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Hello Jason. Well..Ivy seems to think it's a prob with the technology..but you seem to be saying it's "operator error." Not that I'm criticizing exactly...I've had a few of those kind of "errors" myself. LOL!! Or a case of feline computeris interruptus (where the cat who was happily sleeping in your lap 2 seconds ago, wakes up, and runs across your computer keyboard!! LOL!!) which is another reason I don't have pets here, or at my office in New York. Pets are such a big responsibility, and as ACME agent, you either have to leave at a moment's notice, or be gone for a really long time. It doesn't seem fair. So all my beloved pets are at home in Ohio, where my family takes care of them. And considering all the narrow escapes Zack & Ivy have made in potentially dangerous situations, trying to catch Carmen, maybe it's a good idea to "Ivy proof" the communicators after all. Good luck!! ;)

Jason West

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@Julie Justice @Ivy has a tendency to be rather tough on electronics so I have built a prototype that Ivy has been testing to see if it will withstand everything she can throw at it.
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Hello Jason. So..if you're designing the "prototype" for Ivy..does that mean it's only for her, or will other agents be allowed to have the "Ivy Communicator" when you're done? !! :)
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Hello Jason. I'm sorry, for some reason, I just saw your last message today. That's good news. I look forward to trying it. :)


ACME Canine Unit
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Alice, Luce, Lulu
-First aide kit
- change of clothes (2 pairs)
-a communicator
-cell phone
-extra batteries
-water bottle
-compass for back up
-flare gun


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Ivory, Victorique, V
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Ideal bag: AKA Large Ass Duffle:
-Identification, both false and legal
-tactical tools (knife multitool, spnork, barrettes,)
-brass knuckles, taser, revolver
-emergency money (in at least 3-5 different currencies. Primarily local currency.)
-5 ACME communicators
-First aid. Big one. With anti venin and different treatments for anything that may be encountered in the field. Plus one bottle of medical grade alcohol and one bottle of hydrogen peroxide
-MREs. The self heating kind. Preferably vegetarian because you never know when you're gonna have an adverse reaction to meat or have to share a meal with someone who can't have meat.
Sometimes the meat ones just aren't that good. :/
-Spare civvies
-Lock pick kit
-Self tightening handcuffs, tactical handcuffs, electronic handcuffs, and ziptie handcuffs
-Wire cutter for aforementioned ziptie (and perhaps wire)
- Emergency crime scene kit
-emergency road kit (contents vary by kit but may include insulated foil blanket and road and signal flares)
-satellite laptop, solar charger hookup, extra laptop batteries?????, cellphone, cellphone charger
-small led flashlight, regular flashlight with uv mode, big af/mountable/several thousand lumens flashlight for emergency usage at night
-notebook, permanent markers, pencils, pen
-notebook with business cards, contact information, organization contact info, insurance info

((In my school bag, I keep a small metal canister with medical supplies (my emergency medication, nausea and anti diarrhea meds/ pepto, earplugs, Band-Aids when I can get my hands on them, and occasionally pain meds), a multitool pen, a bag with necessary toiletries (lip balm, face moisturizer, makeup remover, lipgloss, mascara remover that doubles as a eyelash conditioner, aloe gel, and anti itch gel) , a screw top tub of lotion rather than a squeeze tube (too many incidents), a mini constitution, gum, a notebook, and permanent markers. I really want one of those tactical barrettes with the bottle cap opener and saw edge))

Jon Eckart

ACME detective
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Jon, Jonny, J (single letter), JE (pronounced 'G')
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(OOC: Hopefully, this isn't too extensive or outrageous... though I'm open to editing anything that isn't reasonable)
EDC on person (on or off the clock):

-Gerber multi-tool
-LED AA flashlight
-Wallet with regular ID and personal bank card, usually $200 cash (most of it in hidden pockets in the wallet), Ham radio license, ACME ID and business cards (the ACME ID and cards have their own two-pocket wallet like the F.B.I has), insurance information
-Normal keys (apartment, car, storage unit, locker at ACME, gun case), mini Gerber on keychain
-Hard-shell glasses case
-Belt mounted cellphone holder, cell phone
-Cigarettes and lighter
-Wrist-mounted “Ivy proof” communicator
-Wristwatch (not a smartwatch): has built-in compass, barometer, moon-phase computer, radio-controlled time setting, solar-powered rechargeable battery

Normal backpack (messenger bag-type backpack) (out and about):

-Laptop (fully encrypted hard drive prior to ACME)
-Extra batteries for flashlight and cellphone
-Small first-aid kit (various band-aids, antiseptic ointment, Ace bandages, chemical cold packs, butterfly sutures, Epi-Pen)
-Skateboard (straps to outside of backpack), skateboard tools and parts stored inside
-Pair of Bluetooth earbuds
-Spare money in hidden compartment (about $200)
-Spare civilian clothes (one pair)
-A notebook with several pens
-One each: bottle of water, bottle of pop
-Several thumb drives
-Extra pack of cigarettes

