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(( a collab between tenchi and I collan. Warning it's basically A crime drama))

Chapter one: ordinary

What should have been an ordinary adventure leads to something that should have been left forgotten.

Laverna perched herself on the rooftop of the Shreveport municipal auditorium with a mischievous smirk across her face.

Shreveport was a city; vile usually ignored except for when double trouble hid here all those years ago,

She watched her coworkers tighten the ropes on the building.

The night air whipped through her; she was glad she wore a red hooded coat.

“Hurry up, Carmen doesn't have all day, ya know,” Laverna impatiently remarked like she was in control of this heist.

Lars vegas teased “Stop being so bossy, you weathervain,”

Laverna rolled her eyes at the insult. “I”m a lookout, Remember?” she fussed

“You stand out like a sore thumb, kid.” he honestly replied wanting to get this job over with.

Laverna’s face reddened in being called a kid. Not like she could change their opinions. She's the youngest and the smallest of them.

Everyone climbed inside the building except our rebellious protagonist of this disturbing tale.

The auditorium lifted up into the sky by a powerful helicopter.

Laverna fell flat on her butt and laughed it off as they sped away

Laverna chuckled “the building left elvis,”

Only the statue of Elvis Presley remained on the block.

The following day in san Francisco, CA at the acme detective agency.

Ruslan was working on figuring out the case and all it's tiny details.

His red glasses forever sliding down his chubby nose making his vision get increasingly blurry.

His dog Herbert was curled up under the wooden desk snoring loudly as the pup had a very long day yesterday.

The detective squinted causing his glasses to go back into their proper place.

It was quite literally busy work until the news hit.

Tenchi was passing the time reviewing dossiers and offering one of Kylie’s bosses suggestions on organizing his collection of spores, molds, and fungus online. Kylie felt the less said about that the better, besides her blood collection was always neatly sorted and organized alphabetically in vials. Kylie said, “If he kept just the spores this would be easier as they become mold or fungus. Blood keeping is an easier hobby.”

Tenchi said, “Everyone who collects thinks that way you know. My train collection is nice though wouldn’t you say?” Kylie said, “And so are you planes and automobiles. You don’t count on this issue Tenchi, you collect life size things and store them in a house the size of a mountain.” Tenchi said, “Details, details.”

Good evening Mr and Mrs Detective and all the ships at sea. Let’s go to press, FLASH! The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium has been stolen! Authorities suspect Carmen Sandiego and her VILE henchmen are to blame and with resources stretched thin, are calling on ACME Detective Agency to solve the case!

Tenchi said, “Well looks like we have to put proper mildew storage on hold for now it seems, duty calls.” Kylie wondering how Tenchi could say such things and keep a straight face added, “Let’s just get to Shreveport fast mushroom boy.”

After Arriving at the scene, the missing auditorium had a huge crowd outside it. Ruslan sighed “Crowds?” As he snuck through them a stranger in the crowd explained There was a lady in a red coat on top of the building.”, “It appeared she didn't have a fedora,” another one cried out. Ruslan smirked “Looks like Laverna was seen,”

However, A mysterious young man bumped into him and picking his wallet. He was annoyed at how empty the wallet was. “Im so sorry, you dropped this.” the man smoothly said as Ruslan sighed as he took it back only to be met with quite familiar eyes. He’d seen them somewhere before, but where

The ACME Cirrus Jet arrived at the airport with Tenchi lamenting they didn’t use an ACME Da62. Kylie not fussing over plane options hailed a taxi to take them to the auditorium. Upon arrival they saw a crowd of people gathered around the auditoriums previous location. Tenchi said, “I hope they weren't planning a concert soon. Now lets find Ruslan. He might be over there with the ketchup packets.” Kylie insisted that the vegetable oil vendor was more likely but that would have to wait as they looked for clues.

They soon learned that Laverna was the likely culprit and wondered if Santa would put Charcoal Wine in her stocking. It was fortunate that crowds of curious people always produced useful info when needed. Tenchi and Kylie went about learning all that they could about Laverna’s possible whereabouts. Hopefully she wouldnt have gotten too far
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Goddess of thieves
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Meanwhile at a nearby undisclosed location…

Laverna was being scolded for her recklessness by Carmen herself. Although the words was mostly ignored because why does Carmen sandiego get to do all the elabrote stunts. Carmen explained with concern “You could of fallen to your death,” “But I didnt ,” Laverna argued. Carmen tried to make the most unpredictable one to think about her safety for once. Laverna left slamming the wooden door almost off the hinges. Her leather boots squeaking as she escaped back into Shreveport for her own crime spree.

