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Jason West

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(I know Jason West keeps a Ready Bag that has everything he would need in the event of a last minute mission.) If you were to keep a Ready Bag or create a Ready Bag, what would yours contain that would be helpful no matter what the mission was?

Jason West

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Mine contains a laptop, cables and scanners of multiple varieties, three pistols with ammunition for each, spare parts for my laptop, spare mics for communicators, 2 spare communicators, 2 changes of clothes, and a rifle with ammunition.


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I got a leather messenger bag. It's not so much a ready-bag as as any everyday bag.

Contents: Laptop, cell phone, chargers, extra batteries + power, current language book (whatever I'm learning at the time), 1 blue pen, 1 red pen, 1 Moleskine Notebook, medication, extra tie, hairspray, breath mints and/or gum, water bottle, chapstick, passport, security clearances, multitool.

Nace Bilby

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I generally carry the following, in a green backpack, my old South African Army backpack in fact. My old partner used to joke that I was ready for World War III with this one:

Water bottle with built in purifier
150 rounds of .303 British ammo for the Enfield
150 rounds of 9mm ammo and the Spanish Star 9mm pistol
Digital Camera with telephoto lens
Green engineering graph paper (great for reconnaissance sketches)
Sleeping bag
Change of socks
Cold weather gear
Wet weather gear


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While I am using in the lab where most items are stored neatly, this is what I have in my Field Case in the rare events that we (lab rats) are called out.

It is a hard rubber coated aluminium box with several pull out bins, for carrying I keep it in a softer duffel-type bag. I am usually brought in for trace evidence gathering and so my kit is tailored to that.

ACME Communicator - With high powered camera and all loaded company applications

1 - Streamlight 88040 ProTac High Lumen Flash Light
1 - ORION-LIGHT 455nm LED Light Source (for fluorescence)
1 - Orange goggles
2 - Dust masks
1 - HEPA Respirator
1 - Utility Knife
1 - Pair of stainless steel tweezers
1 - 25" Steel measuring tape
1 - Roll of yellow ACME CRIME SCENE tape in square tape dispenser
10 - Pairs of disposable Nirile Gloves
1 - Pair of 2.5mm thick rubber gloves
1 - Black Sharpie Marker
1 - Unscented Alcohol Hand Spray
1 - Stack of ACME Evidence sticker/cards
1 - Box of white/yellow/blue chalk

For DNA and Trace Kit
20 - Sterile cotton swabs
20 - PVC Swab boxes
20 - ACME Swab Box Strips & labels
20 - Wooden Sterile Cotton Swabs
10 - Adjustable Evidence Tubes
20 - 3ml Sterile Water Ampules
20 - ACME Evidence White Paper Envelopes
20 - ACME Glassine Evidence Envelopes
20 - Red Evidence Strips
20 - Biohazard Labels
15 - Hemastix Blood Tests
3 - Presumptive Semen Tests
1 - Sterile Scalpels
5 - Plastic Tweezers
1 - Fluorescent 6" Scale
1 - Fluorescent Photomacrographic Scale
1- 2 oz. Spray Bottle Lumiol
1- 1.5 oz. Enzyme Primer
1- 1.5 oz. Spray Bottle Bleach

Small Particle Reagent Kit
20 - 3" x 5" White Backing Cards
20 - White 2" Adhesive Scales
1 - White 6" Magnetic Scale
1 - 2 oz. S.P.R. Spray Bottle
1 - Rinsing Bottle with distiled water
1 - 2" Clear Lifting Tape in a Dispenser

Tiny Finger Print Kit
1 - Black Magnetic Powder for finger prints
1 - White Magnetic Powder
1 - Magnetic Powder applicator
1 - Finger Print tape pads & backing Cards

Joe Kerr

VILE Trickster
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If I were to have a ready bag, it'd be a small sports bag. In the bag would be the following:

- A change of civilian attire (never know when you need to lay low)

- An Italian Passport with various VISAs (for emergency use only. Normally VILE agents prefer flying on private VILE jets - no need for passports)

- VILE communicator (Works in any country, excellent reception, smarter than any smart phone, super long lasting batteries)

- VISA card (we don't always steal)

- Six knock out gas grenades (just in case)

- A good book to read (why not?)

Any other thing that might be needed can be found in one of the many VILE safe houses located...wait a minute...shutting up now! :oops:


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My ready bag would contain:

Medical supplies:
ACME Communicator.
Medical Center protocols and list of standing orders.
Water bottles.
Size small, non-latex gloves.
Alcohol swabs.
Hand antiseptic.
Packages of sterile gauze.
LED penlight.
Bandage scissors.
Blood pressure cuff.
IV start kits w/ some tubing.
Endotracheal tube.
Some form of epinephrine.
Defibrillator, type depending on situation. Often an AED as it is small and easy to use in many cases.

Multi-purpose taser.
Pepper spray.

Makeup kit with small mirror.
Hair clips.
Hand lotion.
Smartphone with camera.
MP3 player with headphones.
Extra blouse.
ACME ID card.
Personal hygiene kit.

I think, at this point, that covers everything, but most likely I left something out.
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Hello everyone.

As I've said before, when I know I'm going to be working..or think that I might be..I'm all business.

My Ready Bag is a sturdy canvas bag, with 2 flat handles, 8 inches deep, with wrap-around snap closure
removable canvas shoulder strap, with removable shoulder pad
1 interior zip-pocket, 2 open accessory pulls
garment hooks to secure clothing; fully lined
4 support studs on bottom
2 in-line skate wheels for easy rolling. Color: Tan

I bring enough ACME uniforms so that I can change everyday, without having to do laundry. A plain ladies wicking "Polo" type shirt, 100% pique knit, with anti-bacterial treatment, that fights odors. Long or short sleeve, depending on the weather. And tan "cargo" style pants or Bermuda-type shorts, with plenty of pockets. An extra pair of sensible yet stylish waking shoes. I also like to bring one "outfit" that would help me "blend in" amongst the "local" population wherever I am, because that is the best way to learn the kind of information that people wouldn't tell you if they knew you were an ACME Agent, but that isn't always possible, since you could be headed ANYWHERE at moment's notice.

I also bring my laptop, cell phone, and small notebook with a pad or pencil. I also carry my purse (Wilson's Leather Tahoe Cross-Body Bag) at all times, which has my wallet (Wilson Faux Leather Wallet) which always my ACME ID (and other IDs, if needed) cell phone, a small amount of $$$$ (or other currency) and business cards with my name and contact info, to give to other law-enforcement officers, agencies or witnesses. :)
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My ready bag would include a change of clothes, a flash light, hand cuffs, tactical knife and the ACME Communicator (preferably the new version that doesn't break every 2 days.)
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I agree, those are all good things to have. Those little LED flashlights are awesome, aren't they? !! ;) As for the ACME communicators that break down every 2 days..just as with everything that is supposed to be "hingh-tech" you end up loving it..and hating it, too..don't you? !! LOL!! :)

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