How many American/European cities can you name?

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These came across my Twitter, and I figure they're relevant to our collective interests:
How many U.S. cities can you name?
How many European cities can you name?

Here's my first result for the Europe one from a few days ago, and my second from just now, having done that one, looked up cities that were on the tip of my tongue afterward, and played a great deal of Carmen tonight. And my result for the US.

Share yours! Let's all come together to bang our heads over the ones we forget.

Odessa, Greece and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Good grief. And SOFIA, BULGARIA of all cities. How did I forget that one TWICE?!

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How many European cities can you name? and How many U.S. cities can you name?

Sigh my random wandering has served me too well. I named as many cities as I could in Europe,

however... America is a very strange country and I'm sure the people who named certain cities on the

list had their... reasons. First I started naming cities that I could think of, and then

sports teams... and then colleges... and then I decided what the heck it's America and started guessing

names... And in doing so I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Though I should have stopped at

Chicken City... Lily City is the cutest one however since its the baby city of the list only four people live


I can't imagine @Julie Justice living anywhere but Justice City in lore now.

Really wasn't expecting Ball City to be a thing, but I wasn't surprised when it registered since all

the other things I put in worked. Though of course I guess I could have kept going but I had to stop at the final city. You'll be able to guess why if you look at the US link I posted. :cool:
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