Jade's 'Ghost' Stories 2: Encounter the Mystery


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Chapter Twenty-Three: Flounder's Play, part three.

The Stoppable House

Ron: *to Kim, Jim, Tim and Wade* I'm glad you guys came to help me clean the garage.
Jim: Anything to help others.
Tim: Especially, when it comes to clean house for the neighborhood. *
Ron: *as he pressed the garage button* We'd better clean the garage before...*screamed as a pile of magazines spill over Ron*
Kim: *pick one of the magazines* Ron, I didn't know your dad reads this one.

Ron: *Read the title of the magazine* Soldiers of Misfortune?!?! There's no way dad doesn't read that kind of a magazine.
Jim: *to Kim who is frowning at him and Tim* Don't look at us like that.
Tim: We don't read that either.
Wade: Perhaps, ACME knows somebody who reads these. *All of the sudden he's got something from his mobile phone and saw something shocking* Oh boy!

Inside the 'Guesthouse'

Ivy: We better get some food and supplies at once, before we go on patrol around Middleton.
Shaggy: Groovy idea, Ivy!
Fred: Now, hold the phone, Shaggy, we got to find a place to look.
Velma: No need for that, Fred, the only place to find those is at Smarty Mart. *Jade's padphone buzzed while charging since last night*
Jade: *grabs her padphone and answered* Hello!
Wade: *on screen* Jade, so glad you called, is everyone around?
Zack: Sure did, Wade! Just finished a good breakfast at its lounge, what's up?

Kim: *on screen* Listen, we found something inside the garage, and we were wondering about this pile of magazines in the garage.
Ron: *on screen* Not my father or anyone reads Soldiers of Misfortune.
Lee: Soldiers of Misfortune?!?!
Ron: *on screen* Do you read this, Lee?
Lee: Absolutely not, Ron, but I know a V.I.L.E. operative that reads those.
Ron: *on screen* Really? Who?

Lee: *after Zack uses his laptop computer to look into ACME's Dossier Files Online* Ken Hartley Reed.
Kim: *on screen* Who is he?
Ivy: *showing Team Possible the picture of Ken Hartley Reed* This V.I.L.E. operative is a hairdresser who dress like Rambo. (I don't own the character 'Rambo' whatsoever)
Jade: Ron, isn't he the house sitter your parents hire?
Ron: *on screen* Not sure, but I will talk to my parents, not while I'm at work but on break I will.
Ivy: Thanks, Ron!
Zack: *to Jim and Tim on screen* Hold the magazines until me and Ivan come and confiscated them.
Jim and Tim: *on screen* We will, Zack!

Wade: *on screen* Before you hang up, Jade, can you, Ivy, and Kim find Drakken and Shego?
Jade: Is there a reason why, Wade?
Wade: *on screen* They're hiding somewhere in Middleton.
Kim: *on screen* I know one hideout they might be in.
Ivy: Don't worry, Kim, we'll work together to find those two.
Jade: While the rest patrol around Middleton after getting food and supplies at Smarty Mart, search for anyone to get some information about what's going on and looking for clues as well.

Fred: We'll picking Ron up so he can go to work at Smarty Mart.
Ron: *on screen* Thanks, Fred, you're a life saver.
Daphne: And give us a map to the store, we need to pick anything we can find.
Ron: *on screen* Of course, Daphne!

Drakken's Former Lair, Middleton, CO, USA

*Drakken and Shego screamed so loud Jade (in her advanced instant battle suit), Ivy (in her teal instant battle suit) and Kim (in her purple action suit) land there after hearing them*

Drakken: *voice only* Get away from us!
Shego: *voice only* Leave us alone or else!
Casper: *voice only* I just want to be friendly!

Inside the Former Lair

Shego: *about to charge her green glow* I'll give you something friendly!
*Ivy kicks the door down*
Drakken: Kim Possible, wait where's...
Kim: Smarty Mart!
Shego: Doc, is that Carmen?
Drakken: Wait a minute, how did she end wearing blue?
Jade: Better not tell you two why alright?

Shego: I'm getting rid of this little boy in a ghost costume, it's not even Halloween.
Jade: Hate to break it to you two, but this is Casper, a real friendly ghost.
Drakken: Did you say Casper, the friendly ghost?
Ivy: Of course, and he's an allied to ACME just like Kim Possible.
Kim: Casper, the friendly ghost, wow! My parents would like to meet you sometimes.
Casper: With pleasure, Kim Possible, you, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Wade and your brothers.
Drakken: Well pleasure to make your acquaintance, I'm Dr. Drakken and this is Shego.
Shego: We're friends of VILE under Carmen Sandiego, of course.

Drakken: You girls take a look at this footage coming out of the Big Apple.

*Jade, Ivy and Kim are shocked to see something ridiculous and reckless at the same time*

Kim: *to Drakken* Where did get this footage?
Drakken: It just so happens, someone posted this and that's not at all, it's blur out no thanks to that joyriding taxicab driver, he or she will have their license revoked.
Taxicab driver: *on screen* I'm giving out a free ride *Laughed out loud*
Ivy: How come we didn't hear anyone screaming?
Shego: I don't know! Either it muted or the cabdriver tell the passenger to shut up for a long time.

