Double Trouble's Wild Party & ACME's Invited

Double Trouble

Known Aliases
The Bandit Bros.
The Twin Sneaks,
The Party Posse,
Couple O' Fellas,
The Harmony Dudes
Color #
⌚New York City, time- 3:30pm ET

Call Us Cool, call us well dressed gentlemen, call us minions of Carmen. Call us........ Double Trouble. How did we get that names?? We named ourselves that. More into that later. Daily we browse around New York City, not caring if those New Yorkians regonize Us. We served our time stealing for Carmen Sandiego and ourselves. Now today, we are out of stealing ideas. Sometimes we pass by Acme Crimenet Agency. And just stare. Deciding if we should thank them or rebilating us. Or get even for that suffering sentence. It made us forget what we stole. But it had to do with our favorite sport. We'll tell you later. Now, we hitch a ride on top of a NYC bus. Hey we never ever we quit VILE. The bus drives us to New York City's suburb town of Flatbush. We want to rent an apartment here. We do. After someone spotted us on top of the bus, we jump off and ride. that's when the bus driver call 5-0 and they arrived as we ran. We hijacked someone's bike to escape. Wasnt easy. Hey we have to do to survive. We started to get nervous and frustrated because we knew our known single enemies ACME Detectives were notified about our free bus ride. Oh well. DT never worries. Because we got an apartment to rent. Or steal. Now, later on we rob a couple and get $200.50. Hey we let them keep their car keys and jewelry. They should be graceful. Now we are back on the most wanted list, yet again. Oh well. But however, we must get a disguise now. And so we steal human masks of unknown male celebrities at a costume store. We rent our room at The Flatbush Complex. And now we go into hiding. In our room, room 10☝🏻. Now next!! But first we turn on the tv. Check our new apartment and then get out our boombox radio, balloons, confietti and gift wraps to make our next party.....birthday party-like. Well, yeah..... oh nevermind. Anyhow, we are delivering presents to Acme. And what do we know. We are once again on the news. Some nosy citizen took a selfie of us on top of that bus!! This is a nosy rude world. And we wont let interference ruin our next new wild party. Who wants to come?? We call the gang at VILE, but no answer. Ugh! Ugh! Even no answer from our boss crime lady. She must be busy as usual, traveling the world. Well we're alone on this. We strat making the party gifts. We made 4 all ready. Who are they for?? Oh, you'll know. Soon. Soon. 😎😎
30 mins later, we deliver out party gifts. We wipe the confitte off of some of the presents. After we mail them, we go back to our rooms to watch the evening news at 5. And we are still mentioned of our naughty active today. Oh well, we're Double Trouble. Mischief is what we love best. Hey its a habit and hobby. We just want those gifts delivered by tomorrow.
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