Crumbs and Team Shine


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(I don't own the character Mason Dixon whatsoever and yes, there's Pokémon too)

Part One

Jade Ezell's House

*In her bedroom there was Jade holding her padphone talking to Stewart Sterling, ACME's Director of Intelligence and on her bed is a big envelope*

Stewart: *on screen* I'm glad, you got the big envelope, I can't believe the Greyhats would do this to Chase whoever is next I warn all ACME agents to stay alert and look out.

Jade: And yeah, I remember not to open the envelope until someone is coming to meet me and look what's inside from the envelope together. *The doorbell rings* Hold on, Stewart, I'll see who it is. *Puts on her house shoes on quickly [Jade always wears her house shoes whenever she's at home] and answers the door...gasped and quietly* Chief Jenny!?!?!
Stewart: *on screen* Jade, who is that?
Chief Jenny: *quietly* Shh! Relax, Director, it's just me!
Stewart: *on screen* Chief Jenny?!?! What are you doing in Jade's house?

Chief Jenny: *quietly* Making sure she's safe along with the big envelope, even though she can't go back in the main office, but I am taking her and the envelope safely to the Tokyo office, I've figure you send one of your informants to find Mason Dixon and Anton Gravity who escaped since New Year's Eve 2023 and organize a chaos of trouble.

Stewart: *on screen with a sigh of relief* I'm glad you're here, Chief Jenny, take Jade with you and Jade don't forget to take the big envelope with you.

Jade: Okay, Stewart, I'll go change my shoes and grab the envelope right now.
Stewart: *on screen* I'm counting on you to look carefully when you get to Tokyo, Jade!
Jade: Thanks, Stewart! *As she hangs her padphone after she enters her bedroom to get ready to leave with Chief Jenny at once*

[End of Part One: Sorry, I have to start over again and get it right this time]
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Part Two

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

*Three hours later after Jade and Chief Jenny left for the Tokyo office, Stewart enters the Tokyo office*

*Chief Jenny's Growlithe bark at Stewart*
Stewart: Hey, Growlithe! *As he pets the Puppy Pokémon* I hope your owner and Miss Jade made it safely. *As Jade came out of Chief Jenny's office*
Jade: We're here Stewart and I've got the envelope.
*Stewart goes inside Chief Jenny where she and Jade are waiting for him*

Chief Jenny: Chief Weller told me you're coming over right?
Stewart: Exactly, Miss Jade! *Jade hands Stewart the big envelope, he opens the envelope and there were a Blu-ray recordable disc and photos of Mason Dixon, Anton Gravity and other people along with some Pokémon to look into* I'm glad my informant brings those but couldn't send it over to me.
Jade: I've figured the informant mail it and left in a mailbox for me to deliver to ACME without Mason Dixon or anyone notice they were watch.

Chief Jenny: *after looking at the photos* No wonder! Any of them look familiar.
Stewart: Yeah, *points a picture at a man in his late fifties to his early sixties* him!
Jade: Who is he?
Stewart: He's Grady Crumbs, the owner of a tea plantation around Pickens County, South Carolina he's wanted in ten states for bootlegging.
Jade: As in smuggling his own brew of trouble.
Stewart: Precisely, Jade!

Jade's mind: *sighed as Jade's face became relieve yet worried at the same time imaging Lee Jordan drink a glass of trouble and get crazy at the same time* Glad Lee isn't here with me otherwise he'll try it without anyone looking and he might be woozy after drinking a glass of 'water.'

Chief Jenny: So, this man is joining up with Mason Dixon, I wonder why?
Stewart: *pick up the Blu-ray recordable disc* There's only way to find out, Chief Jenny, is there a Blu-ray player around here?
Chief Jenny: *nodded 'yes'* Follow me you two to the conference room. *As Jade and Stewart follow Chief Jenny out of her office*

Jade's mind: Just as the letter warns me about the Greyhats they're going to aligned with other criminal organizations as soon as possible after all they're a dangerous gang to put up with.

[End of Part Two]


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Part Three

Somewhere in Pickens County, SC, USA

*After entering into the conference room [ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan] Chief Jenny put in the Blu-ray recordable disc into the Blu-ray player thanks to the informant who saw what's going on there*

Informant: (male) *voice only quietly after spotted both Mason Dixon, Anton Gravity and a weird bipedal feline-like creature walking with them* Furret and I spotted our targets, be warned not to approach them...stay there, Furret, don't get too close.