Jade: Or could it be that the cabdriver purchases soundproof windows for the cab.
Drakken: Besides you can send that video to ACME, maybe they can make it out.
Jade: *as she uses her padphone to send the video to ACME Headquarters in Denver by pressing the video copy button* I'll make sure ACME Technicians will figure out who that joyrider is and making sure it doesn't happen again.
Drakken: Well...my guess is he or she made have done it all the time.
Ivy: No wonder this cabdriver is such a joyrider.

Kim: Anything else?
Drakken: Well yes, I was planning on using an ultimate thief robot that can shift shaped as well, but I realize it's too dangerous, I was about to shredded when I notice it was gone right before someone brings us what happened with a posted video and Casper coming in unannounced.

Kim: What kind of robot is it?
Drakken: Syn Bs, it's combination of the synchro drone and a Bebe.
Jade: Then someone must have entered your former lair and stolen it for his or her idea.
Kim: I think the answer lies on one place I hate the most.
Drakken: Smarty Mart?!?!
Kim: That's right!
Jade: Kim, better head for Club Banana your shift starts soon, me and Ivy will go there right now.
Kim: Thanks for the reminded, Jade.
Ivy: Hoping Mystery, Inc is ready for the supplies.

*As Jade, Ivy and Kim leaves and split up as well*

Meanwhile inside Smarty Mart

Smarty Mart Employee (male): * to Martin Smarty* Believe us, we trying to stock up here, but no matter what happens at each department.
Steven: It's true, it destroys most of the ceramic ones from Housewares.
Ron: Hope it didn't happen in the pet department.
Smarty: I don't know what's going on here. I'll get to the bottom of this shenanigans make sure the customers don't get panic understand.
Smarty Mart Employee: Yes, sir!

Daphne: Uh, excuse me, Ron, where's the dog food section?
Ron: *to Daphne* Allow me, ma'am!
Fred: Ron, you don't have to...
Ron: Shh! *quietly* Fred, just trust me, you all are the customers and it's our duty to make sure to help customers in need.
Velma: That's a relief! *When Mystery, Inc. came to the pet department all of the sudden panic came from the bird food section*

Ron: What the...?!?! *Parakeets keep flying above to the celling*
Shaggy: Zoinks! *Seeing some weird thief breaking glasses from each fish tank very fast*
Ron: Oh no, no, not the goldfish! *Goes after the goldfish that fell out of the fish tank*
Shaggy: Hope it doesn't make the Scooby Snacks get wet.
Scooby-Doo: Oh no!
Scrappy-Doo: Let's make sure the Kitty Kibbles don't get wet too.
Scooby-Doo: Okay! *He heads for the dog food section and Scrappy goes to the cat food section*
Fred: C'mon, gang, let's save the animals.

*Ivy and Jade [in their own outfit] entered Smarty Mart and surprised the customers panic all over the place*
Jade: Oh, good night!
Ivy: Let's go, Jade! Better split up!
Jade: Right, Ivy!

*A female customer screaming over at the cosmetics section of the health and beauty department...the thief uses makeup unto her when Daphne shows up*

Daphne: *to the thief* Hey, you, where's cosmetology license? *The thief turns around and saw Daphne*
Velma: *as she came* Daphne, no time for...*yelled as the thief came to her instead of Daphne* JINKIES!!! *The thief decides to give Velma, a bad makeover, Velma screamed* MY GLASSES!!! *After the weird thief removed her glasses and stomped on it*
Daphne: Velma! *Uses her self-defense moves to get knock the thief to the floor Ivy shows up*
Ivy: What happened?
Daphne: Jeepers, the thief is a robot.
Ivy: Whoa! And a weird one too, Daphne! *She and Daphne gasped at Velma and her 'new look'*
Velma: What are you two looking...*as she looks at the mirror* Ahh! *As Fred came to the cosmetics section*

Fred: Girls, what...Oh my gosh, Velma! What happened to you?
Velma: *with an expressionless face* I feel ridiculous!

Jade's mind: *after Jade is shocked at the grocery section* Eggs are broken, all the milk is spilled and bread turn into crumbs, I'll find out from the back, *Jade uses her padphone to send in her cats* Then again, I'll let the felines find out undetected.
Jade: *to Sam and Socks quietly* Don't let no one see any of you, understand. *And Sam and Socks did to keep their meows shut, while Sam head for the break room, Socks enter the manager's office*

Inside the manager's office

Jonathan Bragan: *male, short, bald/gray hair and grey eyes to Smarty* I don't care about your customers, I want you move out of Middleton.

Smarty: Why not, everyone loves shopping Smarty Mart you can't do it.
Bragan: *As he shows Smarty, a subpoena* My Lawyer represents the employees who used to work at your place, and you denied them a raise or a promotion for each department of this store.

