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(I don't own the character the Chief whatsoever and no this isn't part of the Interview by Invader just so everyone knows)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Chief's office

*Someone knocking on the Chief*

The Chief (Dr. Weller): Come in!

*Jade entered his office*

Jade: You want to see me,Chief?

Chief: Absolutely! (and Jade's cat,Sam jumped unto to his lap) That includes you,Sam! (the Chief scratched Sam's ears)

*Jade closes the door*

Chief: Miss Ezell, ACME learns there's a rumor that you might be consider part of ACME is that true?
Jade: It is,Chief.
Chief: Well,that's what I see myself,Mr.Devineaux and Mr. Nakamura knew you got potential and you have knowledge.
Jade: You think I can start out as a rookie?
Chief: I'm not finish with my sentence,Miss Ezell.
Jade: Sorry,Chief!
Chief: It's alright may I continue?
Jade: Yes sir!

Chief: Miss Ezell,last night we have a meeting along with other staffs here at ACME (which doesn't includes Archie Pelago and Bolt Upright,right hand assistants to the Chief and the Director of Operations) after the monthly meeting all three of us felt that you are the one to enter in the field and as you said 'start out as a rookie'...*sighed* you want to hear the good news...(Jade nodded her head) good because there is none.

Jade:What?!?! (as Sam jump off the Chief's lap)

Chief: It's true,Miss Ezell me,Mr. Devineaux and Mr. Nakamura were upset because the other staffs feel that you're not good enough they knew about what happened in the 1990's.

Jade: It's true,Chief but now I'm a grow up now I'm independent and I wanted to become an ACME agent for so long.

Chief: Miss Ezell,although it is hard for you...but you stood for ACME and you show respect,honor and responsibility...therefore I got something to give you. *the Chief opens the drawer and took out a silver star and show it to Jade* like the Honorary Badge this is called the Detective Volunteer badge for your efforts to stop crime you still an ACME agent at heart but keep going to reach your goal...Congratulations,Miss Ezell! (He gave Jade the badge)
Jade: Thank you,Chief!
Chief: Before you leave may I ask you some personal questions?
Jade: of course I love to answers personal questions. (Sam purred and walk around Jade's legs)

Chief: What is your favorite color?
Jade: Blue I like pure and medium.
Chief: What is your favorite food?
Jade: Anything ethnic and do as a dietitian wants me to do make a dinner plate start with protein,grain,vegetables,fruit and dairy to drink...or better yet a glass of water. (the Chief' was surprise with Jade's answer)
Chief: What is your favorite genre of books?
Jade: Non-fiction books because it makes me smart.
Chief: Amazing!
Jade: Huh?!?!
Chief: What's wrong?
Jade: Somebody is eavesdropping *Jade stands up and hit the door with her hand*
?: OW!
Chief: Mr. Jordan I presume?
Jade: It's him alright *someone dragged Lee Jordan away outside of the Chief's door*

After the interview with the Chief is over and apologize to Lee as well..Jade and Sam C-5 themselves home.

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