* It's true, Rhoda did put that gold card in my pants pocket.
Jade: That contains a virus no doubt.
Arthur: Yeah, she and her family once own a honey farm in Maryland, she knows bees and honey through generations of beekeepers east and west coast by each of her parents' side of the family.

Jade: Let me guess, she has a crush on you?
Arthur: Since Middle School, she even tries to enter the Honey Queen Program since she was eighteen.

Jade: Hold on the Honey Queen Program?!?! I heard about it according to Wikipedia, Maryland wasn't mentioned as one of the states participate that program. [I don't own the Honey Queen Program or Wikipedia whatsoever]

Arthur: She tried everything like joining a beekeepers' club no one would have her there as a member because of her parents' family being honey thieves.
Chaud: Honey Thieves?!?!
Arthur: Yeah, her family steals bees from the west coast and the east coast.
Jade: I bet she has a Net Navi, right?
Arthur: Now that you mentioned it, Jade, Rhoda may have a PET after all.

Roll: Looks like Arthur's right those bee viruses probably came from a Net Navi.
Proto Man: Yes, a Net Navi named Honeybee who belongs to Rhoda Bykes.
Mega Man: Hope, you can track her and her Navi down, Detective Chance.

Arthur: The last time I saw her was yesterday at the Ferry Building during a farmer's market on a Tuesday.

Chase: Is there anything else? *Jade gave him the big envelope* Hmm, I may look into this one, it could be important, in the meantime find out about any women who's after their men of their own dreams but rejected years ago.

Lan: And I say that dating booth is the source, say Jade, have you use it?
Jade: No, Lan, let's just say I've got disqualified, so did Amber back in Lima.
Maylu: *as Jade setup the C-5 corridor to get her and Lan back in the Dentech area of Tokyo with her padphone* Maybe we can talk to someone who tried to use the dating booth but never use it.
Lan: Good idea, Maylu!

Jade's House

*After returning from ACME she watches the breaking news about the women who were protesting CUPID for ruining their own chances at love after being rejected*

Jade's mind: At least, I inform Amber about the woman by contacting the Caracas Police, the question is why CUPID and why other women were heartbroken and put up a protest against this computerized dating service. *Her padphone beeped and saw a message* I believe I'll find out tomorrow.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Japan

Cole Gannon: *as he, Tyson Jackson and Jason Argonaut searches for the black marketers...to Sakura on screen via Smart phone* So far, Sakura, nothing around this neighborhood.

Sakura: *on screen* I'm glad, Daniel sends in you guys with Detective Jordan's permission.
Cole: Yeah, we...
Tyson: *interrupted* Hold the phone, Cole, look who it is...*Cole shocked and saw someone familiar*
Cole: *quietly* Sakura, it's Dee Cryption!
Sakura: *on screen* Why is Carmen Sandiego's henchwoman here in Tokyo?

Jason: I don't know, Sakura! *Grabbing something out of his pants pocket* I've better use this one fast! *As he transforms his outfit into an olive-green instant battle suit using his bracelet of course and went stealth mode and place something in Dee's pants pocket and leaves before Dee suspected anyone coming after her [at least both Cole and Tyson turn around to look at a yakitori place/ yakitori: grilled skewered chicken] and then return back to his outfit that is*

Cole: *quietly* Smart thinking, Jason!
Tyson: Maybe we should stop at a yakitori restaurant right here.
Sakura: *on screen* No can do, Tyson, return to headquarters, as of now.
Cole: Cheer up, Tyson at least we're heading back now. *As a cab pull up and it's an informant working under Agent Yamaguchi while Cole, Tyson and Jason enter the cab and drives them back to ACME Japan*

Wily: *voice only* It seems these ACME agents are closing in.
Carmen: *voice only* Not quite, Wily, there's more to it than meets the eye.
Wily: *voice only* You mean?
Carmen: *voice only* Yes, it's more than just a dating game.