Smarty: That's because they're got fired for doing nothing.
Bragan: Oh yeah! Well, Smarty take a look these photos then. You've got twenty-four hours to pay the damage of the injuries of those employers you fired, or my lawyer and I will take you to the Supreme and shut your company down. *Drop an envelope on the desk* Have a nice day! *Bragan leaves, didn't notice Socks at the door and slams the door on her face, boy did she screeched*

Smarty: *after he saw Socks* Oh my...poor little kitty, how did you get in here?

Inside the break room *Sam sneaks in without anyone notice especially Ron*

Ron: *while talking to his mother on his cellphone* It's horrible, mom! I have to get all the goldfish in an unbreakable fish tank.
Mrs. Possible: *voice only* Is there anything else gone wrong?
Ron: Well, we've found a pile of Soldiers of Misfortune magazines in the garage, and I was wondering was that last house sitter be Ken Hartley Reed?
Mrs. Possible: *voice only* Where did hear that name?
Ron: My friends from ACME who came here to help Middleton solve a case before it's Founder's Day.
Mrs. Possible: *voice only* No, Ron, we don't know his name.

Ron: Perhaps, you can help ACME with a description of...Ouch!
Mrs. Possible: *voice only* Are you okay, Ron?
Ron: Something pokes me.
Mrs. Possible: *voice only* I'd better let you go, Ron, your break is about to be over.
Ron: Thanks, Mom! *As he hangs his cellphone up, he notices something on the back of his vest* I've never seen this before, it must be from the jewelry department...Huh?!?! *He saw Sam from under the table* Sam, what's going...Jade!

[End of Chapter Twenty-Three]
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Chapter Twenty-Four: Flounder's Play, part four.

Inside Middleton Mall

Club Banana

Zita Flores: I'm still attended the Middleton Institute of Science and Technology.
Kim: *expressionless face while ringing Zita's purchase* I bet you end up like my father, right?
Zita: *as she gives her Club Banana card to Kim* Of course not, I'm in game designing mostly role play, Felix is the first handicap student in space technology and right now, he's an intern at the Middleton Space Center. *Kim gives Zita her Club Banana card back while Zita gives Kim the amount of her purchase*

Kim: *as she carefully puts in Zita's purchase carefully in Zita's shopping bag* That's great for the both of you, I wish you two a lot of luck.
Zita: *as she leaves* Thank you, Kim! We'll see everyone at the reunion.

*While at the mall Lee and Cole are at the food court after searching for any clues*

Lee: *to Jade on screen while returned to the 'guesthouse'* Unbelievable, did everyone make it out alright?
Jade: *on screen* Yeah, except everything will be restocked again and Velma well look at this...*shows Lee a picture of Velma with her 'new look' Lee's face was so disgusted*
Lee: Oh man, did somebody did this to her?
Ivy: *on screen* Just a thief that run so fast it turns out to be a robot.
Cole: Uh oh! *After notice something just speeding in*
Ivy: *on screen* What's wrong, Cole?

Zita: *as the thief is grabbing the shopping bag out of her hands* Hey, let go, it's mine!
Cole: Lee
Lee: Trouble at the mall, girls! *As he hangs up his cellphone, he and Cole goes after the thief*
Cole: *to the thief* Hey, let go of her! *The thief saw him and Lee and let go of Zita*
Kim: Oh, so not the drama! *As she shows to knock down the thief away from Zita and the thief fell into the water fountain and suddenly the thief got short circuited?!?!*

Cole: *as he grabs Zita's hand* You're alright?
Zita: Yes, thank you so much!
Cole: You're welcome!
Zita: I was talking to Kim!
Monique: *as she came out of Club Banana* Kim, what happened?
Kim: That thief tries and steal Zita's purchase.

Cole: *as mall security officers with rubber gloves on take out the thief out of the fountain* Lee, take a look at the thief.
Lee: *squat down and saw what the thief looks like* Just like the one at Smarty Mart.
Kim: What do you mean, Lee?
Lee: Kim, this thief is a robot, huh?!?! *Notice something on the robot with a pocket size magnifying glass* Property of Middleton Space Center?!?!
Cole: Lee, check out the limbs of this robot, arms and legs are prosthetic.
Kim: Wait a minute, I remember mom told me that the prosthetic arms and legs are missing for those in Physical Therapy.

Monique: Could it be someone stole them and add something from the Space Center.
Cole: Doesn't look like a coincidence, does it?
Lee: To be honest, Cole, I don't know if it is, Kim, we'll talk to your parents.
Kim: Thanks, boys, I'd better get back to work.
Monique: Yeah, a lot of customers are waiting. *As she and Kim return to Club Banana*

Ron's house (forty-five minutes later)

Ron: *to Jade and Shaggy* I'm glad you didn't bring your pets here otherwise; I have to clean up the pet dander before my parents get back.
Jade: Ron, what happened while you're on break.
Ron: *as he gives Jade, a mini plastic bag inside is a pin* I've got poke by this pin, I went to the jewelry department, but who runs it didn't have that one made of diamonds, only cubic zirconia.
Shaggy: Like wow, that's one fancy pin.
Jade: Fancy's right, Shaggy, this is a diamond stickpin and if I know who leaves this at the scene of the crime...Fast Eddie B.

