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(I don't own the characters Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy,Cole Gannon,Li,Clay Tandoori, Double Trouble and Renee Storm whatsoever)

Please note: what you are about to read is fictional the names of shopping malls and stores are real and no shoplifting is involved just some attractions inside and outside only hope everyone understands.

(Act one begins)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
The Director of Operations' Office
After the C-5 appeared and so does Jade Ezell right after a message came from Chase Devineaux on her padphone while she was at home finishing doing her own laundry and cleaning her own room.

"Is that true,Lee?" Jade asked Lee Jordan while sitting down while recovering from what happened last night.
"Exactly,Jade!" Lee answered "I can't believe it last night I was researching what VILE is up to in China then I got knock out and then I woke up tied up my mouth cover with a rag in Chase's chair I explained to him what happened."

"And I'm glad you told the truth,Jordan." said Chase "Anyway Commander Monaghan is investigating the file room where Jordan was last night."

"Let's hope she find something." said Jade as someone knock on the door.
"It's open!" said Chase and Ivy enters the office and she said "I've found something these underneath the table."
She put the evidence bag down on Chase's desk..."That's it?" Lee asked
"Yeah that's it!" Ivy answered
"That's not exactly a clue here,Commander." said Chase
"Wait a minute that name sounds familiar." said Jade as she open up the evidence and reveals three different brochures..."Whoa! The Dubai Mall,West Edmonton Mall and the Mall of America."
"Huh?!?!" said Chase,Ivy and Lee in unison.
"Hey these aren't brochures they're mall maps."
"What do these three malls all have in common,Jade?" Ivy asked
"I know these shopping malls each one were known as the World's Largest Shopping Mall." Jade answered
"How did you know this all the sudden,Jade?"
"Ivy these were rank by gross leasable area for a shopping mall that is." Jade answered
"So you were saying VILE is up to something about shopping?" Lee asked
"No,Lee!" Jade answered "In facts I saw some malls broke into but I've figure shoplifting isn't it."
"Then what is it."
"Attractions inside and outside of the mall." said Jade as Chase,Ivy and Lee gasped.

The Laboratory

"Terrific!" said Spencer Ross as he was frustrated when all the computers were scrambled after what happened last night then Maylee Young came in."Spencer!" she said.
"Not now,Maylee." said Spencer "I can't help you today."
"But it's the Academy's computer room."
"What?!?!" said Spencer "Don't tell the computers like this right now."
"True!" said Maylee
"Oh great!" said Spencer as Jade,Chase,Ivy and Lee came.
"Any progress so far?" Chase asked
"Nothing so far it still scrambled." Spencer answered
"How did that happened?" Jade asked
"I don't know all I found from this computer is a disc and I can't analyzed what it is..." said Spencer as Jade uses her padphone to detect the disc..."Oh fudge! That's not good!" said Jade.
"What is it,Jade?" Lee asked
"The disc I analyzed with my padphone is in fact a supercharged virus." Jade answered "Someone must have scrambled the computers all over here."
Chase,Spencer,Ivy,Lee and Maylee were shocked what Jade said.

(end of Act one)
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(Act two begins)

ACME Headquarters

Conference Room

"Well at least I wrote down the description of our break in criminal Lee saw last night on my notepad until further notice." said Maylee.
"Good let's hope there's news from Lee and Jade." said Ivy
"Where are they?" Maylee asked

"At the Internet Cafe just three and a half blocks from headquarters." said Chase as someone knock on the door "Come in!" and Spencer enter the room.

"Did I disturb you,Chase?" Spencer asked

"No you didn't we just waiting on Jordan and Jade to return that's all." Chase answered as Spencer puts down the folder and a tray on the table...all the sudden Jade and Lee returned...

"Everyone we got news from ACME Headquarters in New York City they are sending an ACME agent who is an expert computer hacker." said Lee
"But the agent is somewhere in Minnesota." said Jade
"In which my field rookies are in as well."

"Unfortunately, the bad news from ACME Headquarters in Shanghai,China." said Jade and Ivy,Chase,Spencer and Maylee gasped and Maylee asked "What happened there?"

