It's All Greek to Lee!


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(I don't own the characters Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy,Cole Gannon,Archie Pelago and Sven Galli whatsoever)
(act one begins)
ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
"It's good be back,ACME!" Jade Ezell said quietly when she and her cat,Sam enter the front door and there stood Spencer Ross,ACME's lab technician.
"Hello Jade!" Spencer said as Sam meowed "It's good to see you too,Sam."
"Hello Spencer!" said Jade "It seems everything changes for the good,the better."
"Yeah lots have change!" said Spencer as he,Jade and Sam walk down the hallway.
"So how is ACME's Informant doing?" Jade asked
"Who Lee? He's doing great except he's no longer an Informant he's now back as Detective under our Director of Operations." Spencer answered
"Oh wow! Can't wait to see him again!" said Jade
While supervising the rookies to the field Lee Jordan decided to go to a tavern for a drink of Mythos (Greek type of beer) just then Jason Argonaut enter the tavern and said to Lee "Lee,I just found out that Carmen Sandiego is not going to take the island of Crete."
"It's a lucky thing you speak Greek,Jason." said Lee
"Runs in my family." Jason said as someone came to Lee and said "It's been a long time,Lee Jordan!"
Lee gasped and Lee turn around and saw..."No!"
"What's the matter,Lee?" Jason asked
"Jason run!" said Lee
"Why?" Jason asked someone snapped the fingers and appearing of henchmen.
"That's why! Round up the others and hurry!" said Lee and Jason did.
(end of act one)
Please note: I created Spencer Ross(male,henna/brown-reddish hair,brown eyes and wears glasses) and Jason Argonaut (I've made the name from Jason and the Argonauts,male,blonde hair and green eyes).
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(act two begins)
ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
The Laboratory
"Careful with that gadget,Maylee." said Cole Gannon to Maylee Young
"I know that Cole!" said Maylee as Jade,Sam and Spencer enter the laboratory.
"Alright what's going on you two?" Spencer asked
"I'm worried Maylee will used the latest gadget by messing up." Cole answered
"I do not." said Maylee
"Did too." said Cole
"Did not." said Maylee
"Did too."
"Alright that's enough you two." said Spencer
"Sorry!" said Cole and Maylee in unison.
"Hey you two!" said Jade.
"Jade!" said Cole
"It's good to see you again,Jade." said Maylee as Sam meowed "And you too,Sam."
"Alright what's the latest gadget from ACME lab?" Jade asked
"It's something for the field,Jade." Cole answered as Maylee shows Jade the latest gadget while sitting down carefully.
"This is called the computerized digital notebook." said Maylee "This contains a digital note pad to take note from the eyewitnesses who saw the crook taking the stolen item and where the crook is heading."
"It also feature a Digital Encyclopedia in which a field agent made look up a definition." said Cole
"And the most important part of all...the digital sketchpad it's better than your ordinary sketchpad which has gender,height,weight,hair color and eye color description and find out who the crook is before sending in the warrant and after bringing the evidence." said Maylee.
"Sounds good to me." said Jade as Spencer came and said "Jade,your padphone is ready and upgraded."
"Wow!" said Jade as Spencer gave her padphone.
As the Crimenet Computer set the alarm...Spencer sees the alert..."It seems there's trouble around Europe...all shall explain at the ACME jet." said Spencer.
"Then let's get going!" said Jade.
Inside the ACME jet...
Archie Pelago appeared on screen..."Miss Ezell,I'm glad you're here."
"You too,Archie where are you?" Jade asked
"In Rome,Italy,Miss Ezell...listen very carefully I want to head for ACME Headquarters in Athens,Greece it's very important." said Archie.
"We're on our way right now!" said Jade as the jet head for Athens.
ACME Headquarters,Athens,Greece
The Interrogation Room
"I'm telling you the truth." said Sven Galli who was brought in for questioning.
"Are you sure about this,Sven?" Ivy Monaghan asked
"I'm positive about this." Sven answered "Miss Sandiego has nothing to do with taking over the island of Crete or kidnapping one of your rookies."
"Well one of our rookies inform us that Detective Jordan disappeared." said Chase Devineaux.
"I told you I have nothing to do with this." said Sven.
"*sighed* We'll let you off the hook this time,Sven until further notice." said Chase as Sven stands up and said "Thank you so much!"
"We'll escort you out!" said Ivy as she and Chase escorted Sven out...
Three hours later...
Jade,Sam,Cole and Maylee came inside ACME Headquarters..."Jason!" said Jade
"Jade,Cole,Maylee it's good to see you three." said Jason and Sam meowed "Same goes to you,Sam."
"You don't sound too happy,Jason!" said Jade
"It's true,Jade!" said Jason.
At the Conference Room...
While Sam is staying put at the front desk...Chase and Ivy shows Jade,Cole and Maylee what's inside the evidence bag...Jade gasped and said "Oh no! Lee's choker,what happened to him?"
