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(I wanted to post this early because I don't know if I would be able to on Halloween. Thank you @Julie Justice for all of the help. I appreciate it.)

October 31st​

A chill was finally in the air. People hang decorations, Lucy came across a prank when she opened one of the closets and a skeleton popped out. She jumped back, feeling her heart race. Then letting out a nervous chuckle; walks away.

This time of year Lucy would usually be curled up with a book because it was too anxiety provoking to participate in things that students did during Halloween.

This year however, she was more comfortable around people, and part of her training was working with campus security to make sure the students didn't get out of hand.

Lucy's partner was Abigail, who had two children 6 and 10 years old. A boy and a girl who were very active. She sat in a chair next to Abigail, who was finishing filling a report on their last incident. The older woman tapped away at the keyboard while Lucy watches.

The phone suddenly interrupted.

"ACME campus security!" Abby answered.

"Uh huh. Yes, we'll be right there. Okay, Uh huh. Goodbye"

Hanging up the phone, the woman turns to the younger one.

"We've got another one. This time at the student dorms.” The student grabbed her jacket and put it on. The night before, she'd made sure to think ahead.

"What's up" asks Lucy as she follows towards the door.

"Someone has egged a car." Abigail told her.

“Egged a car?”

“Yes, Come on. We'd better go check it out."

It was dark when they walked out of the building. It was a full moon tonight. There were always stories about during a full moon, people acted crazy. More car crashes reported during a full moon and strange incidents. Infact her mom had told her a few stories of weird calls during the shift.

The security office was only a few miles West of the student dorms. On the way, they passed several people with costumes on. ACME’s Halloween party was going to start soon. Lucy had entertained the thought to go, but ultimately dismissed it because of how overwhelming it would be.

ACME had set up Halloween for the public a few days prior in the Lobby. Parents and children could walk through, play games and get treats. The public felt safer coming here than going door to door. A lot of students enjoyed interacting with the little kids and the joy it brought them.

Finally they arrived. The car was a blue Dodge Neon. The windows had been broken in the front driver's side and the back passengers side. Eggs still covered the car. The windshield had a huge crack that spanned the entire thing. Eggs were all over the seats.

A young man stood nearby who looked around 22, short brown hair and blue eyes holding his license.

"I know it was my ex!" He shouts as they approach.

Abigail remained calm. "You have proof?"

"I know she did it!" His voice louder than before.

Suddenly a girl who looked around the same age as the guy walked out and started yelling at him.

"I did not egg your car!"

"You did too! You're just mad because we broke up!"

"You're always telling lies about me!" She screamed back.

"No, I tell the truth!" He stood in front of her now.

Lucy stepped forward. "We need you both to calm down so we can get your information, but if you can't we will have to put the handcuffs on."

The two exchanged glances.

The young detective reached into her black jacket pocket on her left side and brought out a notepad and pen.


After recording their names, she walked to the back of the car, getting the license plate number.

"I swear I didn't do it."

"That's okay, we can look at the security tapes" Abigail answered.

Lucy walked back to Abigail's side. Things got quiet for a moment.

"I did it." She said, looking at the ground.

Abigail looked at the man. “If you want to press charges, we will have to hand this over to the police.”

"Yes, I do want to press charges"

His ex backs up, looking like she might run. Lucy takes the lady by the arm before they can bolt.

"We have you on videotape, and you've admitted to what you did, there's really no point in running."

The student seemingly weighing her options.

Abigail brings out her handcuffs and starts to put them on the suspect while Lucy talks to her.

"I'm going to pat you down. Do you have anything that will poke me?"


She starts going through the pockets and everything. Sure enough they didn’t find that she had anything. Abigail turns to the young man and asks him if he would please follow them back to security, so another officer can talk to him and he agrees.

“Lucy, you’ve done wonderful with all the cases today. I’m proud of you.”


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