"Inspector Li has been kidnapped from Shanghai." Jade answered as Maylee is shocked..."Oh no!"

"Calm down,Maylee we'll find him in the meantime stay here until further notice."

"Well let's get going to Minnesota." said Chase
"Lee,which city in Minnesota are your field rookies are at?" Ivy asked
"Bloomington!" Lee answered and Jade said to everyone "That's where the Mall of America is at."
"Let's go,Jade!" said Ivy
"Hold on,everyone I've got a gadget here that will help everyone out." said Spencer as he shows Jade,Chase,Lee and Ivy what's on the tray..."Bracelets?!?! That's a gadget yeah right,Spencer." said Ivy.

"No Ivy these bracelets are in fact instant battle suits." said Spencer.

"*laughed* Yeah right Spencer how does one bracelet turn into a battle suit we like to know?" Lee asked

"It's no joke,Lee!" said Spencer

"Once you put on the bracelet simply press the black square button and instantly your battle suit is activated and when dealing with a VILE agent who has a shocking device that agent would look out with a shock proof reflector it bounce back and it automatically recharges for less than thirty seconds one of the battle suits is fully ready for reflecting the last three are not charged due to the virus and I'm not kidding."

"Of course not,Spencer!" said Jade as Spencer pass out the bracelets...a medium blue for Jade,a teal for Ivy,a dark red for Chase and a deep black for Lee.

"Jade save for your padphone for recharging it's best to take the ACME jet plane to Bloomington, Minnesota instead."

"Thanks Spencer!" said Jade.
"Let's move it!" said Ivy as she,Jade,Lee and Chase to the plane.

Inside the ACME jet plane...

"Here the list of shopping malls that have been hit so far." said Jade as she shows Chase,Lee and Ivy "Plaza Las Americas in San Juan,Puerto Rico they shoplifted taser items from the store 'Spy Gallery'."
"I thought you said you've figure shoplifting isn't it." said Lee
"True but according to the security guard after the mall closed two men grab the guard while a woman in a trench coat enter inside the store probably for a surprise plan to aid out Carmen Sandiego's ultimate theft plan."
I remember Ratana (read The Purr-fect Crime at the old site and don't put in a comment there.) told me that the one's who shop at Central World in Bangkok,Thailand may not shop there again because of the trams being stripped out last week." said Chase.

"Even Will told me about one Utama Shopping Centre while he's in Malaysia on the second floor the place known as 'The Roof' got lifted as well." said Lee

"and Zack and Josha inform me about a hypermarket,a cinema,an appliance center,a bowling center and the Sky Dome were stolen at SM City North EDSA while in Quezon City,Philippines." said Ivy as Jade looks at the list of shopping malls.

"All true..." said Jade "Right now let's focus on the Mall of America." as the plane continues to fly to VILE's next target.

(end of Act two)
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Please Note: before I go to Act three of this story I misspell the character's name 'Renee Storm' from the 'Carmen Sandiego: Adventures in Math' series (in which I don't own the game) I've found the first name has one 'e' instead of two 'e's' it's my fault sorry about this it's because I look while watching Carmen Sandiego: Adventures in Math 'The Lady Liberty Larceny' on vimeo not on YouTube just vimeo...thank you for your attention while reading this story. P.S.: There's no relations to Rene Storm and the non-canon character Deric Storm just so everyone will know.
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(Act three begins)

The Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport

After the ACME jet plane landed safely...Jade,Chase,Lee and Ivy were about to step out when the Crimenet Alert is on Jade said while reading the message..."ACME Headquarters in Vancouver,Canada inform us that Clay Tandoori was spotted in Calgary,Alberta."
"Alberta isn't that where the West Edmonton Mall is?" Ivy asked
"Precisely,Ivy!" Jade answered
"Jade,we're already here." said Lee
"Lee,I know I've figure it's best to split up."
"Are you crazy?" Lee asked Jade
"She's not joking,Jordan!" Chase answered "I've got a feeling that the West Edmonton Mall has an attraction inside there so Commander Monaghan get there before Tandoori makes a move."

