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Ivy Monaghan knocked at the aluminum doorframe of ACME’s IT Department entrance. She was familiar with some of the staff, having come around once or twice about failed company electronics, but this was the first time she step foot inside of the their new Accolade Tower office. Unlike the structured cubicles of Human Resources and Accounting, this floor was far more open, and each desk seemed to be dedicated to their owner’s favorite fandom. Ivy counted Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and some obscure comic book she couldn’t name.

“Hey, who do I talk to about broken communicators?” The ACME Commander called out, seeing as there was no secretary at the front desk.

“That would be me.” Jason West replied, walking over to take a look at the bashed communicator in Ivy’s hands, “What did you do to it?”

“We ran into some problems while transferring an informant. This one was dropped during the chase.” She held up the plastic casing which was snapped into three fragmented pieces, “The battery looks like it leaked after the impact. Think you can still save the files?”

“I’ll have to look and see what I can do.”

“Thanks. This has to be the second time it happened this year. I’m hoping you can work a miracle.”


After talking to @Ivy, Jason sat around in his dorm room for a few minutes trying to find an idea that would solve both the battery issue as well as the durability issue and then it quickly came to him. He decided that he wanted to use a newer version of a lithium ion battery and base it in a kevlar lined, titanium base plate and then wrap it with aircraft aluminum. After taking care of the exterior and known issues, Jason wanted to add a few special touches. He could quickly create the new operating system that would streamline the communicator, as well as make it easier to use. He also wanted to add the ability to use another device he had previously created, a voice-keyed throat mic that would only pick up the specific keyed users voice at levels as low as a whisper while eliminating any background noise.

For a screen, Jason looked into using a bullet resistant Lexan but found that it was too thick. After looking into what other options were out there, Jason decided that he would try his hand at making his own and add a few extra layers of Kevlar reinforcement.

Jason thought the best place to get aircraft aluminum would be from the ACME airfield. He quickly pulled out his phone and dialed ACME HR, “Can you get me @Eugene Grovington, ACME airfield?”
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