Ron: Whoa, who is he?
Jade: *as she shows Ron, a picture of Fast Eddie B. on her padphone* This V.I.L.E. operative is a gentleman thief and a society cat burglar who is a world-class croquet player.
Ron: That reminds me, someone at the sports department told us that a guy like him was interested in a new croquet set for the latest tournament coming up in London.
Shaggy: Like is there anything else?
Ron: Yeah, I remember in one of Bueno Nacho locations according to an employer that a customer named Eddie hated their tacos.
Shaggy: Like no way!

Ron: Eddie should have tried the Chimirito [a combination of chimichanga and burrito], the Quesachanga [a combination of quesadilla and chimichanga] or my personal favorite, the Naco [a combination of nacho and taco]. (Don't own these items whatsoever)
Shaggy: *as the Mystery Machine pulled up from outside* I take those anytime.
Ron: *sarcastic* If only Bueno Nacho is back here.
Jade: *as she gets up from the sofa* C'mon, Shaggy, we better go!
Shaggy: *as he gets up from the sofa* Yeah, like thanks, dude! See you at the reunion.
Ron: *as he stands up* Whoa, hold on why you guys going to the reunion, you both didn't get graduated from here.
Jade: We know, figure your school needed extra security.

Inside the Mystery Machine

Velma: We saw the recording from Socks' collar cam and is he serious of suing Smarty Mart.
Jade: I've got a feeling, there's bound to be more than just Smarty Mart, but the whole town, Velma.
Fred: It seems we needed to split up and find out about Jonathan Bragan's ancestor.
Velma: Fred, the answer lies in the Middleton Hall of Records.
Jade: Since the rest of Team ACME went to the Middleton Space Center to talk to Dr. James Possible.
Daphne: While you and I are going to the Middleton Medical Center to talk a physical therapist, Dr. Ann Possible wants us to meet.
Fred: And Shaggy, you talk to Steven Barkin at his place.
Scrappy-Doo: While me and Uncle Scooby will go on patrol.
Shaggy: *gulped* I was afraid Scrappy would say that.

Middleton Medical Center

*After being drop off by Fred, Jade and Daphne saw an ambulance like car park at a fire lane there was a certain crook Jade can recognize already talking to Ann Possible*

Ann: *to Justin Case* You can't let your client take the whole hospital to court.
Justin: *in his car* Can and will? *Laughed as he drives away*

Daphne: *as she and Jade came* Dr. Possible, what happened.
Ann: Justin Case, what a foolish shyster he is.
Daphne: Shyster?!?!
Jade: As in a lawyer expert in accident-related cases and also a V.I.L.E. operative.
Ann: I didn't know he's one of Carmen Sandiego's low-life jerks.
Daphne: And that car looks so ridiculous.
Jade: Yeah, that's a 1960 Cadillac Ambulance.
Ann: He should have his license remove.
Jade: *as she and Daphne followed Ann* Don't worry, it's already done years ago.

Inside the Middleton Hall of Records

Velma: *looking at a book* Fred, I've found something about the Middleton War.
Fred: Well, done, Velma, according to this book, Calvin Bragan betrayed Jefferson Middleton's trust by stealing the plans to surrender the whole town to the rebellious soldiers from Centerton.
Velma: Centerton is no ghost town, but an unincorporated area run by Davis Centerton back when the Mexican American War begin.
Fred: I've got a weird feeling this is sort like of a revenge centuries later. *Until someone took the book and ran* Hey, the book! C'mon, Velma! After that thief.

Velma: *As she and Fred purses the thief* He could be the same thing as the ones at Smarty Mart and the Middleton Mall. *Until the thief escape and jumped unto a camouflage painted four-wheeled Big Foot Truck and the driver speeds off* Did you see the vehicle?
Fred: You said it, Velma! Whoever rode that big truck should have stay in a demolition derby.

Steven Barkin's Apartment *While Scooby and Scrappy are looking around Middleton*

Barkin: I remember someone make a complaint over C-Rations according to an employer at the grocery department.
Shaggy: C-Rations?!?! You mean like food?
Barkin: Canned prepare wet foods for the military until 1958. *Shaggy notice something on the coffee table* They were replacing with Meal, Combat, Individual ration, are you listening?
Shaggy: *stop when he sees Barkin who looks at him...grinned* I'm listening!
Barkin: Then those rations were replaced in the late 1980s with MRE.

Shaggy: MRE?!?!
Barkin: Meal, Ready-to-Eat.
Shaggy: Wow! How did you know about this?
Barkin: I was a lieutenant in the Marine Corps and *Notice Shaggy grab something off the coffee table* Hey!!! What are you doing?
Shaggy: *gulped* Taking a peek!
Barkin: That's from Smarty Mart and none of your business.

Shaggy: I'm sorry, Mr. Barkin, I gotta go! My dogs are waiting for me and... *Scooby and Scrappy came in and jumped unto Shaggy* Scooby, Scrappy, I told you two to patrol outside.
Scooby-Doo: We were, Shaggy!
Scrappy-Doo: We saw a Big Foot and *A big noise came from outside*
Barkin: Sounds like a car alarm...that really wakes up the neighborhood. *As he, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy went outside and he screamed so loud and yelled* MY SVU!!!