The night turned to daylight as she pick pocketed and stole to her wicked delights. The older she got, the more devious she became. Fine jewelry and cold hard cash loaded her coat’s pockets as the hours ticked on. She smirked as she thought about the fact she went rogue. Laverna explained her situation to a concerned pigeon. “She shouldn't be so overprotective, I'm not a kid anymore and she isn't my mother.”

Tenchi and Kylie spotted Ruslan as they headed out to the city to look for Laverna. They came across multiple victims of theft and pressed onwards. Tenchi surmised that Laverna was rebelling as these crimes did not fit Carmen’s methods. Tenchi said, “I hope she isn’t huffing and puffing too much not to mention her actions don’t have any rhyme or reason to them.” Kylie agreed the pattern was sporadic and had no overarching goal. They continued to track Laverna through the city recording clues as they went

Ruslan had his own method of tracking down his girlfriend.

He knew she was most likely hiding in an alleyway as she isn't fond of being out in the open.

Luckily downtown, didn't have many alleys so he began searching for her with his own knowledge.

His dog Herbert also sniffed around for her.

If a ferret ran by they would know she was here.

However, She doesn't always use a furry friend to commit her crimes.

“Lav?” he cried out as he searched behind dumpsters and up fire escapes.

He found her talking to a pigeon.

“Hey, babe.” He smiled dorkily

“Bye,” She answered as she ran directly into traffic

“Wait up,” he cried out as he and she raced through the cars.

Jewelry and cash fell from her coat and she was surprisingly fast as she disappeared again.

“Laverna!” he groaned

Tenchi observing the situation saw how reckless laverna was behaving and knew she had to be stopped soon. Tenchi said, “She needs to be distracted before she gets hurt.” They both decided to setup various jalapeño themed locations in order to draw her out of hiding. Kylie said, “Hopefully we can stop her before she gets run over. Though if that happens I have number of coffins to pick from.”

Tenchi knowing Kylie knew veiled concern when he heard it. He told her it wouldn’t come to that and to worry about the auditorium being found. They decided to attend a secret council meeting of concerned individuals. But they had to split up first. Tenchi would use his knowledge of the land to find the best places to place jalapeño food and merchandise, while Kylie searched for witnesses.

Meanwhile there was general chaos in the ranks of those who loved Elvis and a particular group of kids in particular had their plans ruined. They were told by a wise old Impersonator to journey to the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium as part of his training. But those plans were scrapped as they found out it was stolen by VILE. Coming across some henchmen they were spotted and quickly ran away. The henchmen chased the kids to a river which they managed to cross in a small boat. The henchmen not fond of bathing of any sort backed away slowly in disgust from the water.

While Tenchi was resting in a pub after getting the bartender to agree to host a jalapeno party, he was approached by a group of kids. They had been watching him curiously and decided to go into the pub even though that was illegal. The bartender told them he was an ACME detective named Tenchi though the locals around here had come to call him "Wanderer". One of the kids dressed as Elvis said in awe, "Wanderer". The bartender taking pity on the kids told them that the pub connected to a adjacent hotel and they could stay in a room for the night.

As night fell the kids slept in an upstairs room but they were beset upon by VILE henchmen who had managed to track them down after crossing a bridge over the river. They slowly crept toward the children sleeping in their beds and suddenly ripped the covers off. But to their dismay the beds were empty as the kids had placed pillows under the covers to fool them. They ran up to the rooftop but were cornered by the henchmen furious at being deceived. The leader of them approached and demanded that Little Elvis give him the glasses.

Refusing he backed away slowly in fear and as the henchmen closed in Tenchi ambushed them and started to drive them back. The henchmen scattered in all directions and the kids followed Tenchi to safety. He told them they worked for someone codenamed "Topperman" and he was trying to find the legendary glasses of Elvis. Clutching the glasses in hand Little Elvis said, "I don't know what you're talking about." Tenchi said, "Don't take m for a fool boy! Any guitar player knows the Kings glasses when they see them." Tenchi told them he was taking them to see Lord Elvisor and they made haste to the Council meeting.

As they made their way through the woods Tenchi decided to setup another jalapeno location but as he was kneeling down, he found a sword at his neck. A familiar voice said, "What's this? A detective off his guard?" Tenchi knowing who spoke rose to tell Kylie about the developing situation. Kylie told Tenchi that she could get Little Elvis to the Elvises faster than he could on her horse. It was agreed that Kylie would take Little Elvis while the rest of his friends went with Tenchi. Kylie sped off on her trusty white steed she had gotten from "Rent-A-Wreck" a horse rental service. As she raced through the woods however, VILE henchmen came up behind her riding motorcycles.