[End of Chapter Four]
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Chapter Five

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

The Laboratory

Tako Yaki: *to Spencer and Brenda* It's a good thing you send these envelopes for us.
Brenda: Tako, I hope you got something.
Tako: I did, Grandma and I use everything to use to figure out what the invisible ink is made of?
Brenda: Like how many?
Tako: * as his grandmother [Suki Yaki] arrive* Three.
Suki: It's never easy first we start off by using heat.
Tako: By using an iron and ironing board without burning it of course.
Suki: Then using chemicals.
Tako: Well Grandma uses the iodine solution.
Suki: Nothing reveals.
Tako: Until I use the UV [Ultraviolet] lamp and here the revealed. *He uses the UV lamp and surprised to Spencer and Brenda*

Suki: I've found out lemon juice is one of the ingredients for homemade invisible ink, however I couldn't figure out until Tako uses the UV lamp and then I've found what the other ingredient sort of bright.
Tako: As in optical brightening agents, Grandma.
Brenda: Hey, isn't that part of ingredients in liquid laundry detergents?
Spencer: That along with cosmetics and detecting counterfeiting banknotes.
Brenda: So, CUPID made this invisible ink, so no man didn't realize who send it and mail for the ladies who wrote the letter and CUPID warns the ladies not to write their names until to meet their men at the rendezvous point.

Suki: Perhaps that's where the trouble comes back to the men.
Spencer: Like Chase meeting Norma at his apartment and Arthur meeting Rhoda at The Ferry Building's Farmer's Market.
Suki: Is that so?
Brenda: Sure, looks like it.
Tako: And I believe that there is a connection after all, between CUPID, Mr. Gauss and the black market.
Spencer: Magnus Gauss, how did you know?
Tako: We didn't, Agents Watanabe and Yamaguchi did.

Conference Room

Team ACME [Jade/Lee/ Maylee/Jessie/Cole/Tyson/Jason/ Daniel and Sakura]/Lan/Maylu/Dex/Chaud: What?!?!
Jade: Roll, are you sure Rush overheard the conversation between Mr. Wily, the former members of World Three, Vic, Patty, Moe, Lars and Carmen Sandiego about CUPID?

Roll: Without a doubt, Jade. *Rush popped out from the net world to the real world and playback the conversation*

(Remember Chapter Three well here's the conversation)

Mr. Wily: When I've found that out CUPID was created by the Gauss Incorporated.
'Count' Zap: That brother of mine is making some love computer?
Carmen: More like matchmaking, 'Count' Zap!
Mr. Wily: Yes, yes, did any of you girls uses it?
Carmen: No!
Patty: I didn't.
Maddy: I almost did, Mr. Wily, but those CUPID creeps told me I look disqualified.
Mr. Wily: That's because they are Gauss' employees in disguise. *Maddy's face is in rage*
(Jade's mind: *as Jade was shocked and surprised* Unbelievable!)

Mr. Wily: He's not the only one involving matchmaking, a woman who wanted to make relationships last forever well she created send in her Net Navi to her members are women who were broken-hearted by their men of their own dreams.

Match: What kind of a club is that?
Mr. Wily: The Broken Girls Club!
(Daniel: *quietly as Sakura uses the laptop computer* Sakura!
Sakura: *quietly as she types in the club's name* On it!)
Yahoot: And I've figured the Broken Girls Club got lucky in love.
Match: While the other lassies did not.
Mr. Wily: Because they are not members of the Broken Girls Club.

'Count' Zap: My brother has gone too far.
Mr. Wily: He's not the only one.
Moe/Lars: What?
Vic: Who else aiding him in this love game?
Mr. Wily: Dee Cryption with her high-tech skills helping out in selling computers at affordable prices.
Carmen: More like a black market if you all ask me.
Vic: Oh Dee, she made a big mistake.
Carmen: She and I have plenty to discuss of what she has done.
Mr. Wily: Then I suggest ACME and the Net Police will find them and confront them.

Match: If all else fails.
'Count' Zap: Then we come in and delete this love game once and for all.
Yahoot: It's not easy, 'Count' Zap, Mr. Wily's right.
Mr. Wily: I hope ACME and the Net Police will find them at once, hopefully they'll be successful.