Mason: *to Anton* That Perrserker is one critter you can rely on.
Anton: Like all the others I have, boss and Perrserker is no critter as I said they're my Pokémon.
Mason: Not that it matters. *All the sudden there's a big stag beetle-like creature blocking the path* What in tarnation is that?
Anton: A Pinsir, boss, Perrserker take care of that bug Pokémon now start off with an Iron Head. *Perrserker did* Perrserker, use Metal Claw! *Perrserker just stop Pinsir's Harden* Finish that Pinsir off with Pay Day! *Perrserker knock that Pinsir as Anton takes out a special Poke Ball* Go, Net Ball! *And thanks to that battle Pinsir is caught*

Mason: *as Anton grabs the Net Ball from the ground* Weee, doggies, Anton, you caught that critter.
Anton: Thank you, boss and for the last time it's Pokémon.
Mason: Whatever you say, Anton, let's git (get) going! [Almost forgot Mason Dixon has a Southern accent along with the other characters I'm already created] *As he and Anton continue along with Perrserker while the informant and Furret stay behind them without approaching them from the other side*

The Crumbs Mansion *Mason, Anton and Perrserker stop there*

Informant: *voice only quietly behind* Well I'll be surprised, that's the home of a tea plantation owner, Grady Crumbs, wanted for questioning of bootlegging in ten states most of them in the Southern Appalachian and the Deep South, Furret stay close...*notice something is watching them* then again go back further.

Anton: Why here, boss?
Mason: A friend of mine runs a tea plantation. *Uses a doorknocker and then the door stood a blonde-haired, green-eyed eyed woman in her late thirties*
Becca Crumbs: Why, Mason Dixon, it's been ages!
Mason: Miss Becca *like a gentleman he kisses her hand* You look pretty as a peach.
Becca: Why thank you, you're here to see my pa, are you, Mr. Dixon?
Mason: Indeed, I reckoned so.
Grady: Becca, who's that...*As a man in his late fifties to early sixties appeared in a gray suit* Why, Mason Dixon, it's been too long!
Mason: Ah, Grady, too long is right. *As they hugged and tap their back at each other but not too hard*

Grady: Let me guess, you left that Scarlett of Thieves [as in Carmen Sandiego] for good.
Mason: Actually, she got rid of me and I'm on my own to develop my criminal organization.
Grady: When did you start your gang?
Mason: I reckoned I already did.
Grady: Weee, doggies! And who is that?
Mason: Grady, Miss Becca, this is Anton Gravity!
Anton: Hello, sir, ma'am!

Becca: *looking at Anton's Perrserker* That is one amazing rebel critter!
Anton: Perrserker is a Pokémon, ma'am.
Grady: *to Anton* Son, that's what we call these Pokémon rebel critters, shall we go inside?
Mason: Let's, there's so much more to discuss. *As he, Anton, Grady, Becca and Perrserker enters the mansion*

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

Stewart: *after he, Jade and Chief Jenny is watching what the informant got so far* Well my informant didn't go inside there are Pokémon, inside and outside.
Jade: Owned by either Grady Crumbs or his daughter, Becca.
Stewart: Chief Jenny!
Chief Jenny: Found out what those Pokémon are according to what your informant saw at the mansion.

The Following Pokémon belonging to either Grady or Becca are as follows:

1. when Anton's Perrserker gets crazy over Becca's Purugly, the Tiger Cat Pokémon, a normal type and the evolve form of Glameow at Level 38.
2. On the celling of the Crumbs mansion is Chandelure, the Luring Pokémon, a ghost and fire type and the evolved form of Lampent exposed by a Dusk Stone.
3. Coming to Grady is Drowzee, the Hypnosis Pokémon, a psychic type.
4. Outside is a Grumpig, the Manipulate Pokémon, a psychic type and the evolve form of Spoink at Level 32.
5. And a Sandslash, the Mouse Pokémon, a ground type and the evolve form of Sandshrew at Level 22 staring at the informant and Furret.
6. Even a Vespiquen, the Beehive Pokémon, a bug and flying type and the evolve form of the female Combee at Level 21 and some male Combee seeing the informant.
7. And finally, there was Fearow, the Beak Pokémon, a normal and flying type and the evolve of Spearow at Level 20.

Informant: *voice only quietly* Terrific they are staring at us, Corviknight, I choose you, help us! *As a big black ravenlike creature appears and then the informant and Furret hop onto Corviknight and it lift its wings to save the informant and Furret above* That was close! *Oops, Fearow appears*

Grady: *as he, Mason, Anton and Becca came out of the mansion* Fearow, what in blazes is going...tarnation an intruder!
Informant: Uh oh! Corviknight flies us to safety! *Corviknight did* Sorry, you can fight all of them, however, we better find out where Grady is going and don't worry Furret we won't approach them and confront them.

