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Anya white was the harshest and coldest detective at acme.
She wasn't always this shut-in herself; the unsolved murder of a childhood friend hardened her heart.

Little did she know; that friend was very much alive.
I'm that friend and honestly wish I could break into her room and say I'm alive.
If I tried that trick, I would end up in my prison cell

You see, we went to a boarding school for ballet and magic together as kids.

I was an aspiring magician; she was the elegant ballerina, all dressed in white.

Ballet is like a perfectly planned heist; each step perfectly timed to prevent accidentally ruining the masterpiece you swipe off its pedestal.

that reminds me of when I first saw little Anya
she was in her class practicing her role as Odette.
She wore a real smile across her face.

To be completely honest about it. I never meant to be spying on the ballet.

I escaped the headmaster's sight; I was in trouble for stealing a white swan costume from the ballet department.

Anya caught me staring in the mirror's reflection.
The smile on her face vanished as she noticed my attire.

"you stole my costume," She exclaimed with a heavy sigh.

"I didn't know it belonged to you, miss," I replied while holding my laughter inside.

"what are you, Odile?" She teased me with a cocky smile.

"my name isn't Odile." I corrected her

"you don't know a thing about swan lake, do you?" She questioned as she moved towards me quickly.

I quickly walked backward because I was afraid she was going to drag me to the headmaster.

"you are graceful; you might as well join us if you want to escape expulsion!" Anya mocked me.

I wasn't aware the headmaster was behind us;
She saved my hide that day; in exchange for someone to be Odile to the upcoming performance of the swan lake.

I learned there was more to life than pulling rabbits out of hats.

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