*Conversation Ended*

Sakura: I've found the website Mr. Wily mentioned.
Jessie: Yeah, and who is founder of that club.
Sakura: Here it is. *Click on about the founder*

Jade: The founder of the Broken Girls Club is Regina DeGlace, she's a former relationship consultant. *Maylee uses her laptop computer to look up the name*
Lee: I wonder why she quit being a relationship consultant.
Maylee: She didn't, Detective Jordan, she just lost her license after every relationship of each of her clients call it quits.

Jessie: That's bad.
Maylee: Maybe her love advice didn't work on them.
Maylu: And Mr. Wily mentioned about a net Navi she has.
Roll: Found the net operative's name and this is her Navi. *As the picture reveals Tundra*
Mega Man: Tundra!
Proto Man: This net Navi has a heart of ice.
Guts Man: Guts, just like her net operative.

Daniel: I send in the evidence over to the Net Police.
Jade: Thanks, Daniel, all we needed to do is to find them and don't forget the warrants.
Maylee/Jessie: Right!

Daniel: Before we go and find them, can we inform Chase Devineaux?
Lee: I'm afraid not, Daniel, when I was going to tell him to meet you in Tokyo, but he was gone from the safehouse.
Jade: So did Arthur!
Sakura: That's not good!
Jessie: All we remember was someone cover the camera lens with a lot of honey.
Maylee: Even Romanov got covered in honey.
Jade: It was awful, Daniel, I inform the ACME Animal Action Crew Members to clean the honey off of Romanov.

Daniel: Sounds to us, the women who are the Broken Girls Club are not giving up on their men so easy.

[End of Chapter Five, Tako Yaki, a pun word for Takoyaki, an appetizer that is ball-shaped dumplings cooked in a special molded pan, it filled with minced or dried octopus, scraps of tempura, pickled ginger and green onions, brushed with Takoyaki sauce (sort of like Worcestershire sauce) and mayonnaise and then sprinkled with green laver or edible dry seaweed and dried bonito shavings, I don't own this information whatsoever]
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Chapter Six

Gauss, Inc. Warehouse, Tokyo, Japan

*As Famous parks the Sci-Lab Van there coming out of the van are Team ACME [Jade, Lee, Cole, Maylee, Jason, Tyson, Jessie, Daniel and Sakura], Lan and Chaud after the C-5 appears and vanishes*

Famous: Are you sure this the place?
Jade: *Shows Famous her padphone the right area* Sure is, Famous! Thanks to the tracking transmitter Jason place onto Dee Cryption and if we're right this is where we find the counterfeit electronic components and computer software that contains Malware be.
Famous: Net Police are on the way.
Daniel: Thank you, Famous! *To Team ACME, Lan and Chaud* Let's go!

Meanwhile back in the Dentech Area

Dex: *to Maylu as she and Dex each rode a scooter* Maylu, are you out of your mind? I thought you've got piano lessons.
Maylu: I was going to have piano lessons, but the piano is out of tune again.
Dex: Are you making an excuse to skip it?
Maylu: No, Dex, it's true, I mean my parents and I are disappointed with the repairman again he won't be back until next month.
Dex: Geez, Maylu, when did this happen?
Maylu: After me and Lan spotted Ms. Mari at the CUPID dating booth before she was rejected.
*Until a Number One Curry van pulls up*

Yahoot: *after he rolls down the window down* Dex, there you are.
Dex: I was about to go home and get Chisao so we get ready to work.
Yahoot: Oh, Dex, I'm afraid you can't get your brother.
Dex: Why not? Don't tell me he's sick.
Maddy: *after Mr. Match slides down the door* Don't think so, Dex!
Match: Some stranger grab him out of nowhere. *Dex and Maylu gasped*
Yahoot: Get in, both of you! *As Maylu and Dex enter the van, Match slides back the door*
'Count' Zap: *voice only while Yahoot drives the van* If that stranger is my brother, then I'll shock him.

