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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Cole Gannon,Ivy,Zack,Li,Dee Cryption and Jacqueline Hyde whatsoever)

This story is fictional and the quotes, the show(The French Chef) and books by Julia Child I don't own them (I mean I don't claim anything from her).

"You must have discipline to have fun." -Julia Child.

(Act one begins)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Academy

"What?!?!" Inspector Li said "What you mean about that Miss Protee?"

"You heard me,Inspector I put Miss Young in late night training for extra credit after she failed the basic detective training exam." said Cindy Protee the new instructor for the Academy "I'm disappointed in her she failed and there's no choice she's expelled and she's not coming for life."

"That's not true!" said Inspector Li "There must be a logical explanation for this."

"There is no logical explanation at all."

"Where's Maylee?"

"It's too late,Inspector she's gone."


"None of your business now leave before I get security for this!" said Cindy

Inspector Li storm out of the Academy....

He took off his glasses and started to cry...Lee Jordan shows up along with Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson and asked "Inspector,what happened?"

"Maylee is expelled!"Inspector Li answered
"What?!?!" said Cole as Jason and Tyson gasped.

Jade's house

Jade Ezell is watching The French Chef with Julia Child on DVD...when all the sudden her padphone beeped "Now what?" she said as she saw her padphone's a message from ACME...'We need your help at once!'

"Sorry Julia,but I got a case to cook up." said Jade as she stop the DVD and used her padphone to C-5 herself to ACME Headquarters.

Somewhere in San Francisco...

Cindy Protee sneak out from ACME Academy and saw a blonde pageboy hairstyle woman in a school girl like outfit (red blazer over a pink blouse,red miniskirt,knee length stockings and white canvas shoes)..."Good work!" she said as Cindy Protee gave the girl a hot pink bracelet.

"I hope that bracelet will give the boss to agree on." said Cindy
"How?" the woman asked
"I don't know!" Cindy answered "You have figure this out when the boss shows up here."

"Come on I can't wait that long."the woman said until she turns into a curly red hair with a punk like school girl outfit (black leather blazer,red blouse,black miniskirt,fishnet stockings and black leather boots) and the woman's voice changed as well by saying "I WANT THE BOSS TO COME HERE...NOW!"

"Whoa! Don't raise your voice at me." Cindy said " An ACME agent might hear us."As the woman changed to her sweet soft self .
"Let's go get something to eat I'm hungry."
"Me too." said the woman as she and Cindy leaves together.

(end of Act one)
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(Act two begins)

"With enough butter,anything is good."-Julia Child


In an old building that used to be a homeless shelter...there was a red-haired girl with a green headscarf chopping onions with a knife.

"Careful,Brie!" said an African-American bald man who is also helping out to at the kitchen "I hope there will be luck for us here in Oakland"

"Not a lot of people came here,Rooster." said Brie.

"Like Julia Child once said: 'People who love to eat are always the best people.'"

"Nobody will like our cooking."

"Like I said,Brie,'I hope there will be luck for us here in Oakland.'"
said Rooster until a tall auburn-haired girl came and said "Brie,Rooster,Kobe and Chip found a girl around the back of the restaurant."
"Thanks,Sage!" Brie said to the girl.

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Hallway...

Jade came after the C-5 appeared and there stood Inspector Li.
"Inspector Li,what's wrong?" she asked
"It's Maylee,she's expelled!" Inspector Li answered
"She failed the basic detective training exam and this instructor named Cindy Protee gave her extra credit doing a late night training."
"Whoa! Inspector,Maylee's too young to take that course."
"You mean?"
"That's right she's not ready for that...this instructor is a VILE agent in disguise."
Inspector Li gasped
"I'm positive,Inspector! Tell me about this instructor at the interview room." said Jade

"Good idea,Jade!" said Inspector Li as he and Jade head for the interview room.

Meanwhile in Oakland,CA,USA

After bringing a young girl inside the building...Rooster asked the girl "What's your name?"

"Maylee Young!" the girl answered

"What's bring you here?"

"I was forced to leave San Francisco because I got expelled from a bordering school."

"Do you know the name of the school?"

"I can't give that out I was wondering if I have a job here?"

"What for?"

"So I can register to a new school and pay the textbook fees and lunch money."

"Mmm...Can you wait tables?"

"Me? A waitress?"

"Chip will teach you how to wait tables."

"I'm good at it!" said Chip. "My brother,Kobe is in charged of washing the pots and pans,Sage is in charged of washing dishes and you already know Brie and Rooster they are co-owners."