Shaggy: Yikes, what could crush Mr. Barkin's SUV?
Barkin: After what happened to my car, my SUV is last year's model.
Scrappy-Doo: Like we said we saw a Big Foot.
Shaggy: *gulped* Big Foot?!?!
Scooby-Doo: Uh, Shaggy it's not a monster it's a big truck!
Scrappy-Doo: Yeah, with four gigantic wheels.
Shaggy: You mean that Big Foot from a demolition derby.
Scrappy-Doo: That's the one! *Shaggy gulped*
Barkin: Well, first thing tomorrow morning I'm calling my insurance agent and of course, the police as well.

[End of Chapter Twenty-Four]
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Chapter Twenty-Five: Flounder's Play, part five. (I know it's getting too long, however it's well worth it)

Middleton Space Center

Felix Renton: *After Team ACME [Ivy, Zack, Ivan, Lee and Cole] brought in the part of the robotic thief* Good night, this robot supposed to be going to Mars but failed in demonstration.
Ivy: Who is the creator of this project?
Felix: My mother is a cyber-robotic expert; she was responsible for creating the robot with Kim's father's help.
Ivan: Do you know anything, Felix?
Felix: I'm a college intern for this place, I don't know anything else at this time.

James: And all we know is that the robot has to be redone before the deadline.
Zack: How long?
James: Around the end of 2025.
Lee: That long?
James: You said it, Detective Jordan, however, this Justin Case guy sue us after some of the employees were fired, I told him they violated the rules, according to him, the employees got injured here.
Cole: Justin Case?!?!
Lee: I bet someone needed his help to fake the injuries for the employees and probably, uh oh!

Ivy: *to Lee* What do you mean, hot shot?
Lee: We better go back and put the puzzle pieces all together to solve the Middleton Mystery.
Zack: And where can we going to set up a trap? The high school reunion.
Lee: Bingo!
Zack: Lee, you're nuts!
Ivy: It worth a shot, little bro, let's gather everyone back to the 'guesthouse.'

Middleton High School (Reader board saying: Reuniting for Class of 2007/ I'm not sure what year Kim Possible graduated but I choose the year 2007 that's when Kim Possible series ended on September 7th, 2007): The Next Night

*All but Bonnie Rockwaller came to the reunion* (Thank goodness she doesn't appear in this story)

Ron: *to Kim* This is going to be one great class reunion.
Kim: Ron, everyone should know what they're doing after graduation.
Ron: Like Felix is going to be in the same department as his mother.
Kim: And Zita is going to be an RPG designer, while Monique is going to continue to be in Club Banana.
Ron: And the rest...
Kim: Don't ask.

Fred: *to Jade while disguise as a waiter* Have you been to a high school reunion before?
Jade: *disguise as a waitress* Never did, Fred, I've never got an invitation from a former classmate of mine.
Velma: *disguise as a waitress* Since did you graduated?
Jade: 2000 *She notices someone enter the school*
Barkin: *voice only* Excuse me gentlemen, can I see your invitation? *Speeding out of nowhere is the robotic thieves*
Shaggy: *disguise as a waiter* Yikes, fast service! *While others didn't realize their own valuable items are taken*

Ivy: *voice only through the walkie talkie* Move fast you guys!
Lee: *voice only through the walkie talkie* Commander, Gannon and I find more around the back.
Ivan: *disguise as a waiter* Great!

Daphne: *disguise as a waitress* Here they come now!
Scooby-Doo: Now!
Scrappy-Doo: Wait, Uncle Scooby! *Too late Scooby start turning on the fire hose*
Zack: *disguise as a waiter* No, Scooby, not now! Oh, man! *The graduate class of 2007 ran out of the reunion along with Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, Jade, Ivan and Zack while Scooby and Scrappy hold the hose together and the robotics thieves...yup the thieves got short circuited again*
Fred: Is everyone alright?
Zack: Yeah, but everybody left the reunion too soon.
Monique: Not exactly, Detective, look at this sack. *And Monique is right the graduate class of 2007 saw familiar to them*
Ron: Well, that's that, Kim!
*Until someone screaming from the inside*
Jonathan: *voice only* A GHOST!!!
Ken: *voice only* HEY, GET OFF OF ME, YOU TWO!!! OOF!!!
Jim/Tim: *voice only* Take that jerk!
Eddie: *voice only* GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CRAZY MUTT!!!
Justin: *voice only* CRAZY FELINES!!!
Kim: Not quite, Ron!

Fifteen minutes later...inside Middleton High School

Barkin: *As Ivy, Lee and Cole shows up with the four thieves all tied up thanks to Jim and Tim using a restrained lasso gun they created * Would someone tell us what's going on before tomorrow's Founder's Day begins.