Back in Gauss Inc. Warehouse

Jade: *while using her Nanotech glasses seeing what's inside the boxes* Just as we suspected, Gauss is involving with the black market.
Daniel: They won't get away with this. *Until lights are now on while Jade switch her Nanotech glasses back to her eyeglasses*

Gauss: *voice only after he laughed* Welcome to the warehouse, Net Saviors!
Lan: Mr. Gauss, we know you're in there we want you to come out right now.
Regina: *as she, Gauss and Dee appear* Well, well, we have some ACME agents creeping around here.
Sakura: We know what you're up to, Miss DeGlace!
Maylee: And you can't get away with this caper.
Cole: And you too, Dee Cryption!
Dee: *holding the mini transmitter* How did you find us with this? * She smashes the mini transmitter with her hand* Cheap toys!
Jason: You just destroy ACME Property!

Gauss: Well, the CUPID works wonders for the girls who are successful in love.
Regina: And here are the examples of a great relationship...*Team ACME were shocked to see Chase and Arthur [each got handcuffed by Norma and Rhoda] *
Tyson: That doesn't look like a great relationship!
Lan: Sounds like a disaster.

Gauss: So what? I even got a perfect mascot!
Chisao: *as he been dragged by two CUPID employees* Get your hands off of me! Help!
Lan: Chisao!
Chaud: Let the boy go, Mr. Gauss!
Gauss: I'm going to make him become Cupid, once the other members get their own men over here and thanks to Dee's 'special' friend's medicine, they will never be rejected again. *Lee laughed so loud* What's so funny?

Lee: I'm sorry, to say this Gauss, but they can't come, and you can't lead a kid to do your dirty work.
Regina: What do you mean, detective?
Jade: It means your members are busted around the world, it's over Miss DeGlace, you, two members of your club, even Gauss and you, Cryption are under arrest not only by ACME, but the Net Police as well.
Dee: Ha! You ACME losers can't stop us!
Lee: Oh really, but your boss already knows.
Dee: What?!?! *As a blast came from the wall there was Carmen with an angry face along with Vic, Patty, Moe and Lars and of course, Mr. Wily along with Mr. Match, 'Count' Zap, Maddy and Yahoot who shows just in time along with Maylu and Dex*

Maylu: Lan, Chaud!
Lan: Maylu, Dex!
Dex: *to the CUPID employees still holding Chisao* Hey you two, let go of my little brother!
Norma: *to Carmen* Sorry, Sandiego, Devineaux is mine! *Chase is unamused and so did Carmen*
Rhoda: You all keep your hands off of my drone [Arthur]. *Arthur is unamused as well*

Regina: Gauss, do something?
Gauss: Say no more! *As he activates the net battle Arena by pressing a button* I hope you get rid of these nosy losers and their Navis once and for all.
Jade: *to Lan, Chaud, Maylu and Dex* Make them sorry because they give broken hearts a bad heartache.
Lan: Good idea, Jade! Let's do it, Mega Man!
Mega Man: Let's go, Lan!
Dex: Save my brother, would ya?
Jessie: You got it, Dex!

Norma: *to Chase* Now stay right there, sweetheart! *She kisses Chase on the cheek much to his disgust*
Rhoda: *to Arthur* I'll buzz you right back my drone! *She giggles and Arthur with a frown on his face*

Jessie: *quietly* Now what?
Daniel: *quietly* The Net Police are on their way.
Jade: *quietly* They're not the only ones.

[End of Chapter Six]
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Chapter Seven

Inside Gauss, Inc. Warehouse

The Net Battle Begins...

Regina: Jack-in, Tundra, Power up!
Norma: Jack-in, Nitro Man, Power up!
Rhoda: Jack-in, Honeybee, Power up!
[Each girl jack-in their Navis into the Net Battle Arena Area]

Lan: Jack-in, Mega Man, Power up!
Chaud: Jack-in, Proto Man, Power up!
Maylu: Jack-in, Roll, Power up!
Dex: Jack-in, Guts Man, Power up!

Mr. Wily: *to Match, 'Count' Zap, Maddy and Yahoot* These kids can't do it alone, aid them out!
Match/'Count' Zap/Maddy/Yahoot: Right! Jack-in...
Match: Torch Man!
'Count' Zap: Elec Man!
Maddy: Wacko Man!
Yahoot: Magic Man!
Match/'Count' Zap/Maddy/Yahoot: Power up!

