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I see a little bit of both. I think that modern technology would be a detriment to older style game shows like the Carmen Sandiego style game shows but has also given way to a new style of shows. Sometimes however modern technology produces wrong answers and forces one to research things using tried and proven methods.
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Hello everyone.

Yes, I as an "old" young person, I remember the original generation of video games that you're talking about (although I did not know about the original "Carmen Sandiego" games back then). I have to admit, I did like those games back then, because not only was the premise of the games fairly simple, but the controller to operate the games (usually a joystick; at least it was for the Atari) was simple too, which was a big plus for someone (like me) who has a slight problem (IRL) with their fine-motor skills. I don't really think that there was anything wrong with the "special effects" (or lack thereof) when the games were made into game-shows; they were just staying true to the style of those games. For example, I think the "postering" effect used on WiTiCS? (where the actor was dressed as "Carmen" or one the thieves, and then photographed, with some of the details "blurred" a little, to make the character seem more "realistic" and yet, still "animated" at the the same time) was quite sophisticated, although, kids today might not think so, considering what the graphics in video games today are like. Perhaps that is part of the reason for the delay in reviving the WitWiCS? and WiTiCS? game-shows (or maybe it is just the excuse that someone would give you, if you asked them ;) ).

And as someone who did a lot research the old-fashioned way, going to the library, looking things up, ad writing things down, when computers were for saving, writing, editing, (and if you were lucky) printing information, I can say with 100% certainty, that having the convenience and (relative) ease to access of the internet that most people now do, we have really sacrificed the accuracy of information a lot of the time, which is important when you are looking up the answers to questions about geography, history, and science. It is true that a lot the answers to those questions may have become outdated since the original "Carmen Sandiego" games were made, and when the game-shows (WitWiCS? and WiTiCS?) were originally on the air; but at least you knew where the information was coming from, if you really wanted to refute/dispute it: National Geographic World Magazine and Encyclopedia Britainica, etc. Whereas today, it is so easy to find the answer to any question that you want; and the answer might vary greatly, depending on the way you phrase the question; but it is so hard to know which answer is the best, unless you actually write down and look up each individual source where the information came from. Because, as we know, everything on the internet lives forever...including inaccuracy. :)

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