*As Wade shows up along with James and Ann, Drakken and Shego*
Ann: *to Jim and Tim* Boys, what are you two doing here?
Jim/Tim: Helping out!
James: At your sister's high school reunion?!?!
Jim/Tim: That's right!
Ann: *relieved to Team ACME* I'm glad you brought them in for help!
Ivan: Figure, they didn't have anything to do after doing their own homework.

Wade: Well, we all just solve the Middleton Mystery. *As the ACME Action Team and Rufus reunited with their own owners (Jade's cats [Sam and Socks], Lee's dog and stoat [Reuben and Scout] and Ron high-five Rufus) along with Casper *

Jade: Great job, everyone!
Barkin: I'm glad it's over whoever these guys are goes to jail.
Velma: The first three thieves are easy.
Shaggy: Like ACME knows these three.
Jade: Ken Hartley Reed!
Lee: Fast Eddie B.!
Cole: And Justin Case!
Barkin: At least you know those three what about the last one.

Fred: No need to know.

James and Ann: Jonathan Bragan!
Drakken: Who in this guy?
Velma: A descendant of Calvin Bragan!
Fred: Jonathan knew about what happened to his ancestor before the Mexican Amercian War begin.

Shaggy: Like he hired three men from Carmen Sandiego.
Shego: Let us guess, without her consent.
Jade: Correct, Shego!

Kim: He's the one who stolen Drakken's last scheming project wanted to get his ancestor's revenge.

Daphne: He wanted to get rid of the people of Middleton, by using Justin Case's expertise in accident-related cases by making fake subpoenas against the places in Middleton such as Smarty Mart, the Middleton Space Center and the Middleton Medical Center.
Fred: In other words, he wanted the whole town for himself.

Jonathan: Are you all dumb, meddling kids? I didn't want the town, I want Carmen Sandiego to have it as her new hideout.
Shego: Again, without her consent.
Eddie: We want her to have the whole town without the law and order around.

Scrappy-Doo: Not gonna happen.
Casper: In fact, ACME knew you three left things behind.
Ron: Yeah, a pile of Soldiers of Misfortune magazines at the Stoppable House or a diamond stickpin at Smarty Mart.

Velma: They also stole the prosthetic arms and legs from the Middleton Medical Center.
Ivan: And the Robotic project to Mars at the end of 2025 from the Middleton Space Center to create Syn Bs, a robotic thief before Drakken decide to shred that one to the trash.

Kim: *to Jonathan* I say you'll like your ancestor giving the plans of Middleton to Davis Centerton.
Jonathan: And it would have been law and order free and become Centerton instead, and I would have Carmen Sandiego would have run this town if you detectives, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable would have get in my way.

*As the Middleton Police squad cars came and take Jonathan, Ken, Eddie and Justin*
Barkin: I'm sorry, but you four are going to be sharing cells for now on.

Kim: *voice only* And so, Middleton is back to normal.
Ron: *voice only* And the Founder's Day event went so well the Mayor of Middleton give ACME, the key to the City of Middleton and Kim Possible, a statue of her outside of the Middleton Mall. Too bad they didn't notice me and Rufus.
Kim: *voice only* Ron! Anyway, that's all we know this story.

[End of Chapter Twenty-Five]
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Chapter Twenty-Six: Trick, but no treat.

Inside Yahoot's Van (Three Hours Later)

Drakken: *as Yahoot look into all three laptop computers using his hacking skills* I hope you've found something.
Yahoot: I have, take a look! *Drakken is shocked and surprised at the same time*

In the Dining Room

Team Mega Man/ Team WOOHP/ Team Pokémon/ Team Possible/Team Mario/Team Sonic: Jade is Missing!!!
Ron: Are you sure about this?
Lee: Yes, Ron, we've got to find her. *Until someone opens the door*
Jade: No need to look for me! *Everyone's relieved to see Jade again*

Zack: Whoa, Jade, what happened?
Jade: Let's just say I fell into a trapdoor.
Tyson: Yo! Tell us what happened?
Scrappy-Doo: Yeah, we like to know.
Jade: Alright, I'll tell you!

Fifteen minutes later...

Fred: Are you sure you've found Todd and the Hex Girls?
Jade: Exactly, Fred, those three Phantom Revengers got them and wanted to get rid of Todd and take the Hex Girls with them.
Yahoot: *as he and Drakken came* Indeed they are!
Shego: *to Drakken* What took you so long?
Drakken: Shego, it seems these 'phantom revengers' are going face with their consequences.

Velma: You mean you found some information.
Shaggy: Like this ought to be good. *Everyone is surprised and shocked*

Mario: Mamma Mia!
Sonic: No way!
Lan: That's just wrong!
Mega Man: Indeed, Lan, these crooks won't get away with this.
Count Zap: This is unbelievable!
Mr. Match: Aye! Let's get them back for what they did to all of us.
Maddy: Why don't we set a trap on them?
Clover: I could've agreed more.
Ritchie: Let's do it!
Fred: Alright, here's the plan.

Two Hours later...

