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Our typical day at the Academy starts at 6:30AM Monday through Friday, and at 8:00AM on Saturday with Saturday being a half-day, with a homeroom-style assembly in the main academy building; there, the instructor takes rollcall and we discuss what we learned the previous day.

From there, we’ll typically split the class in half, with one half staying in the main Academy hall for coursework, and the other half going to the gym building for the physical training program.
The coursework covers:

  • Both interrogation and interrogation resistance
  • Civil rights
  • State laws
  • Constitutional law
  • Morals and ethics
  • Investigative technique
  • Multiple language classes
  • Computer-related skills
  • Documenting a case
  • First aid
  • Forensics
  • Evidence gathering
  • Court procedures
  • Emergency response procedures
  • International relations
  • ACME Rules, Policies, Regulations, and Procedures
The physical training covers:
  • Firearms
  • Self-defense
  • Proper arresting technique
  • Stealth
  • Various martial arts
  • Stamina training
  • Unarmed combat
  • Stakeout training
  • Some light torture resistance
  • Survival training
  • Suspect takedown training
  • Physical endurance
  • Orienteering
At around noon, we’ll have lunch in the Academy cafeteria, and we’ll resume class around 12:30PM, although the time that we break for lunch can vary depending on what we’re working on in class.

After lunch, the two groups swap, and the day’s lessons repeat for the other group.
Some days, we’ll work as a group to solve an example case, occasionally we’ll each get our own to work on.
Some days, we’ll end up doing some physical activity as a group; setup a mock stakeout and have to try to catch a random experienced detective, walk across the city looking for something planted by a teacher or another agent, pair off and practice unarmed combat, at least once each training season we’ll have to survive on our own in a local forest for at least a couple days, with the Agency coming to take us back to the Academy.

Typically, classes wrap around 6:00PM or so, and we head back to the Academy dorms unless you have your own place.

There is no definite timeframe for graduating from the Academy, though there is a minimum of 6 months of training required, though we have the option of staying in longer, and depending on what your degree is in, it may be required.

After graduation, we are interviewed by one of the more experienced detectives, and then we are paired with one of them for at least a year for evaluation, their choice of who to be paired with. Usually, for the first couple weeks, the rookie detectives are assigned to desk work, where we look over case files to get to know what the typical case consists of.

For the trainees, there are more advanced classes in areas such as (some are limited to potential Agents of a certain age) available:

  • Advanced interrogation
  • Advanced survival training
  • Advanced investigative technique
  • Advanced first aid
  • Advanced forensics
  • Advanced emergency response
  • Advanced international relations
  • Advanced torture resistance
  • Advanced unarmed combat
  • Advanced self-defense
  • Advanced martial arts

At the graduation ceremony a day after our training season wraps up, we are sworn in as Agents (in a fairly grand ceremony) and we get our Agent IDs which have our pictures on them, and our communicators get fully activated (previously, they were limited to getting ahold of the Academy teachers, and receiving messages from the Academy and the Agency). Afterwards, we are interviewed, and then placed with a partner.
After the partnering is all done, the graduates and their partners (if the partners aren’t busy with a case) go to the Bayside Café, for a celebratory dinner and drinks if the new agents are old enough, and we are given our schedules. Sometimes, the Chief and sometimes the Director join the new Agents at the café. All the new Agents get a large cupcake with ‘ACME Agent’ written in frosting with a candle… it seems on occasion, there will be a random cupcake that somehow launches edible confetti out of it.

The night ends with ‘Congrats’ and lots of handshakes and hugs all around, and we all acknowledge that everyone at ACME is as close to us as our family, and we’ll all help each other out when possible with whatever we can.
By the time we leave Bayside, we will have already gotten a test message on the communicator from the Agency congratulating us.

All Agents have access to the CrimeNET system from their personal computers and laptops and mobile devices, though only after they register their devices with the IT department; they also get their internet paid through the Agency (just basic cable internet) if they don’t have it already, though if it is abused (downloading anything illegal, libeling or slandering the Agency, sharing any information that falls under any NDA) at any point, it will be disabled with charges pending.

Once home, we all keep our communicator on the charger (they use a wireless charger system), and everyone has everyone else’s addresses and regular phone numbers on our phones in case something comes up that requires us to get someone the Agency can’t get ahold of.
We are instructed to always make sure our phone is always on and turned up so we can hear it, regardless of where we are; and, our communicator is always on (regardless of location on the planet, the battery lasts for over ten days).

Once we are field Agents, we will work with our partner for a year, and after that year is up, we’re certified as solo Agents, though depending on if we end up on a bigger case we may work in a group with other Agents, or if the case is very difficult.

For the most part, our average day ends at about 5:00PM, though we are on call twenty-four/seven, including holidays, and there is mostly always someone at the Agency overnight.
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There was a actual class schedule? I've just had this on the back burner for a bit.

Jon Eckart

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Oh, okay... if I got even close, I'd be impressed.
I knew she was an instructor for a bit, just didn't know she posted a class schedule.


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At one time there was also a link to what was on every floor of ACME too.

Edit: I'm sure these two things have gone down the black hole :D

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