They chased Kylie through the woods determined to catch her as Kylie thinking fast led them to a shallow river. Kylie had made her way safely across but once again the henchmen were hesitant to touch "The liquid of grimes bane". The leader shouted at Kylie, "Give us the child detective!" Kylie drew her sword and defiant said, "If you want him; come claim him!" Knowing their boss wouldn't accept failure this time, they forced themselves into the water. This was part of Kylie's plan and on getting to the midway point she spoke a spell-themed password that caused her computer to hack the sluice gate further upstream, causing a massive flow of water to come and wash the crooks away.

Kylie then raced towards the council meeting area with Little Elvis. When they arrived all concerned Elvises of prominence were gathered in attendance after receiving an invitation from Lord Elvisor. He began the council meeting saying, "Fans from distant lands and hip shaking friends of old, you have been summoned here to answer the threat of VILE. Elvis fandom stands on the brink of destruction none can escape it. You will unite, or you will fall! Each of us is bound to this task this one doom. Bring forth the glasses Little Elvis."

Little Elvis did as instructed and placed the glasses on a table in the center of the council room. Those in attendance began whispering among themselves as they saw the glasses were indeed real. But before talk of using the glasses power against VILE could be allowed to build, Tenchi said, "You can not wear them none of us can. The glasses belong to the King alone, they have no other master." Incensed an angry Elvis impersonator shouted, "And what would a detective know of this matter!" Suddenly a familiar voice spoke aloud, "This is no mere detective! He is Tenchi the grandson of Lord Katsuhito! And wielder of the guitar Djinn!" The Impersonator shocked said, "This is Tenchi? This is Katsuhito's heir?" Tenchi said, "Zack calm down." The Impersonator then said, "Rock n Roll has no king. Rock n Roll needs no king."

It was decided that the glasses would be protected by ACME along with the other kids who volunteered to keep following Little Elvis. Lord Elvisor then said, "Eight companions. So be it! You shall be the Fellowship of the King!" Tenchi, Kylie, and Zack knew things were just getting started as one of the kids said, "Where are we going? And are we there yet?"

Laverna ran smack into her genderbent doubleganger

“Hiya, sis; it's time to come home He chuckled

“Charles?” laverna asked as she tried to escape only to be dragged into a mysterious van by men in black suits.


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Chapter 2: The truth

It wasn't long till laverna realized she wasn't at Shreveport anymore.

The ropes and duct tape hurt her as she laid flat in the back of the van.

They must of been driving for hours and the occasional cigarette butt landed on her burning her.

A crude voice of her twin brother Charles taunted her “Thought you could get away, after you saw mom bleeding out,”

Laverna was actively chewing on the tape covering her mouth hoping to escape and beat his butt

She was forgetting there was about 30 men much taller and stronger in the van.

A few tears trembled down her face as the seconds confirmed her fate.


Carmen grew worried as laverna hadn't been seen in 24 hours.

She hadn't been arrested and there was no proof she was still running around causing entropy to those who come across her path.

She immediately knew something was wrong and called tenchi up to inform him that laverna was now missing.

The fellowship wandered near and far in and around Shreveport. They learned the identity of Topperman was in fact VILE henchman Top Grunge. Tenchi told them that now they knew their enemy and stopping him would be easy. He said, “All we need is soapy water and he’ll surrender immediately.”

Just then Tenchi’s phone rang and on the other end was Carmen herself. She told Tenchi Laverna was missing. Tenchi told her if she was fine she would show up at one of the jalapeño locations they setup. In the meantime they would keep searching. Kylie contacted ACME and had a missing persons report filed.

The fellowship followed the clues to a junkyard. They saw the tallest mountain of garbage had been turned into a base. A sign read “Mt. Grunge” and that visitors were not welcome. Top Grunge was alerted to the Fellowship’s arrival and that an army of Elvises had joined them. Sensing his end was near he ordered his men to attack.

Top Grunge rode forward on his motorcycle defiant and prepared for battle. His forces were confident of victory until they saw the Fellowship and Elvises pull out buckets full of soap and water. Even worse for them Little Elvis had snuck to the top of Mt. Grunge and triggered a crane to knock into it. The mountain collapsed while Top Grunge and his men shrieked in fear from the sight of so much soap. Fleeing backward they were covered by a wave of trash.

Authorities swarmed the junkyard and Top Grunge and his men were arrested and taken away. Carmen wondered if anyone in VILE was at fault for Laverna’s disappearance. Tenchi suggested it may be someone from her past who knows her. All relevant suspects were being investigated and their last known whereabouts reported by police.

Eventually the van stopped and laverna rolled headfirst into seats in front of her.

If her mouth wasn't tapped shut she would of cursed them out.

