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Joseph Porter

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Joe Porter

born:Jul 4th, 1976 Sandy Fork, Delaware

before I became who I was I was first and foremost a country boy raised with values and taught respect by my paw who was a single father raising a farm of chickens and pigs while also raising a son who was one day gonna take over for him and that day came soon after as on December 13'th he died of Pancreatic cancer and this was 5 years into my truck driving business but a real man doesn't let emotion run roughshod on his life and so I moved on.

wasn't but a few days into my latest hauling of a shipment of goods to Canada ...Vancouver to be exact...I ran into a fella in a trenchcoat and hat who flashed a police badge which forced me to stop on sight as I thought he might wanna inspect the cargo but nope the fella had car trouble and needed help in the next town up ahead so as is a trucker's duty to help a brother or sister in need on the roadside I did just that.

we got to chatting and he told me about his life as a detective for an agency which peaked my interest as I loved reading mysteries, figuring out whodunits, and watching crime dramas and frankly this life as a trucker was starting to get to be too old as a grind so I was itching for something new and this fella seemed to be the opportunity knocking. I then asked the fella if they had any openings to which he said always so I helped him out and in return he put in a good word on my behalf that I was looking and that my knowledge of solving mystries was top notch thanks to my skills and my hobby so I was soon offered a job which I took as a detective and the rest as they tell you is history.
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