Lee: Let's free our friends!
Jade: Let's go! *As Team ACME sneak down to save Chase, Arthur and Chisao*
Gauss: *to CUPID employees* Don't you stand there, get them! *The CUPID employees block Team ACME's way*

*Remember what Jade said that well...outside of Gauss, Inc. Warehouse, Tokyo, Japan as the News Van appears and lots of the single ladies who are protesting against CUPID*

Ribitta: Well, it seems all the single women are still protesting as they coming to...
Famous: *interrupted* What's going on here? What are you ladies doing here?
Female Protester: We're here to shut CUPID down.
Ribitta: It's not my fault, they wanted to get even with CUPID.
Famous: Ladies, listen to me, as you know we're taking them down so go home we're handling this.
*The Female Protesters cheered*

Team ACME handles the CUPID employees with ease...
Dee: *to Gauss* Well, look they failed.
Gauss: Not quite, Cryption! *After pressing a button something coming to Team ACME*
Cole: Get down! *Team ACME ducted after they saw throwing stars coming and no one got cut*
Jade: Smart move, Cole!

In Cyber Battle

Honeybee: Bee Chaser!
Guts Man: Whoa, Guts, Bees!
Elec Man: Time for a bug zapper, Electric Blade! *Thanks to Elec Man the bees are gone*
Honeybee: I'll do it again!
Guts Man: No way, Guts Hammer!
Magic Man: Magic Fire!
Rhoda: *voice only* Area Steal, Body Double, battle chips in, double download! *Honeybee escapes unharmed*

Tundra: It's wintertime for you, Mega Man, Tundra Storm!
Lan: *voice only* Air Shoes, battle chip in download! *Mega Man escapes safe*
Tundra: Very good, but not good enough, Ice Towers!
*Mega Man screamed as one of the ice towers hit him*
Roll: Mega Man!
Torch Man: Time to thaw, Fire Tower! *Thanks to Torch Man's Fire Tower defrost each ice tower one by one as Roll came to Mega Man*
Roll: *to Mega Man* You're, okay?
Mega Man: Yeah, thanks to Torch Man!
Tundra: You can't thaw me, fire freak!
Torch Man: Oh yeah, Firearm!
Regina: *voice only* Anti-fire battle chip in download! *The anti-free reflects Torch Man's firearm attack back to Torch Man*
Match: *voice only* Look out, Torch Man!
Maylu: *voice only* Geyser, battle chip in download! *Roll activates Geyser and the fire got vanished*

Tundra: No!
Wacko Man: Wacko Ball! *Thanks to Wacko Man, Tundra got knock down*

*While Nitro Man battles Proto Man in the cyber world, Team ACME frees Chase, Arthur and Chisao, while Carmen, Vic, Patty, Moe and Lars handle the CUPID employees trying to capture Team ACME*

Gauss: This is a disaster!
Dee: Girls, retreat now!
*As Dee said and Regina, Norma and Rhoda jack their own Navis out while Gauss help escaped with a smokescreen bomb*

Few minutes later...*As the Net Police arrested the CUPID employees and take them out of the warehouse*

Ribitta: Wow! Wonderful out there, Agent Yamaguchi!
Daniel: *to Ribitta* Thanks, but no comment on this case.
Dex: Well, I've got something to say...Number One Curry has a Valentine's Day Special, singles get a half off of prawn, chicken or lamb curry, but wait there's more for you couples enjoy a Tandoori for Two Special.
Chisao: It's only for Valentine's Day!
Dex: And don't forget you can choose a dessert free with any of our Valentine's Day Specials, so c'mon enjoy with love.
Lan and Maylu: *grabbing Dex out of the spotlight along with Chisao and Rush who barked* Oh, Dex!