The burns stinged as a huge man scooped her up like a rag doll.

Poor laverna couldn't escape her past forever.

They appeared to be in the middle of no where and she was brought inside a worn down looking mansion.

Upon the wall was a ripped up family portrait of a mother and two children.

It was stained over with a mysterious rusty substance that laverna hoped wasn't blood.

Charles greeted “Welcome home, Charlet saylor, 6 years away, that's a riot and I'm sure your mother is dying to see you again.”

Laverna barely remembered her family but that portrait and how did she know this man was her twin brother.

The brawly man sat her on the couch and ripped the duck tape off her mouth.

Her lips spilt and they bled.

If only her phone didn't ring at that moment.

Ruslan called her assuming she was playing dead or something

Only to be met with a stranger’s voice answering instead.

“If you want her to live, better not come for her.” the gruff man said before slamming the phone under his steel toe boots.

Laverna couldn't protest as she was being forced to drink a bottle of water by her twin

She gagged and nearly choked but it was just pure water.

“Dont need ya dying yet.” Charles said as he removed it from her lips

Ruslan looked at tenchi and the others with his jaw dropped.

"umm what are the chances it's the mafia?" he asked gloomily

deep down he wished it was a prank

sticking his phone in his pocket and turning away to not be seen crying over a stupid vile agent.

he didn't want to think of losing her so soon and he was enjoying their game of cat and mouse

he cried heavily as he realized it wasn't a joke anymore.

Kylie told Ruslan not to worry they would find Laverna and fast. Tenchi traced the call to a mansion confirming her location. Tenchi told Ruslan it’s time to go save her. All they needed was a plan.

Back at the mansion

Charles was explaining why he killed their mother.

Apparently something about not teaching her children about the truth of their family and drug deals

He explained while spitting at her inches away from face. “Your a daughter of an ex mafia boss,”

Laverna looked away at the bunch of the torn up trash

It was just how she left it when she was ten.

“Its been longer than six years, it's 8.” She muttered softly under her breath as she was too shocked to even cry.

Only thing missing was their mother’s corpse

It obviously was buried in an unmarked makeshift grave.

He evilly chuckled

“Now to finish you off, so I have no more competition.”

“I'm no longer a threat,” laverna sighed before she was slapped across the face

She felt a tooth dislodge from impact and she spat it out.

“Beat me if you want, I don't remember anything,” She replied in a cocky way

If she was gonna die, she wasn't gonna make it easy.

“Your a threat as long as your alive, I know your a wanted criminal,” he argued before slapping her again

She just groaned as she tried to wiggle free..

The truth is she remembered everything and wasn't about to let him get away with having the last laugh

She needed to buy time, but how?

The fellowship descended on the mansion and began to execute their plan being helped by the Elvises. They started parading by the mansion while playing music and saying “Happy Mardi Gras!” As the thugs were caught up in the festivities, Tenchi, Kylie, and Ruslan snuck inside. They heard Charles monologue and knew the time to strike was now when the villain is distracted.

Laverna unfortunately couldn't fight a. Pill being forced down her mouth

She gagged and coughed as she was forced to swallow it

“Nighty night,” Charles smirked as he turned the lights off leaving her in the pitch dark

Her eyelids became heavy and she started hearing her mother’s voice

She eventually fell unconscious.

And in her sleep she saw her mother telling her she's safe now.

All she ever wanted was to go home, perhaps she would finally get that wish.

To be back with her mother safe and warm.

No longer living place to place and to be at peace,

Forgetting all about Carmen, ruslan or her friends as her subconscious betrayed her to fall deeper into the reapers grasp.

Ruslan searched the house and found Laverna unconscious. He hurried with her outside to a waiting ambulance. Tenchi and Kylie told him she would be okay. But she was comatose and they both knew she might not wake up from it. Of course Tenchi would use his best medical equipment to take care of her until she hopefully recovered. Charles and his men were arrested for kidnapping and would be going to jail for a very long time. He defiantly yelled that he would have his revenge as he was driven away.

Carmen was grief-stricken by the news of Laverna's state. She hoped Laverna would recover soon but couldn't hold off on her plans as she was a professional. Paige Turner definitely did not wish to broadcast this news to VILE proper. Once they heard what had happened they knew not to bother Carmen. Only her closest friends Merey and Dazzle went to see her from time to time. They even talked about things they would steal when Laverna was back with them. The auditorium was a lost cause through outside interference not ACME anyway so they could claim a draw sort of.

Carmen kept up appearances and called to check on Laverna status regularly. She was glad She was in good hands with Tenchi and Kylie. And as the weeks went by things began to return to normal at ACME and VILE

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