Flashbacks and Midnight Wanderings

Pitya Ivyr

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October - Flashbacks and Midnight Wanderings

I remember every night as clear as crystal. The accident, the pain, and the journey I was embarking on. As I lay in bed at night, my eyes would close against my will and I would be drawn back into flashbacks. As the moon and stars gradually rose, I would awake to startled breathing and a scared look on my face, eyes wide. Usually I would be unable to fall asleep - so I would grab a jacket and leave the house. Determined to not fall back into the deep throws of sleep.

I left the house quietly, both dogs accompanying me as I headed for the park, and beyond. The path lit by the silvery light of the moon. As leaves rustled, painted yellow and orange with hints of red. As I meandered through the park towards the forest and its welcoming darkness. My voice rose to the sky in song. I guess singing was my way to relieve and unknown stress I felt from the flashbacks I had endured. As my voice rose and fell delicately, the soft howls and yips of my two partners accompanied me. Every unwanted feeling drifted away on the breeze as jack frost glittered on the ground.

I kept walking until I came to a silver illuminated meadow, stars reflected in the surface of a gently trickling creek of clear water. This was my sanctuary, my refuge, my home away from home if you will. This was my home - and it would always remain that way should I need it. This was the way to relieve myself - get rid of the stress from my life. Work always tended to bring back bad memories. Now I could actually relax and let down my guard. Now, I was content, enjoying myself and exploring. My favorite past-times. My midnight wanderings complete - I headed back home as the sun slowly began to rise in the sky, signalling the start of a brand new day.

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