"And we both are co-head cooks...I'm charged of sauce making,pantry,pastry,soup and veggies." said Brie

"I'm charged of roasting,grilling,frying and fish cooking." said Rooster.

"Wow that's great!" said Maylee.

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The File Room

"Why are we looking for an instructor we can't find one here?" Lee asked

"Wrong,Lee?" said Jade as she opened the file cabinet "We're looking for a VILE agent in disguise as an ACME Academy instructor."

"What?!?! How did you know?"

"I talk to Inspector Li already and thanks to the description of the instructor." said Jade as she grab the file until Zack and his older sister Ivy Monaghan open the door and Ivy said to both Jade and Lee "What are you two doing here?"

"I didn't do nothing." Lee answered
"I did!" Jade answered
"You did what,Jade?" Zack asked
"Found our suspect!" Jade answered as someone slam the door from the outside.

"Huh?!?! The door!" said Zack as Lee and Ivy gasped.
"Oh fudge! An eavesdropper just barricade the door." said Jade
"It won't open!" said Lee struggling the door.
"Stand back,hot shot!" said Ivy as Lee moved out of Ivy's way.
Then Ivy kick the door but it didn't work. "Ow!"
"Ivy!" said Jade,Lee and Zack in unison.
"Ow,my ankle!" said Ivy in pain.
"Great we're trapped!" said Zack.

(end of Act two)


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(Act three begins)

"Cooking is like love; It should be entered into with abandon or not at all." -Julia Child.

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Hallway...

Cole,Jason and Tyson are walking down when all the sudden Jason said "Why are the chairs barricade the front door of the file room?"

"Maybe there is something was in." said Tyson.
"Or someone." said Cole "Let's move those chairs!"
And Cole,Jason and Tyson did..."*gasped* There's a key on the door." said Jason.

"Unlock it!" said Cole as Jason did as soon as Lee fall off to the floor.

"Detective Jordan,what are you doing in there?" Tyson asked
"What's it look like I'm doing get outer there." Lee answered after Tyson lift Lee with his hands.

"Whoa,Commander Monaghan,what happened?" Jason asked
"Like your field leader said get outer there!" said Ivy as Zack and Jade lift Ivy "Ow!"

"Commander,you're hurt!" said Tyson
"Thanks for noticing,Tyson!" said Ivy
"Jason,Tyson take my sister to the medical center." said Zack as he and Jade carefully hand over Ivy to Jason and Tyson.
"Right,Zack!" said Jason as he and Tyson take Ivy carefully to the medical center.

Meanwhile in Oakland,CA,USA

Chase Devineaux,ACME's Director of Operations has finish a cardio workout training exercise at the ACME Fitness Center and after taking a shower he's already about to head back to Headquarters when someone is in his car.

"Oh no,Carmen Sandiego!" he said after he saw Carmen.
"Chase,we need to talk!" said Carmen.

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Conference Room

"Got a match on the description to the villain Inspector Li describe." said Jade

"Dee Cryption!" said Zack
"How did you know that?" Cole asked as Jade shows Zack and Cole the name Cindy Protee and anagram to Dee Cryption by using paper and pen.

"Does that answer your question,Cole?" Jade asked as Lee opens the door.

"I'm back from the Academy they found the hacker has mess the computer again only this time for the basic detective training exam." said Lee
"In which Maylee took the test recently." said Cole

"It's not only the computer at the Academy but the ACME Lab has broken in as well."

"What did the break-in crook took?" Zack asked Lee

"One of the instant battle suits." Lee answered
"Which color?"
"Hot Pink!"

"We better contact Chase at once." said Cole
"He's in Oakland,Cole!" said Zack
"Jade,Zack let's get going to Oakland!" said Lee
"I've figure I'm staying here! Right?" Cole asked
"Exactly I'll contact you in Oakland,Cole!" said Lee as he,Jade and Zack leaves for Oakland.


The C-5 appeared so does Lee's black Corvette...
"Man,I'm hungry!" said Zack
"We should get a...hello?" said Jade
"What is it,Jade?" Lee asked
"Chase's car parked at that building." Jade answered
"And it smells really good." said Zack
"That's a homeless shelter not a restaurant." said Lee
"Let's check it out!" said Jade as Lee parked his car four park parking lot from Chase's car.

Inside the old homeless shelter...

"Are you sure about this?" Chase asked
"I'm positive,Chase!" Carmen answered

Jade,Lee and Zack entered the restaurant quietly...they sit down.

"Check out this front cover of the menu." said Zack
"Never saw that before just the name called 'Julia's'" said Lee
"Zack,Lee you both are right." said Jade
"Huh?!?!" Zack and Lee said in unison.

