Don’t let them take me back

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little red riding hood ? v.i.l.e.
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Little red riding hood
Little carmen
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My name is charlet as you already know

Im the youngest of vile.

But my past isnt innocent as i wanna let others know

Because i was a spy and my mother one too

We had too much information togather

When she died i had too much information

I had to die they said

I escaped the oss orphanage which isnt as peaceful as it sounds

Many criminial’s also was there

Shada is one of thoose souls

If you didnt put up with brain washing

Like us

Wouldnt allow your memory erased

You was to be on death row

We escaped but i seen many others dead

Thats why i hardly sleep at night

My bunny is my only friend

Loud voices and electrical shocks trigger me

Dont let the men in black suits take me back there

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