"Right,Chase!" said Ivy.
"I'll be heading for the Dubai Mall." said Chase as he activates his Cybercom 2000 to get transferred to Dubai. "And Jordan...!"
"I know! I know! Me and Jade are heading for the Mall of America right now." said Lee as he and Jade leaves the jet plane...

The Mall of America,Bloomington,MN,USA
after getting drop off from a fellow ACME agent while heading for the scene of the crime in Duluth...Jade and Lee saw a crowd of people

"Is it just us,Jade or are people waiting for a mall to open up?" Lee asked Jade.
"Neither,Lee!" Jade answered as she points Lee to the 'CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS' tape all around outside of the mall...
"Excuse me officer!" Lee said to a male police officer and shows his badge to the officer "ACME Detective Lee Jordan I need to get inside to investigate."
The police officer lift the crime scene tape for Lee to get in and said to the police officer about Jade "She's with me!" the police officer let Jade in as well.

Inside the mall...

As Jade and Lee enter and stood a woman who looks like Alicia Keys from the music video called 'Fallin' except she dressed in a tomboy way...

"Hello gorgeous!" Lee said to the woman.
"Hey there hotshot!" the woman said after she turned around.
"You know her?" Jade asked Lee
"Way back in the training days of the Academy." Lee answered

"Say Lee who's this schoolgirl?" the woman asked

"Well this schoolgirl happens to be a free agent and amateur detective by helping ACME out." Lee answered

"Actually I just finished school already and by the way I'm Jade Ezell."
Jade introduce herself to the woman.
"Nadia Raye,ACME Detective from the New York office." the woman introduce herself to Jade.
"Good to meet you." said Jade as Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson came with a brown lunch paper bag.

"Hey Detective Jordan,Jade!" said Tyson.
"Hey you two!" said Jason "We're just investigating an attempted bomb attack."
"Hello boys and Cole congratulations on finishing up the final test at the Academy." said Jade
"Not exactly a congratulations just yet,Jade!" said Cole "Wait a minute! Did Maylee told you that?"
"Well she did."
"She just misunderstood you,Jade!" said Cole "I didn't pass the final test I have to repeat next year again."
"You never know when you least excepted,Cole!" said Jade
"Let's focus on the case,Jade!" said Lee
"Let's!" said Jade as she puts on a pair of rubber gloves on and open the brown bag and Lee said to Jade "This is no time to eat!"
"I'm not,Lee!" said Jade as she opened the burger wrapper and shows Lee the clue.
"Whoa! Talk about a huge double cheeseburger."

"What crook would eat that?" Nadia asked
"Not one but two crooks." said Jade
"What do you mean by that?"
"Well there's a pair of crooks who eats a double cheeseburger."
"*gasped* Double Trouble!" Cole,Jason and Tyson said in unison as two security guards and they said "We suggest you ACME nitwits leave now!"

"Oh really,gentlemen!" said Nadia "When was the last time you got a hair cut?"
"None of your business." the guards answered
"It is our business!" said Cole
"So where's the attempted bomber hiding out at ?" Jason asked

"Nowhere!" said the guards as they throwing a smoke bomb but Jade recognized those two guards from out of nowhere as they were about to get ready to pull a heist Jade came from behind,grab a push broom and knock them down with it.

"Nice try Double Trouble!" said Jade "I recognize you two already!"
"Figure you did,free agent." said Double Trouble as they are about to get up but Lee and Nadia came and said to Double Trouble while being handcuffed by Tyson and Jason as Cole are getting the cops inside the mall. "Stay down,boys!"
"Jade,how did you know these guards are Double Trouble?" Lee asked
"The Afro hair give it away that's how." Jade answered.

"Not bad for a free agent." said Nadia as the cops take Double Trouble away.
"Thanks Nadia!" said Jade "Say are you an expert computer hacker?"
"I'm sure am!" Nadia answered
"Not only Lieutenant Raye is a expert computer hacker she's also my instructor at the Academy in New York bet you didn't know that." said Tyson.