"I see this symbol before...that's the patch wore by Julia Child on the French Chef." said Jade "That means this restaurant is French and theme deals with Julia Child." as someone shows and said "Welcome to Julia's can I take your...*gasped* Jade!"

Jade is surprised and said "Maylee,what are you doing here?" As Chip returned..."Rooster!" Chip shouted as Rooster came out of the kitchen and said "What now,Chip?"

"It's Kobe he's injured!" said Chip and Rooster asked Chip "Where are Sage and Brie?"

"Sage's alright but Brie's not!" Chip answered as Rooster gasped.

(end of Act three)
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(Act four begins)

"Learn how to cook..try new recipes,learn from your mistakes,be fearless and above all have fun."-Julia Child (My Life in France)


After Kobe is taking by the ambulance...Lee shows Sage and Chip the pictures of VILE agents ..."There!" said Sage at she points out the picture of a female with two different features.
"Is that the suspect you two saw?" Lee asked
"That's her!" Chip answered "She's the one kidnapped Brie and hurt my brother."
"Where's your friend?" Lee asked
"Rooster left." said Sage
"After we told him what happened." said Chip as the homeless shelter got destroy as Sage and Chip gasped.

San Francisco,CA,USA

ACME Headquarters

After returning from Oakland...

Conference Room

"Jade,this is Jacqueline Hyde!" said Zack
"What's her story,Zack?" Jade asked as she and Maylee looks at the picture of the criminal.

"This VILE agent has a split personality." said Zack
"In other words she has Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID for short." said Jade as Zack's cellphone.
Zack picked up the phone and said "Hello...Lee,what happened?...Oh no!"
"Zack,let me get him by C-5!" said Jade. "My padphone is done charging."
"You hear that,Lee! Jade's making sure to save your gas." said Zack "Okay! I'll tell her." as Zack hang up the phone."Head for the parking lot for Lee's sake,Jade."

Then a blast came out of nowhere...Jade gasped and said "I've got to do it fast."

Outside of ACME Headquarters

Jacqueline Hyde who got Brie(whose wrist is tied up with plastic zip ties) as her hostage..."Why are you doing this?" Brie asked as Jacqueline turns back to good.
"I told my boss to come here so that way I can show her this." Jacqueline answered as she shows Brie the hot pink bracelet. "Once I put it on I'll make sure Professor Sara Bellum can more of these to encountered ACME's."

"That's not gonna happen!" said Maylee as she appears "My friends will get you."
Jacqueline turns bad "OH YEAH! WELL WHO ASK YOU!" she yelled after she turned around and saw Maylee.

Jacqueline is about to attack Maylee until Jade (in her medium blue battle suit) and Lee (in his deep black battle suit) shows up
"Hold it right there,Hyde!" said Jade.

Jacqueline turns back to good..."Your friend Dee Cryption is behind bars thanks to my team." said Lee
"And that will be the same thing for you." said Jade.
"Oh whatever do you mean?" Jacqueline asked as Inspector Li,Chase (in his dark red battle suit) and Cole (in his dark gray battle suit) shows up.

"You're under arrest!" said Inspector Li.
"And we got the warrant to prove it." said Cole as he shows Jacqueline the warrant but Jacqueline turns to evil and tears up the warrant everyone gasped.
"Hey Miss Psycho!" said Rooster when he came to Brie's rescue. "Let her go."
"OH YEAH TAKE THAT!" said Jacqueline
"Rooster,look out!" said Brie as Jacqueline throws an energy orb onto Rooster but Jade came and uses a ACME Tech version of the squash racquet send Hyde's energy orb up to the sky.

"Nice shot,Jade!" said Cole
"Thanks,Cole it's a lucky thing I played squash back at high school." said Jade (in real life there's probably not enough high school students to play squash in a team sport that is.)

Jacqueline is about to strike again but Lee grabs her unfortunately her hands shock Lee..."Lee!" said Cole as he use his bo staff to pole vault for the attack it wasn't good enough when Hyde knock Cole by grabbing a plant pot.

"Let's get Hyde,Inspector!" said Chase
"Right!" said Inspector Li as he and Chase gets ready to capture Jacqueline Hyde but not good enough when Chase tries to grab her left hand...while Rooster freed Brie with kitchen shears.

"It's okay,Brie!" said Rooster "Let's get outer here!"
"OH NO YOU DON'T!" said Jacqueline as she throws another energy orb but Jade stop her orb again..."Run you two!" Jade said to Brie and Rooster and they did.

