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Laverna sighed deeply as she woke up in her dorm at Stoney harbor. Her brain felt empty and numb.

“Not again,”. She muttered as she stared at the ceiling.

She has tried for whole five years to bury her inner demons.

Forcing herself to stand up when her whole existence became a void.

That's one of the hardest things she has to go through.

It's true, she was luckier than some of her peers. However material possessions could not help her.

When you own the whole world and still feel like the bottom-most rung. That's exactly how she would describe her situation.

She checked her alarm clock. “2:03 am,”. She said in a monotonous way.

Normally, when she woke up so early in the morning, everyone would have never been the wiser.

However, the fact that the mental illness of hers starting to eat her sanity alive. She knew not to stay alone with her less than lively thoughts.

Picking up her phone, She dialed the one woman who saved her from them the most.

“Sister,” she said in an emotional sound.

“Ferret? It's late, what's going on?” the comforting voice on the other end picked up.

The inner demons revealed themselves as she spoke to her big sister.

“It is happening again, It is building. Help, me.” Laverna’s voice croaked.

Now an emotion built up a reaction. Despair, Laverna’s unfortunate mental poison of choice. Next to Villainizing, that is.

“You don't have to help me,” she paused.

“I am coming to talk to you face to face. Give me, Time to get there.”

Carmen replied as she began to be concerned for the young lady who needed her most of all.

Carmen sighed slipping her hair back in a ponytail as she got out of bed. The messy hair was the least of her concerns.

“Stay on the phone, “. She ordered as she put it on speakerphone.

“Mhm,” Laverna muttered back as she glared at her reflection

Her green eyes were dull and lost their mischievous spark.

“That’s how I looked when I joined, I was Dead.” She thought out loud

She wasn’t being sarcastic. Legally, she wasn’t alive and could only exist within vile and acme which was nice enough to adopt her sort of speak.

“You are alive and never was deceased, little one, cut that out,” The comforting and concerned voice interjected
over the phone.

“Legally I am,”. The dead girl argued as she imagined herself wearing bloodied ratty pajamas.

“That was Charlet, you are like a Phoenix you rose from the ashes and became Laverna the goddess of thieves.” Carmen confidentiality tries to reason as she arrives in front of the dorm’s wooden door.

Feeding someone’s ego was rarely a good idea, however, Sometimes people need to be reminded of who they are.

Laverna trembled as she opened the door.

“Good morning, boss.” She said faking her normal optimism.

“Morning, Laverna, “. The greeting was successfully returned and received.

Being pulled into a bear hug by the World’s greatest thief is a rare opportunity.

“You are no longer without a family, you are mine” that statement was whispered in her ears.

Warmth and safety still felt oddly offensive to laverna.

She grew up on the streets after her mother’s death. And that wasn’t a childhood for her to be proud of.

Child protective services hunted her for years and never prevailed.

It would of been easier, if she had given herself up to foster care.

Although, she would of never became her true self if she had.

“I just don’t want to live on the streets again, “. She sighed

“Well acme and vile both keep a light on for you, “. Carmen teased although telling the truth

“Stop bringing that I’m a double agent up, it’s actually complicated and I don’t even understand how that happened.” Laverna protested

Carmen backed off and smirked

“You done something, no one else has done,”. Carmen explained with a soft smile on her tanned face.

“What?” Laverna asked now filled with a new emotion called curiosity.

“You became another Carmen Sandiego.” She teased while patting her little sister on her head.

“Ugh, affection.” Laverna groaned while secretly wishing for more of it.

“Actually, I need it. Please continue.” She begged making Carmen laugh.

Eventually and not unexpectedly. They ended up sleeping side by side on the small twin bed.

Laverna felt safer in carmen’s embrace than anywhere else in the world.
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