"Until now!" said Jade.

The West Edmonton Mall,Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
inside the mall security office
"I won't talk to you,you ACME agent." said Clay
"ACME wants to know who is behind the mall attraction lifting case I like to called it." said Ivy
"I'm not telling."
"Alright gentlemen do what have to do!"
"Alright! I'm going to give you this that is all." said Clay as he gave Ivy the clue.
"That's better!" said Ivy.

somewhere in China...
"You won't win this round when ACME gets you." said Inspector Li when he's tied up and locked up as well.
"Oh really let's just say it's going to make shoppers come back here more often." a woman's voice said and she laughed as she leaves in the shadowy figure way.

(end of Act three)


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before I get to Act four I've forget about the character 'Will' read 'Upright and Down Under' at the old site (carmensandiego.info) about him and don't put a comment there...thanks again.


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(Act four begins)

In the ACME jet plane

After Jade press the transfer button to take Nadia to ACME Headquarters in San Francisco to hack in an anti-virus program to stop the supercomputer virus after that she press the transfer button to bring Ivy from The West Edmonton Mall to the Mall of America.

So the two girls (Jade and Ivy) and the boys (Lee,Cole,Jason and Tyson) board the next flight to get Chase in Dubai right after rounding up some VILE agents attempt to steal Burj Khalifa tower at the Dubai Mall...

"Hey everyone!" said Maylee who appeared on screen.
"Maylee,where are you?" Jade asked

"I'm in Hong Kong!" said Maylee "As in the ACME Academy anyway I just finish the computer class right after my instructor take me and the others here...and I've got a match of our break-in criminal."

"We all ears,Young who is it?" Chase asked as Maylee sends in a photo of a dark skinned,brown haired and black eyed woman with a trench coat and a pair of lightning bolt earrings.

"Everyone this is Rene Storm she's very tall and she could be either a mad scientist or a meteorologist anyway her file is classified for now." Maylee answered "And beside I've found out she's hiding out somewhere in Guangdong Province of China."

"In which Hong Kong and Macau is at." said Jade
"Exactly,Jade!" said Maylee "And we notice that Inspector Li's tracking coordinates is somewhere in Dongguan,China."

"Maylee, get the warrant in hand and get some back up to New South China Mall." said Jade as everyone in the jet plane were surprised.
"Jade,I'm very impressed you figure out where she is." said Chase.
"But why there it is in fact the World's Largest Shopping Mall in 2005 until just suddenly only 99% vacant since its opening." said Lee
"Not enough retailers coming to bring shoppers there." said Ivy
"That's too bad!" said Tyson.

"Anyway I'll get the warrant ready and be careful her umbrella will give you a quick electroshock therapy." said Maylee
"Great we don't have a gadget except for these bracelets Spencer gave us." said Ivy.
"Ivy, you're a genius!" said Jade
"I am Jade?"
"Yeah Ivy because these bracelets are instant battle suits."
"Jade, remember one of our battle suits is not fully charged to the shockproof reflector to bounce back to the criminal." said Lee
"Gannon,Argonaut and Jackson wait for Young with the warrant and back up while we get inside the mall understand?" said Chase
"Yes sir!" said Cole,Jason and Tyson in unison.


"There it is...New South China Mall!" said Jade as she pointed her finger to the building
"Oh terrific they supposed to have a replica of the Arc de Triomphe and St. Mark's bell tower there all I see is a tram." said Lee when he used his binoculars.
"You're right,Lee that's the missing tram from Central World in Bangkok,Thailand."
"The question is what is Rene Storm doing with this mall?" Ivy asked
"There's only one way to find out get in there and talk to her." Chase answered "What are we waiting for let's suit up." as he,Jade,Lee and Ivy pressed the black square button and voila they got their own battle suit.

Inside the mall

"At least the mall is vacant all it needs is every attraction to get the attention to everyone here *laughed*" said Rene as she appeared "Now all it needs some retailers all around the world."