Jacqueline change back to her good self..."You better take anger management that might help keep your cool."
"I'm already cool enough!" said Jacqueline "Now it's time to show my bracelet and...What?!?! My bracelet!"

Maylee appeared holding the hot pink bracelet and she said to Jacqueline "Looking for this."
"Give me back my bracelet."
"I refused!" said Maylee as she puts the bracelet on as Jacqueline turns to evil and throws another energy orb again Jade hits the orb up to the sky once more.

"I'M GETTING TIRED OF YOU,FREE AGENT!!!" said Jacqueline with her temper really heat up.

'If only someone will help me outwit Hyde!' Jade's mind said 'But who?'

"Jade!" said Maylee
"Yes,Maylee!" said Jade
"I want to help you."
"It's going to be risky,Maylee!"
"I promise I'll do it just one time." Maylee said as she shows Jade the hot pink bracelet.

"Then suit up,Maylee!" said Jade as Maylee press the button and instantly Maylee is dressed in a hot pink battle suit...Cole and Lee was surprised when Cole said "Maylee!" Chase and Inspector Li were surprised and so does Jason,Tyson, Ivy and Zack on the viewing window of the Medical Center.

Jacqueline uses her energy orb to get rid of Jade and Maylee but thanks to the teamwork of Jade and Maylee while using their own squash racquet and Jacqueline uses her reflector to bounce back but it wasn't good enough for Jacqueline when her energy orb bounce back to her.

It was a great victory for ACME thanks to Jade and Maylee.

(end of act four...but I'm not done finished with this story I'm being honest :halo:)


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ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Conference Room

"Oh no!" said Brie after Chase inform her and Rooster about what happened in Oakland "I hope the others are alright!"

"They are." said Jade

"What are we going to do? Now we don't have a restaurant that we're trying to get people to enjoy what Julia Child cook."

"Brie,you know Julia Child not only cooks but write books like Particular Passions: talks with women who have shaped our times for example she once said "The more you know,the more you can create.
There's no end to imagination in the kitchen."" said Jade

"Jade's right,Brie!" said Rooster "We can start over right here in San Francisco."

"But where can we find a building to have people enjoying our food?" Brie asked

And someone knock at the door...
"Come in!" said Chase
"Carmen!" Jade recognize her disguise when Carmen enter the room.
"I saw what happened to the restaurant,Jacqueline Hyde knows the girl as a former victim." said Carmen
"You mean Jacqueline Hyde bullied her?" Jade asked Carmen

"It's true!" said a man in his 50's as he steps in.
Brie gasped "Daddy!"
"Brianna it's been eight years since you left home."
"How did you all know my father's here?"

Zack and Lee came and Zack said "Lee and I look up the Missing Persons files online."
"And there we saw your face so we reported to the police in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania surely enough your father has reported you missing eight years ago." said Lee.

"Where were you eight years ago?" the father asked Brie.
"I was in Norfolk,Virginia and met Adam Ledger whose nickname is Rooster we both wanted to have a restaurant together." Brie answered "So we try to fit in in different cities especially Julia Child's birthplace in Pasadena,California."

"In which we met Sage,Kobe and Chip there." said Rooster.

"I'm glad you're not in love with my daughter." the father said to Rooster.
"We're just friends,sir." said Rooster.
"I'm glad and there'll be a restaurant anyway as soon as you go to Le Cordon Bleu." said Brie's father
"But there's none around San Francisco." said Brie
"Yes there is,Brie!" said Jade "Go to 350 Rhode Island Street there's enough time to apply there."
"And here Brianna,take this with you." Brie's father said as he gave a high school diploma Brie gasped.
"Oh thank you,father!" Brie said as she hugged her father.
"I'll go with you as well...So Brie as soon as we graduate will you open the restaurant with me?" said Rooster.

"Of course I will!" Brie said
"Do you have the name of a restaurant?" her father asked
"I sure have,dad!" said Brie "I want to name the restaurant after Julia Child."

Carmen,Jade,Chase,Lee and Zack couldn't agree more.

Three Months Later...

Brie and Rooster opened Julia's everyone's there enjoying the food...

And there's a picture of Julia Child and a plaque that said 'Julia Child' (1912-2004)...

'So that's all for today on The French Chef. This is Julia Child,bon appetit.' - Julia Child (The French Chef )
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Before act four begins I forgot to mention that Carmen and Chase left (but not together) when they heard the noise from the back of the kitchen...Chase drives to back to San Francisco while using a transportation button on his ACME communicator while Carmen left in hurry by using her transportation button on her own communicator.

Sorry about that.:halo:

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