Francis: *to Steven and Marvin* Let's hurry and find the will so we find the safe and the fortune at the same time.
Steven: The sooner we get rid of our problem.
Marvin: The better we married the Hex Girls in Niagara Falls instead of Las Vegas.
Francis: Can't wait to have a honeymoon in Maldives with Thorn.
Steven: Punta Cana is my honeymoon with Dusk.
Marvin: I hope Luna doesn't mind for Tuscany instead of Hawaii.

Misty's Psyduck: Psy!
Francis: What's a duck doing here?
Marvin: Who cares, big brother he's dinner! *After he bring out his pocketknife*
Misty's Psyduck: Psy, psy, psy! *And Psyduck ran fast*
Steven: After that duck! *As he, Francis and Marvin chases Psyduck to the kitchen*

Dawn: *quietly to Buneary* Now, Buneary, Ice Beam onto the floor! *Buneary did and the three boys screamed sliding into the pantry closet, Francis uses ice pellets to melt the ice and help his two brothers at the same time*
Clemont's Chespin: Chespin!
Francis: What the...
Clemont's Chespin: *as he shows them a cookie* Chespin!
Steven: Offering us a cookie? Give it to me!

Marvin: No, me!
Francis: I'm the oldest, give it to me!
Steven: Oh yeah, it's mine!
Marvin: No way, it's mine! *Clemont's Chespin is confused who will get a cookie*
Francis: You're on a diet, Marvin!
Marvin: Who cares, brother *to Clemont's Chespin* Give it to me! *Clemont's Chespin decided to eat the cookie anyway* Why you?
Steven: After that creature! *As the boys got out of the pantry closet follow Clemont's Chespin to the hallway*

The Hallway

Francis: I don't know where that creature go but we have no time to scare around here.
Steven: Yeah, Francis, let's check around here.
Marvin: There's nothing in the kitchen anyway.
Francis: Let's split up, Steven...
Steven: Study Room.
Francis: Marvin...
Marvin: The lounge.
Steven: *to Marvin* Just don't be lounging around too long.
Marvin: *as he leaves for the lounge* Yeah, yeah, got it!

Steven: I've figured the library is all yours.
Francis: Naturally, Steven, let's look around those areas. *As he and Steven splits to enter each area they pick on their own*

The Lounge

*Marvin looks around hoping to find a safe*
Marvin: *when he sees a 'bunny rabbit'* Cute! A bunny rabbit, you're good enough for...*the 'bunny rabbit' shows his fangs at Marvin, he screamed out loud as he run out of the lounge and bumps into a 'two-headed chicken' he screamed again and then he saw something in the hallway, a weird, shaped coffin he opened he screamed once again with a vampire rises, he ran*

Casper: *as he appears* Hello!
Marvin: *as he ran through Casper* Get out of the way, kid! *He stopped and came back to Casper* What's the matter, kid, didn't I run you over? Let me see who's under that sheet. *He tried to find out but couldn't* Huh?!?! *He gulped and screamed* A real ghost!!!

The Study Room

*Steven looks around for a safe inside flips the switch for lights however someone flips the switch in the dark*
Steven: *quietly* What the...I better open the curtains for some lights. Until he saw a 'Banshee' and 'Baba Yaga' he screamed so loud came out of the study room and sees a glowing skeleton he screamed and ran*

The library

Francis: Steven, what's the matter with...*as he sees someone reading a book* Hey you with a book, do you know where I can find safe here? Hey, I'm talking to you, *As he grabs a book from someone and then he screamed as he sees 'Slenderman'* Slenderman!!! *Screamed as he ran out of the library and bumped into Steven* Steven!
Steven: No safe in the study room! *Marvin screamed so loud*
Francis/Steven: Marvin! *As they see Marvin getting chased by a pair of zombified mad bulldogs*
Marvin: *yelled* HELP!
Steven: They'll just dogs!
Francis: If I have a couple of bones, they'll...*a 'black cat' came and meowed at Francis and then he screamed* Bad luck, Steven!
Steven: Black cat crossing our path! *They ran and grab Marvin and ran outside all of the sudden they saw a field of zombies coming out of nowhere the three boys screamed so loud they went around the backyard and sees fire out of nowhere and head to the front yard where the police cars show up with the guests showing up*

Guest#1(male): That's them, officer!

Francis: Help us, this house is haunted! Get us outer here!
Jade: In your dreams, boys, you're busted!
Francis/Steven/Marvin: What?!?! But how!
Jade: Let's just say trick, but no treat for you three.
Francis: What, no? *The police officers handcuffed the three boys* But how?

Old Man: *voice only* We did!
Shaggy: *After he saw the old man and the three college students who found Todd and the Hex Girls in the shed* The old man and the three college students, like what's going on here?

[End of Chapter Twenty-Six the conclusion is coming]
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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Schemes Exposes.

Arthur: *as he came as Chief Mitchell along with Bolt* It seems they were after a fortune belonging to Todd's grandparents. *As he removes the Chief Mitchell mask* But no one can find the fortune nowhere.

Fred: Whoa! Who is he?
Jade: He's Arthur Chance, Fred, right hand assistant to the Director of Intelligence at ACME.
Daphne: But who this old man and the three college students!

