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Okay, new game.
Write something using the five words in this tread's title.

Detainee, Racket, Bionic, Luxury, Doomsday

  • It can be a sentence, paragraph, poetry, idiom, haiku, story, anything that has to do with the written word.
  • Use any form of the word (all tenses and hyphenations accepted).
  • Does not have to encompass TECS or the fandom.
  • Be responsible for your own content.
  • Stay creative.

Claire Yeon

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22. Titanium

This is one of the most popular element names - so popular, in fact, that marketers often apply it to thousands of products whether they contain actual titanium or not. While your hammer, golf club, or tennis racket may indeed feature the word "TITANIUM" proudly emblazoned in plain view, the only way to be sure you're getting the real deal is to hold it up against a precision grinding wheel. Have you been blinded by a shower of bright white sparks? Congratulations, you are in possession of authentic titanium, and are not a detainee of buzzwords that elicit unfounded levels of consumer excitement (I'm looking at you, platinum).

Found in everything from luxury watches to doomsday missiles, titanium is everything we wish we could be: tremendously strong, deceptively light weight, immune to rust, and hypoallergenic. This makes it of particular advantage when it comes to introducing foreign elements to the human body. Titanium's abundance and versatility makes it extremely popular for body jewelry like tongue studs, nose rings, and other enhancements less commonly found in teenagers such as dental implants, bionic limbs, and artificial hips. However, titanium finds itself challenged lately in both its usefulness and popularity in that red-headed stepchild of calcium and iron manganese: tungsten.
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The detainee thought it should be their doomsday because that would be a Luxury in their isolated bionic prison cell.

But no racket was heard as it is sat alone and forgotten

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