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Although some of us have mentioned it in passing, what is your character's normal attire? Are they dressed to the nines day in and day out, or do you have to knock, lest you walk in on your roommate in nothing but their boxers?

Don't limit it to clothing either. Be sure to mention any signature scents, accessories, and general carry items.
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Depending on what I decide to use for transportation that day, I'll either wear tan cargo shorts with a t-shirt and Oakley sunglasses with a pair of Puma Futurecats or I'll wear a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and riding jacket with a pair of leather engineer style boots and Oakley sunglasses.

Every day I carry the same things. I always carry my wallet, cell phone, communicator, a Glock 20 chambered in 10mm, a Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard chambered in .380, and a bead that my father used to call a "worry stone".
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Derrin, Der
Typical Derrin attire includes: leather vests/jackets, plain tee's and tanks, dark wash jeans, scarves, leather combat boots, and her backpack. She hates jewelry and will only wear it on special occasions.

Items always inside of her bag are her wallet, headphones, cell phone, a small bottle of Chanel No. 5, keys, notepad, assorted pens, Blistex, a lighter, and her P238.

Generally I carry the Spanish made Star 9mm pistol in a holster concealed at my hip as my off duty firearm. I also have a Bulgarian Makarov I carry in an ankle holster.

I do own one tuxedo in black, and two three piece suits, one gray and one black for formal and semi formal occasions. Two out of two former significant others have occasionally lambasted me on the relatively drab nature of my wardrobe, often the colors are gray, green, tan, brown, blue on occasion, or khaki. I also have one Springboks jersey in long sleeved and another in short sleeve.

My usual work clothes are either jeans or khaki or black cargo pants, a pair of lightweight boots and a collared shirt or long sleeved t-shirt or sweater in one of the aforementioned colors.

I have one black and one coyote brown fleece jacket and a wind proof in the same colors. Both have the South African flag velcroed to them.
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I generally have two different types of outfits that I wear on most occasions.

The first is my medic uniform. Since I usually work at the medical center, this consists of a simple pair of scrubs. Outside the medical center, the uniform varies according to operation. For instance, when assigned to an air unit, I would wear a flight suit. With whichever variation I use, I always keep my stethoscope, a pair of bandage scissors, a hemostat, a penlight, a black ink pen, a small note pad, a highlighter, a bunch of alcohol swabs, a few 10ml saline flushes, medical tape, lip balm, and lotion with me at all times.

The second outfit I wear most of the time when I'm not working. It consists of dark colored leggings sometimes combined with a short skirt, calf-length boots with one inch heels, a tunic top or a long tank top of varying colors, and a pea coat or sweater, depending on the temperature. For head gear when it is colder, I often wear a knitted beret or beanie.

For jewelry I usually wear a pair of earrings constantly. Sometimes they are simple studs, other times I sport dangling circles. Around my neck either hangs a large bead necklace or a short silver chain with a small cross. On my left wrist, I usually wear a bracelet or two.

Finally, I always carry my black handbag. It contains my camera-equipped smart phone, a bottle of hand sanitizer, some lotion, lip balm, a makeup kit with a small mirror, extra hair clips and ponytailers, an MP3 player with headphones, and a blue jungle patterned wristlet which holds my debit card, a credit card, my ACME ID card, my driver's license, an auto insurance card, about $100, a picture of my aunt and uncle, and a picture of my mother taken on her eighteenth birthday.
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Scarlet normally wears more casual clothes, since she never knows when she's going to have to leave quickly for a mission. Casual for her is a pair of jeans and a tshirt or flowy button up shirt, with lightweight boots. Anything else seems impractical for the situations she finds herself in, even if she would occasionally wear things like business attire, dresses, and sweatpants.

She will never leave her room without regular daytime clothes on, so you won't catch her in leggings, pajamas, or sweatpants outside her room. She doesn't have many staple accessories, as they limit her stealth and anonymity - you will never catch her without a watch.
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Hello everyone. When I'm working, I wear my ACME uniform. Long pants khaki (tan) pants or Bermuda-style with plenty of stretch, and "cargo" style pockets, and the ACME logo; and long or short sleeve white shirts, also with the ACME logo. A pair of good walking shoes, sensible but stylish, usually brown or tan. My Five Time Zone World Map Dial ACME Ladies Wristwatch. My Wilson's Leather Tahoe Cross-Body Bag, and my Wilson's Faux Leather Wallet, with my ACME ID, cell phone, business cards and a little money. My short-term memory is not very good, so I often carry a small notepad and pen or pencil when looking up answers to clues. etc.

When I'm not working, my favorite fashion idea is to get items that can be worn many different ways, like a tunic-style-top or nightgown that can be worn as a dress. Everything I own is machine-washable, nothing is dry clean only. I like ballerina-style slippers. I like jewelry. My favorite things are my rosary-style necklaces and my Celtic cross with an emerald gem on an adjustable leather cord, not that I get to wear them very often. :)
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(Since I'm lazy...here is what Abby usually wears at work. In the Summer, she might replace the high boots for black sandals with slight heels. She usually wears a watch, some earrings, and sometimes a necklace. At home or on days off, she wears jeans and more varied tops, even t-shirts at times.)
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For fieldwork Ivy usually wears jeans and a t-shirt in neutral colors, or a button down blouse if it's not going to be an active day. This is paired with ankle boots and a leather or canvas jacket. If she's teaching or there are meetings she could be seen in business attire, suit pants and a blazer and occasionally a pencil skirt.

Out of work, she's often in gym clothes, shorts or tank tops with a pair of sneakers.

She wears very few accessories. At most a watch and a gem pendant necklace. Her signature scent is a light pear and champagne perfume, worn only occasionally.
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Hello Ivy.

As with all these topics, I think the "classics" are always best in every situation. Part of the reason that I like to choose items that are very basic colors and styles, and can be worn many different ways can be worn a few different ways, is to get my money's worth out of everything I own. I think we all know, that especially if you are ordering things from a catalog, a really nice nightgown is still half the price of a similar dress!!

The same is true for jewelry. Just because I like jewelry doesn't mean I have a lot of it or that I wear it all the time. The most expensive thing that I have is a ring with a peridot (the light green gemstone for the month of August) which my grandma (my mom's mom) gave me the summer I turned 16. I wear it on my the third finger of my right hand. I should take it off more often, just to clean it, but it is very hard to get it off my finger!! On my actual "ring finger" on my left hand, I wear a fake amethyst (the purple stone for February which was my grandma's birthstone). I had a real one that she gave me, but I was afraid that I would lose it!! A friend of my mom's gave me this fake one. It used to look "real" but the stone "settled" in the band a long time ago, and it no longer catches any light at all. Most of my favorite pieces of jewelry, are Celtic rings or pendants that can usually be bought for under $30. My most expensive pieces of jewelry that I have right now are my 2 rosary-style necklaces. One is a little less than $100, one is a little more than $100. A lot of money for me, but certainly nothing that anyone would want to steal!! LOL!! And I usually only wear those to church. I like to look for things that are a little unusual. For instance, I have a few fabric flowers rings.:)
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