"You better not because nobody's going to shopping here." said Li
"Just you wait and see,Inspector! *laughed*" said Rene as Jade,Chase,Lee and Ivy enter.
"We don't think so,Storm!" said Jade.
"Well,well looks like I have some non-shoppers too bad you all are not invited for the grand reopening of this shopping mall."
"You won't get away with this,Rene because it's over!" said Ivy as she's about to get Rene but Rene zapped her with her umbrella that contains an instant lightning shocker.
"Ivy!" said Jade as Ivy was lying to the floor after she got hit.
"You're so going to regretted,lady!" said Lee as he's about to get even with Rene.
"Jordan,no!" said Chase
"Watch out,Lee!" said Jade
"Just try and shock me!" said Lee as he's about to block Rene's lightning with his shockproof reflector.
"With pleasure!" said Rene and unfortunately for Lee his shockproof reflector didn't get bounce back to her.
"Ah!" said Lee after he got shock.
"Are you alright?" Jade asked as she came.
"Not really!" Lee answered "It less worse than having a Lichtenberg pattern."
"Ouch! That hurts!" said Jade
"But not for long!" said Rene as she used her umbrella again instead aiming at Jade it aimed at Chase his shockproof reflector bounce back while Jade dragged Lee safely.
"Nice try!" said Rene used her umbrella Chase's shockproof reflector bounce back again.
"It's over,Rene!" said Chase as Rene was about to shock Chase somehow his shockproof reflector just run out of juice and this time it's over for Chase.
"Ah!" said Chase
"Three down one to go!" said Rene.
"Jade,it's up to you!" said Chase who is weak from the shock.
"I'll do my best,Chase!" said Jade.
Rene laughed as she uses her umbrella once more to shock Jade but unfortunately Jade's shockproof reflector just bounce back to her.
"Ah!" said Rene when her umbrella drop as Cole,Maylee,Jason and Tyson came.
"We're here,Jade!" said Jason as Maylee pick lock the lock to free Inspector Li and untie him too.
"It's over,lady!" said Tyson "you're under arrest!"
"Don't think so agents!" said Rene as she use a smoke bomb to escape.
"Take care of Chase,Lee and Ivy they need medical attention I'll get that umbrella lady." said Jade as she notice where Rene is heading so her battle suit has nano technology to automatically lifted Jade with a coordinating zipline.

Rene is running out of breath but Jade outwit her by blocking her exit..."It's over Storm give it up!" Jade said as Rene is about to ran the other way by the police helicopter stop her.

Three minutes later...

"I wanted to bring back the shoppers to shop here but you free agent you ruined everything." said Rene while she's in handcuffs.

"Nice try you won't able to let the company decide what to do with this mall!" said Jade as the police officers dragged Rene Storm away while Chase,Lee and Ivy are recovering from the shock.

"You three alright?" Jade asked
"Just barely!" Lee answered
"As soon as we get back home we better get to the medical center you two." said Chase
"As soon as the computer is recovered from the virus we better tell Spencer to get the battle suit in full gear." said Ivy
"Smart thinking,Ivy!" said Jade "And while heading back I'm thinking of going shopping with Bolt Upright I've figure he might need my help getting something for ACME sake."
everyone laughed at what Jade said and yes she and Bolt went shopping the next day...

And they got an espresso machine for the ACME Lounge Room,a tall iced skinny flavored latte for Ivy from Starbucks,a small and light banana berry smoothie for Tanya (Tatiana) Erzin from Jamba Juice and The Book series (Economics,Philosophy,Politics and Psychology) for Maylee from Marbles: the Brain Store.

While Jade got a grilled Teriyaki chicken mixed with Broccoli Beef and white steamed rice,three fortune cookies and a bottle of water from Panda Express for herself for lunch that is while every single shoppers returning to their favorite malls because everything has been return.

(end of Act four)
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Please note: I'm sorry I've been waiting for a while and there's nothing to post at this time and I'm trying blogging another one but I'm worried my latest one will be completely wrong still brainstorming but I'll get back to blogging soon. so sorry again.

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