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little red riding hood ? v.i.l.e.
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Carmen sandiego sighed deeply as she passed around her bedroom

Tilting the fedora down to cover her panicked blue eyes as her feet softly squeaked across the wooden floor

She hadn’t been quite the same since she put maelstrom behind bars a year ago

She bit down on her lip and the taste of her own blood filled her mouth.

“Why can’t I just drop that solved case from my memory.” She sobbed to herself

She has worked on much more disturbing cases in her whole career.

Which she believes to be more important than the changes she’s experiencing

That mad marine biologist was still under her skin causing her work ethic to become sloppy.

Although chief her robotic companion kept her sane while solving other cases

She often locked herself in her room to ponder like this.

Her lips eventually would look as if she was wearing red lipstick

Mostly from the trauma of chewing on her full lips when these thoughts arise.

“I will not become a thief.” She mumbled to herself over and over

Little did she notice she’s been picking pockets and stealing small items when out of her room.

Chief hadn’t even noticed himself until he found the stash in a shoebox in her office.

The Shoebox was full of international currency, wallets and small figurines.

Things a thief could stash in her pockets without raising suspicions

He hoped that it was evidence for a new case. he carried it under his robotic arm.

He merrily skipped along unaware of the bomb he accidentally lit

“Hey car-car.” He chuckles from behind her closed bedroom door.

He playfully kicks the door as if joking he was gonna break in there.

The door squeaked which every gentle kick

“It’s unlocked ,”. Carmen called back while trying to wipe the blood off of her face

“Ouch.” She squealed every time the wipe touched her lips.

Chief entered and was shocked at the state of the normally tidy room.

“What did a burglar break in and decide to wreck the place for fun?” Chief joked

Carmen cocked her head to the side.

“Excuse the mess.” She mumbled while switching attention to her detective partner

Her eyes watch the floor as she kicked a piece a paper away.

Chief noticed instantly and set the shoebox on carmen’s. Bookshelf that doubled as a desk.

“Something wrong?” Chief asked oblivious to the fact that carmen was acting very guilty

“Everything is fine.” She replied with a crack that gave herself away

“If you say so. I found a weird shoebox in your office.” Chief said in his happy voice

Carmen upon hearing the words shoebox darted out of the room

She didn’t know why she was running away from a shoebox or Chief

“What’s happening to me.” She cried as she raced down the staircase to the ground level

Chief decided that something was dreadfully wrong and chased after

He caught up quickly as she ran out of breath near the front doors

“Why are you running?” He cried out and before he could ask another question

She vanished again.

Hours went by and acme waited patiently for carmen to return home

Chief tried to explain that this was do to a shoebox

However no one believed carmen would run away from a shoebox

Chief facepalmed at their ignorance

“I think she’s sick.” Chief explains
(( more coming soon))
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