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We're going to be playing a form of RP game for this Halloween's chat session. The idea comes from those Mystery Dinner Theaters around the world, we're going to call it our 'Improv Theater' for reference. It will take place in the chat box.

So far, here are the concepts:
  1. Players are divided into two teams, "Actors" and "Audience"
  2. Actors are selected either by volunteers or by numbers randomly drawn by the dice engine.
  3. The Actors decide on a theme, for example, "1930s."
  4. Actors and Audiences all choose a character to play, original or fan-based.
  5. Actors know the story and will drive the plot.
  6. Audiences are there to enjoy and be entertained, your lack of knowledge of the plot will help make it fun for the actors.
We're thinking of 50/50 Actors and Audiences for now. If this works well, we'll continue to build on it, and have a more scheduled playtimes.

This section will be updated as we go along. Thanks for reading.

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