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little red riding hood ? v.i.l.e.
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Little red riding hood
Little carmen
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March 13. Unknown time of night

I am suppose to be in my bed all tucked in and safe and sound.
However I am not and I am hiding in the vents because I do not want to go to sleep after this frightful day.

The vents aren’t as dusty as one would assume.
A nice amount of air blows through keeping me cool.

I don’t like it went the heater is on. That cooks me alive

I sit upright munching on some oreos
I stole from the cookie jar.

I am trying to forget that scary monster I saw in the closet today.

It was tall, rough, cruel, and painfully loud and I wasn’t even curious enough to explore what ever that monster really was.

I fell In gym class and cut my knee on a shard of glass.

So hiding in the vents hides bandaged knee.

I might sleep here tonight
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