"It happened at a tavern in Santorini while finding out what Carmen Sandiego is up to with the island of Crete after I informed Lee some creep got him after I round up the other rookies for help but we were too late." said Jason as Jade broke down in tears as she take off her glasses and grab her tissue out of her bag...Sam meowed so loud Chase came out of the conference room and said to Sam "What's the matter,Sam?" Sam shows Chase a note which said...Ask anybody about the person who grab Lee Jordan in Santorini you'll soon find out the answer...Hugo.
(end of act two)
Please note again: I also created Maylee Young (female,dark brown hair and brown eyes who is a tomboy,knows Kung Fu,Tai Chi and Table Tennis),Archie Pelago and Sven Galli (are from the Carmen Sandiego computer game series and appeared in the Carmen Tapes and I mean who I'm talking about.)
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(act three begins)
Jade and Cole stays at headquarters while Ivy,Chase,Maylee and Jason are getting information about the crook and what happened to Lee...luckily for Jason and Maylee talk to the tourist who was in Santorini at the scene of the crime.
ACME Headquarters,Athens,Greece
an old man entered the front door and then Sam meowed so loud Cole and Jade ran and found the old man and said "goodbye!" and he ran.
"Sam,who was that old man?" Jade asked as Sam shows what left at the front envelope when Ivy,Chase,Jason and Maylee (right after she sends in the description of the suspect from using the digital sketchpad.)"Gannon,Jade,What happened?" Chase asked
"Who ever this old man is he sure left in a hurry." Jade answered as Cole gave Chase the envelope.
The Conference Room
"We've found who were looking for...the suspect's name is Matt Conner." said Maylee
"Who is he?" Jade asked
"I have no idea it said there's no file in the ACME hall of records."
"But this envelope contains something important." said Chase as he opened the envelope and saw a note and a card.
"That doesn't look like a credit card to us." said Maylee
"No it's a hotel key card!" said Ivy
"And it belong to...Hotel Apollo!" said Jade
"To find the file of the person who kidnapped Lee that key will lead you straight to the answered but beware of a trap...Hugo." said Chase who was reading the note.
"Then that means the old man is Hugo." said Jade
Hotel Apollo,Athens,Greece
"Jade,Ivy you two come with me." said Chase "While the rest of you stay here."
"And includes you,Sam because this hotel doesn't accepted pets." said Jade as she,Chase and Ivy enter the hotel.
Matt Conner's hotel room...After Chase uses the hotel key card 'Hugo' gave ACME they searched the room and Jade found something real important..."Chase,Ivy ,I've found a file and it stamped 'ACME' on it." said Jade as the door get locked that by itself. "What the...Chase,Ivy the door."
someone laughed as Jade,Chase and Ivy turn around and saw a man with dark blonde hair and light gray eyes. "Well,well it seems ACME has come in just in time." the man said
"Are you Matt Conner by any chance?" Jade asked
"Of course." the man answered
"We have a warrant for your arrest." said Ivy.
"Where's Detective Jordan?" Chase asked
"My men are going after him for what he did to me." Matt answered
"What did Lee done to you?" Jade asked
"He cost my job as an ACME agent I warn him to get outer my may have gotten the file but you won't bringing long." said Matt as he jumped out of the window and airlock the window to trap Jade,Chase and Ivy in...Jade smell something and said while covering her mouth "Chase,Ivy don't breath the air conditioner it's gas."
outside the hotel
"What's taking the others so long?" Jason asked
"I don't know." said Cole "And I don't like it."
"We better help them." said Maylee as she,Cole and Jason ran inside the hotel.
Jade,Chase and Ivy can't hold on their own breath much longer until the window is open automatically open..."What the...the window it opened." said Ivy as Jade saw who help them thanks to Sam's meow..."Hugo." said Jade quietly.
ACME Headquarters,Athens,Greece
"Thanks for your help,Hugo we truly appreciated." said Ivy while she,Jade,Chase are thanking 'Hugo' for saving their own lives
"You're welcome,Commander Monaghan!" said 'Hugo'
"Wait a minute,how did you know me?" Ivy asked all the sudden a blast came from the back of the wall and there was Matt and he said to 'Hugo' "Gotcha at last!" just then Sam jumped unto Matt and used his claws to smack him when Cole Maylee and Jason came "Stupid cat!" Matt said as Jason handcuffed him while Sam jumped to the table.
"Alright Conner,last chance where is Detective Jordan?" Chase asked
"Ask 'Hugo' there's a reason why." Matt answered as 'Hugo' reveled himself...Jade gasped and said quietly "Lee!" and she was right it is Lee Jordan and Lee explained "I was Matt's partner when I was a rookie he never listen to me at all he's so arrogant and he mess up badly and that's why Matt is no longer an ACME agent thirteen years ago." Jade opened Matt's profile Lee is right all along so Jason and Cole take Matt away.
San Francisco,CA,USA
two weeks later after Matt was send to jail...
Jade came to Fisherman's wharf not only to see Lee but the sunset as well..."I've figure your cat didn't come with you." said Lee
"He's staying with my mother as always." said Jade "Did the choker fit you well after its fixed?"
"Oh yeah! It sure does." Lee answered
"It's good to see you again,Lee and by the way congratulations I'm very proud of you." said Jade as the sunsets and of course another adventure to come.
(end of act three)
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