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Continuing our tradition from last year, but this time we're doing it on the Forums instead of chat. This is the sign up form for the Christmas Gift Exchange a.k.a. Secret Santa.

How to Play:

1) Sign up below if you want to be part of it.
2) I will Private Message you telling who you are giving a gift to. Keep this secret until Christmas.
3) Post what your character gives that character in the Secret Santa thread. This is an in character gift, meaning you only have to describe what it is you give them. (Hopefully, something nice!)

Simple, just give something logical. If your character is not a millionaire, don't give away diamonds and fancy cars. Do something they would be logically able to do.

Sign ups end: December 12, 2014. I will private message each of you on December 13th, 2014. Gifts should be posted on December 25th, onward (depending on your timezone.) There will be a special thread for it.

If you are not able to post, let me know ahead of time. I can either post your gift for you on Christmas, or the person will receive a random gift.

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All right guys, I'm in.


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I don't know about this one why? Is it like 'white elephant'? Otherwise I might mess up this one I'll just watch until then I'll keep writing my stories.
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