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Contents in the Character Building forum is intended to help you build your new or existing characters.

Acceptable Character Building:
  • Character Questions (i.e. "Your character's favorite color?")
  • Theoretical Questions (i.e. "If your character can destroy the world with a red button, would they press it?")
  • Other Character-Building excercises (to be determined.)
Participation is voluntary, but fully encouraged.
Not open for further replies.

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Omar wrote on Shada Steele's profile.
Oh, a fellow parkour junkie. I think this might be fun, no matter what side you end up going with.
Charlet wrote on Shada Steele's profile.
Yay my big sister
Chase wrote on Contessa's profile.
I find it suspicious that all the 'Happy Birthday Contessa' wishes are coming from ACME agents...

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