Mission backpack (backpack is customized with easily accessed pockets for the commonly used things that can be gotten to without taking it off):

-Tablet computer loaded with various hacking programs, long-life battery
-Cables for connecting tablet to nearly anything
-2 spare communicators (one with wrist strap)
-Extra batteries for flashlights and cellphone
-Extra flashlight
-Basic electronics toolkit, including: jumper wires, propane soldering iron, solder, various components, mini-screwdrivers (Philips, flat, torx, various security bits), wire cutters and strippers, electrical tape
-Spare civilian clothes (two pair)
-Semi-advanced first aid kit (everything from small first aid kit, also: bullet removing kit, suture kit, various painkillers, antibiotics, Epi-Pen, fast-acting anesthesia)
-Various candies and snacks
-A couple MREs, thermos of coffee, stack of coffee cups (also a couple chemical heat sources if more coffee is needed, along with jar of instant coffee)
- Few bottles of water
-Weather-proof MIL-spec ham radio with extra batteries, pre-programmed with all emergency service bands (sits at desk on a charger and has another charger at home, ready to go on short notice), hands-free headset
-Two notebooks, handful of pens
-Digital camera with various modes (natural light, standard flash, modified with IR, UV, night vision), extra memory cards
-Sleeping bag and pillow (only if needed for longer missions, typically kept in trunk of car)
-Water purification tablets
-Passport and VISA
-Ballchain (10 meters of heavy duty), Duct tape
-Trip wire, bolos
-Grappling hook and climbing gear, about a one hundred-fifty feet of rope on hook
-Copies of any paperwork that might be needed in the field
-Several thumb drives with hacking programs and operating systems
-Various hand tools that might be needed (individual tools can be swapped out at desk for others)
-Nicotine patches, gum (full strength, for use during mission) (and a pack of cigs for after successful mission), spare lighter and two books of matches
-Agency expense card (if it doesn’t have a receipt and a reason for getting it, it comes out of paycheck)
-Selectable regular or night-vision binoculars, high-powered

Mission-specific EDC:

-Two pair of double-locking handcuffs in a silent bikini-style holster, handful of ziptie handcuffs
-Asp, belt case for it
-Ball-chain (about 3 meters)
-Insurance information for the Agency (in case anything gets damaged during a mission) (card sits in agency ID wallet)
-Holster for ham radio

Bug-out bag (kept in trunk of car, along with two filled 1.5 gallon gas cans) (can be used for long-term missions if needed):

-Sleeping bag (when not needed for mission)
-MREs (at least two weeks’ worth), basic spices and seasonings
-Shotgun with several boxes of ammo, and a decent scope, has a sniper scope in a storage box (can be brought on missions if no other option)
-Firestarter, zip-lock bag of tinder
-Hunting knife, sharpener
-Case of water
-Toiletries (biodegradable personal hygiene things; toilet paper, toothpaste, soap)
-Snare wire
-Several changes of clothes, pair of hiking boots
-Orienteering compass
-Case of water purification tablets
-Collapsible fishing pole, tackle and bobbers, artificial bait, extra line
-Foldable shovel
-A couple towels


-Docking station for Ham radio (connects to laptop or computer for updating channels); second docking station at home
-Star Trek Captain Spock quotation coffee mug “Insufficient facts always invite danger.”
-Custom docking port for laptop (charger, 2x built-in USB hubs, output for a second and even third monitor using a video adapter in the dock, additional cooling, an additional encrypted hard drive, one extra monitor (for now), extra RAM… docking station connects through all existing ports
-Chargers for all batteries
-Baskets for papers, pen holder, a cactus that won’t die (rumor says the cactus has been there for fifteen years), pens in pen holder, a pencil sharpener that someone tried to sharpen a pen with, various file folders in drawers, name plate that someone randomly stands in odd positions
-A 3-sided cube (great for starting debates and the occasional argument) (it’s not metal, plastic, or wood, either)
-Wireless charger for ear buds (second charger at home)


-An old leather bomber jacket with enough pockets for carrying stuff in case the backpack is too bulky (or if it’s chilly out) (jacket kept in locker)
-Hip gun holster (only if needed), Spare magazines for gun (only if needed), sidearm is triple-locked in locker (biometric case is first to be opened, key-locked case is inside biometric case, gun and holster inside key-locked case, trigger has a trigger lock)

Jon’s idea is that he won’t stand out as being anyone in particular (plain-clothes camouflage can be a big strength if needed), and can be ready for most things at a moment’s notice. The mission backpack and mission EDC (aside from ACME badge) is stored in his locker, and the backpacks get swapped out when heading out in the field). The car is usually parked at ACME, with the skateboard being used to get between home and the agency usually. Jon has two umbrellas; one stored in his locker, and another in his EDC backpack.

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