Mitchell: Perhaps, I can answer that, young lady! *Remove the old man mask* I'm Mitchell, Chief of ACME Midwest, I know Todd's grandfather, Karl Ritter for about twenty years and these girls are really ACME agents from Japan they were here for aid out a case in Walworth for the Kikkoman U.S. Headquarters, the CEO is very concern that someone might put chemicals in their soy sauce.
Jade: I'm glad somebody came to aid us out.

Bolt: It was Chief Mitchell who contact Chief Weller for backup assistance.

Arthur: Jade figured out to help Todd's self-confidence this year and figure the house his grandparents is a brilliant choice for a Halloween Party and telling Chief Mitchell about the new academy for ACME Midwest.

Lee: But afraid to do that on his birthday.
Jade: Because of what happened in his past and I say his cousins never told us at all.
Colin: You got that right, Jade!

Lan: Well, we remember something to do with four newspapers in which each have been solve except one clue for three of the four cases.
Maylu: The birth certificate contains the person's name Evan Ritter, the same birthdate as Todd.
Velma: Todd, care to explain?
Todd: Oh alright, Evan Ritter is really my real name. *Everyone shocked and gasped*
Mitchell: Figure, his brothers were looking for him after he left Boston with his aunt, uncle and cousins took him in Glendale, Wisconsin when Todd was four years old, and his grandfather change his name to Todd Classe, so that way his parents nor his brothers couldn't find him.

Steven: He's the curse of the family.
Audrey: No, he's not, Steven!
Loni: He never causes anything wrong.
Marvin: Think again, he makes you guys success and us, failures.
Ritchie: That's your doing, not Todd's
'Sparky': Pika! (Agree!)
Lan: The first clue was from the Dentech Invasion Case.
Jade: A magnetic business card, it seems Francis is a lawyer.
Scrappy-Doo: But Jade found out he's not.

Jade: Francis turns out to be a used car salesman who rather sell used cars for a higher price and refuse to return the money back to his customers.
Francis: I wanted to be a lawyer prosecuting at the U.S. Supreme Court but it's all his [Todd] fault.
Velma: It's made sense to us, you never gone to any Ivy League Schools.

Samantha: The next clue was from the Blob Trouble Case in New Zealand.
Clover: A copy of a five-star restaurant's menu and a business card to the Mayo Clinic.
Shaggy: Like one of Todd's brothers want to be a doctor there but never made it.
Steven: *to Mystery Inc.* You've got that right you no good meddling losers.
Daphne: The restaurant you work for making the one who are poor end up paying for the rich.
Alex: So, lame and so ridiculous making somebody pay for the meal.

Kim: There weren't clues in London, but there was one clue during the Middleton Founder's Day Mishap case.

Ivy: The clue is from Drakken's former lair.
Jade: A video of a cab driver in New York, thanks to ACME Denver they found out that the cab driver was fired after what he did turns out to be Marvin Ritter.
Fred: I wonder what his dream was before becoming a cab driver.
Marvin: Being a stockbroker on Wall Street.
Zack: Boy, you made rich people paid up for a joyriding tour of the city where they going to their own destination and pick up girls on the street for free.

Velma: *as she shows the last clue* Thanks to Yahoot, he found out the truth in three laptop computers.
Shaggy: Like these are the most important clues.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah, yeah!
Fred: Right, Shaggy, we've found out about Todd's parents died in a car crash four years ago.
Francis/Steven/Marvin: His [Todd] fault!
Lee: No, blame the icy road.
Guest#2(female): *to Francis/Steven/Marvin* You're the ones who ruined the talent show.
Guest#3(male): Making us upset!
Zack: But we also learn that these three boys wanted to marry to the Hex Girls.
Daphne: But the Hex Girls refuse to be with them.

Thorn: You got that right, Daphne, I've never like Francis, Dusk and Luna never like Steven and Marvin, in fact Francis hated the pharmacy my father runs.
Francis: *to The Hex Girls* And we would have been successful and marry you girls instead you three decide to turn us down.
Dusk: We never like you boys!
Francis: *As the cops take him, Steven and Marvin away* And we would've got away with it, if it weren't for the curse [Todd] and his friends as well.


The Next Day

Mitchell: *to Todd* I'm glad you decided to give the estate to us for the brand-new ACME academy in the Midwest.
Todd: I just afraid of telling this last night, but Jade insisted anyway.
Mitchell: Because of your past, right?
Todd: Yes, Chief Mitchell, I was afraid my past will come back to me.
Mitchell: You're not alone at all, people who were born on Halloween are special, overcome shyness and good luck.
Todd: Well not to my parents and brothers I'm bad luck, feeling sad and well curse onto them.
Casper: That's not true, Todd, you are special to everyone.

Mitchell: I talk to the guests of who called the police none of them did.
Casper: I believe someone did and never left a name.

Moe: *voice only* You got that right, Casper!
Lars: *voice only* Exactly, Moe!
Moe: *voice only* We better go before somebody sees us.
Lars: *voice only* Let's go, Boss [Carmen Sandiego] is waiting in Toronto.

[The End]

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