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Charlet felt a shiver going down her small spine.

it was her first official heist and the amusement park is silent.

she pulled her red hood over her head as she stepped out of the white van.

"a Carnival, Really boss?" She mumbled as the van drove away.

she began looking around the carnival that was closed for repairs.

she had been assigned to steal an antique wind up ballerina doll.

the doll is supposedly in the park's museum of dolls.

"glad I love toys," Charlet admitted out loud to herself.

After all, no one else was around to hear her speak.

Vile made sure the Guard was sound asleep for the night

this comforted the smallest thief dearly.

she tiptoed into the museum of dolls

" I don't have enough space in my basket to take more than one." She admitted.

she glanced at Carmen sanbunny which sat in her little basket.

she admired all the dolls on display in their unique outfits while each protected by a thin piece of glass with a steel frame.

"kind of creepy if you ask me," she mumbled.
she had a fake smirk across her dimpled face to comfort herself she cleared her throat as she ventured deeper into the hallways of dolls.

at last, she saw the wind-up doll which looked so familiar.

"It's a carmen doll." She stated in amusement
she placed her basket down on the concrete.

she opened the lid before she quickly shattered the glass and carefully scooped up the doll.

she placed the doll in gently

she picked up her loot-filled basket and escaped the museum of dolls.

a young boy in a tan trench coat caught her eye.

they stare at each other for a moment.

she vanished into the foggy night leaving nothing but a note about her next whereabouts.

"where in the world is charlet?" the boy shouted as he reads her note
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Is there going to be another chapter added to this? Why is the spacing how it is?

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