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[The following is a comprehensive guide on how to use the wiki for this website. It is currently incomplete but will be updated regularly.]​

The Wiki is used to keep esoteric information about our The Elusive Carmen Sandiego's Canon Universe. It's main purpose is to keep a detailed record for canon role plays, as well as provide new members with any information they may require about this world and its characters.

Table of Contents

1. Creating an Orignal Character Page
2. Creating a Role Play Page


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Iv', Ives
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1. Creating an Original Character Page
Advanced Role Players may wish to create a character page. This page's purpose to provide comprehensive character information that does not fit into your the usual required character profile fields, including things such as historical information, family members and military training.

Your character page in the Wiki will also be used to track Canon progress throughout various Role Playing Threads. It can also record your relationships based on interactions with other players.

Step 1:
As a registered user, go to the Wiki and select Create New Page. (This is located on the top menu next to 'recent activity')

Your page name should be the name your character uses as their username on the site. For example: Vic-the-Slick will register the page "Vic-the-Slick", and not "Vincent Fumagalli"

Step 2:
Copy and Paste the following template into your profile:

| IMG =  {{{URL of your profile image without the "http://" part}}}
| NAME = {{{FULL NAME}}}
| Organization = {{{ACME or VILE?}}}
| Occupation = {{{OCCUPATION}}}
| Gender = {{{MALE or FEMALE}}}
| Birthday = {{{Day, Month, Year}}}
| Physique = {{{Same as Profile}}}
| Height = {{{Same as Profile}}}
| Weight = {{{Same as Profile}}}
| Eyes = {{{Same as Profile}}}
| Hair = {{{Same as Profile}}}
| Features = {{{Unique Features}}}
| Birthplace = {{{Birthplace}}}
| Nationality = {{{Nationality}}}
| Family = {{{Immediate Family}}}
Write a quote for your character here.
[h3]Medium of Means[/h3]
[h2]RP History[/h2]
Step 3:
Fill in all the blanks between where the {{{ }}} marks are. Try to keep this consistent with your profile page.

[fieldset=Notes|80](a)The quote should be a character quote. If your information is incomplete, you may also announce it here.

(b)You may choose to add or remove the content headings to your leisure. Just use good sense when writing.

(c)Always 'Preivew' before you publish.[/fieldset]
Step 4:
Ensure that the following options are as below:
Parent Node : Original Character
Redirect : (unspecified)

Click on 'Create New Page'. Then you are good to go!
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Known Aliases
Iv', Ives
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2. Creating a Role Play Page
Role Play (RP) Pages are used to give a brief overview of an ongoing or finished role playing thread. The goal of this is to have a quick page for players and new members to look up vital information without needing to read through the entire RP thread.

This is the current format (subject to change):

[b]RP: {{{enter the RP title here}}}[/b]
Link to Thread: {{{Copy nad Paste the thread URL}}}
{{{write a brief overview of the plot}}}
{{list any ACME characters}}}
{{list any VILE characters}}}
{{list any locations used in the RP}}}

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