[End of Chapter Seven: Epilogue is coming up tomorrow]
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Number One Curry, Dentech Area, Tokyo, Japan

Dex: *as he serves a dish to Lan* Here you are, Lan, since you still a favorite customer we want you to have a curry sample platter.
Lan: Thanks, Dex! *Rush barked with happiness when Chisao served him a curry sample platter for him*
Maylu: Yeah, this is the best offer yet and...
Ms. Mari: *to Lars* Be your Valentine?!?! No thanks!
Lars: *after Ms. Mari slaps his face* Ouch!
Moe: *laughed* Yeah, right, Lars, you're doing all wrong! *Laughed out loud as Ms. Mari grabs a pitcher of water*
Ms. Mari: Is that so? *As she spilled water all over Moe and she leaves*
Yahoot: *as he and 'Count' Zap came* What is...oh, boys!
'Count' Zap: What are you trying to do boys, get crazy over Lan Hikari's teacher?
Moe/Lars: Yeah?!?!
'Count' Zap: Oh boy, your boss is on her way and very furious I say. *Moe and Lars gulped as Carmen enters the restaurant along with Mr. Wily*
Yahoot: Mr. Wily!
Mr. Wily: Where's Maddy I need to speak with her.


Wacko Man: Uh, oh, my net operative is in trouble.
Elec Man: I thought she's making the special desserts for this year's Valentine's Day.
Torch Man: And Mr. Match is upset at your net operative.
*Wacko Man gulped while Guts Man and Magic Man both shrugged*

Maddy: I didn't make those chili chocolate dipped strawberries for you, Mr. Match nor you, Mr. Wily, there for the customers and no, Carmen, someone give me your name to order those for Mr. Wily.
Mr. Wily: Are you sure, Maddy?
Maddy: I'm serious, Mr. Wily, I...
Match: *as he saw those two teenage boys laughing* Oh no, not those lads again! *As he came out and very angry* Alright lads, you're going to get it! *Two teenage boys gasped and ran while Match goes after them while Carmen is unamused by a foolish prank while still angry at Moe and Lars*

Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

Director of Operations' Office

Jade: Thank you, Chaud, keep us posted! *As she hangs her padphone up, when all the sudden Chase returns, Jade stands up from the chair*

Chase: Any calls?
Jade: No, Chase, Chaud, just contact me about searching for Regina and two remaining members of the Broken Girls Club.
Chase: I'm glad it's over, I've figure Valentine's Day is never celebrated on the same day or go by a different name, right.

Jade: Now that you mention it, Chase, you're right about that...on January 25th, people in Wales celebrate St. Dwynwen's Day and couples created wooden spoons to each other, on June 12th, people in Brazil celebrates Lover's Day because they don't celebrate the same day as America not around the Carnival time.

Chase: No wonder I've got a box of brigadeiros from there.
Jade: Figure you still don't like sweets...Oh, and if you're think about buying red roses for a girl from Taiwan don't give her one of them it means one love, 99 of them that means eternal love or 108 of them that means marriage proposal and besides Taiwan is the only country that celebrates Valentine's Day twice.

Chase: Whoa! I wonder if each country called Valentine's Day something else.
Jade: In Ghana, they call it, Chocolate Day because the country is most in cocoa production and in Bulgaria, they call it, Winemaker's Day.

Chase: That is amazing, Jade! Oh, by the way, I want you to have this if you like it.
Jade: *as she is smiling over a picture of someone familiar on the picture frame to her* Are you kidding? I will.
Chase: That is from my informant, that's one of the actors where my informant was working as a journalist from Berlin, Germany; while visiting Krakow, Poland.
Jade: *grabs the picture frame* If you see that informant in Krakow, Poland, tell him or her thank you for the picture of my favorite actor, I truly appreciate. *As she leaves with the picture*

Chase's mind: *as Chase slaps his forehead* Favorite actor?!?! Oh brother!

[The End and about those facts I don't own them and if you really who my favorite actor is well...ask me that question in AMA/Jade]
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    ((And, thoughout this process, I want to port my number (have the info for that) and use the phone I have (Samsung Galaxy S9... gotten for free through Airtalk... note to anyone: if you choose a nice phone through them, you are locked into a 120 day "commitment" to get the phone for free, and they have a very hard data limit... once you use up your data, they cut you off, point blank.))
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    Jon Eckart Jon Eckart: ((And, thoughout this process, I want to port my number (have the info for that) and use the...