[End of Part Three: Now that ACME knows Grady Crumbs and his daughter, Becca along with their own Pokémon is introduce let's see what the informant finds out next]
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Part Four

Somewhere in Pickens County, SC, USA [remember it's been recording by an informant working under Stewart Sterling, ACME's Director of Intelligence]

*After escaping from Grady's Fearow, the informant's Corviknight land him and Furret to safety*

Informant: *voice only* Everything is safe... *giving Corviknight some Pokémon food* Here you go, Corviknight, you need some strength. *Until he and Furret hears a blast coming from out of nowhere, the informant grabs his Poke ball to Corviknight* Rest inside until I need you. *Corviknight return to the Poke Ball* Let's investigate further, Furret, but we don't want too close, stay with me. *Furret nodded*

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

Conference Room

Chief Jenny: *while she, Jade and Stewart continued to watch what the informant got on the Blu-ray recordable disc* Looks like your informant and Furret are going somewhere to find out where that blast comes from.
Stewart: It seems they're going north.
Jade: *after she saw something* They stopped.
Stewart: *after the informant saw a sign* Team Shine's Hideout, Keep out!

Informant: *voice only* That blast must have come from there, can't go any further, Furret, its private property, but not for long... *Takes out a Poke ball* Let's go Sobble! *Out comes Sobble, a small blue lizard Pokémon and the informant give Sobble the video camera* Sobble, go inside the hideout and don't let no see you. *Sobble agreed and camouflage itself along with the video camera and Sobble enter without no one notice.

*Jade, Stewart and Chief Jenny are shocked to sees something weird*

Stewart: Look the exterior of that hideout.
Jade: Looks like a hillbilly's home. *Jade's right about's a rustic charming log cabin with a front porch and wooden sliding but has a metal roof on it, has a garden and vegetable patch with a green colored like scarecrow*
Stewart: What kind of a scarecrow is that?
Chief Jenny: That's no scarecrow it's a Cacturne.
Stewart: Cacturne?!?!
Chief Jenny: The Scarecrow Pokémon, a grass and dark type. *As an old lady who looks Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies [I don't the character or the show whatsoever] feeding a big bearlike creature*

Pearlie Mae: There you go, Ursaring, your lunch is served.

Chief Jenny: Ursaring, the Hibernator Pokémon, a normal type.
Jade: Boy, that's one big bear; Wow, check out the interior. *Yup, the interior has a wood stove, handmade furniture with antiques and keepsakes there in the kitchen was a fifty-year-old woman who looks like Charlene Darling-Wash from the Andy Griffith Show [I don't own the character or the show whatsoever] with an indigo creature with a Rafflesia on its head* Oh my gosh, that's a Vileplume, the Flower Pokémon.

Chief Jenny: That's one of the evolve forms of Gloom exposed by a leaf stone.
Stewart: And what's the other?
Jade: Bellossom, the Flower Pokémon exposed by a sun stone, Gloom is among one of the Pokémon that has a branching evolution.

Violet: *As an old man in a checked pattern shirt, overalls, work boots and a trucker's hat enter inside the house* Sonny, we're about to make the next batch.
Sonny Mooney: Good, we'll get the coal ready! *Heard a blast again* Oh those rough housing brawlers battling with their rebel critters [Pokémon].
Pearlie Mae: *as she enters the house* Oh Rusty and Finch they've been at each other throat.

Violet: As always finding out which one is the best, can't they do chores as they've been told?
Sonny: They never do, I'll put a stop to that! *As he uses a Poke ball* Mankey, come out! *And out comes Mankey, the Pig Monkey Pokémon, a fighting type* Let's stop those two before the coal comes in from West Virginia, you hear? *Mankey agreed as he and Sonny walks with a couple of buckets, Sobble follows them carefully*

Jade: Ugh! Glad my mother never moves there, or she'll be in endanger. *Jade's right again as if one part of Team Shine's hideout is not enough now, she notices a lot of trailers or mobile homes with patched up roofs and duct-taped windows and yes, a Pokémon battle is already in progress*

Rusty: *a man with old jeans, red vest and a red bandana on his neck* Mightyena, use tackle!
Finch: *a man with old jeans and a blue bandana on his head* Clawitzer, dodge and use crab hammer from behind. *Clawitzer did*
Rusty: Oh yeah, Mightyena, finished this with an iron tail.

Sonny: Mankey, use focus punch on those rebel critters! *And Mankey stop both Mightyena and Clawitzer and Sonny came to Rusty and Finch* What in tarnation are you boys doing rough housing instead of doing the chores like you two supposed to?

Finch: Aw, Shucks [Really], Sonny, we can't work together without messing up.
Rusty: That's because it's your fault!
Finch: No, it's your fault, not pulling the weeds out.
Rusty: No, it's your fault, not mopping the baseboards.
Finch: Oh, yeah!
Rusty: Yeah!
Sonny: *grabs both Rusty and Finch by one ear at a time* That's enough, boys! Put your shirts on, work boots on your feet and grab the buckets we've got coal coming in from West Virginia, Bucky is waiting for us.
Rusty/Finch: *as each grab a Poke ball put Mightyena and Clawitzer back into each one* Yes, Sonny!

Jade: Those boys are trouble.
Stewart: That's because they are stepbrothers, they always feuding with each other.
Chief Jenny: How did you know those boys?
Stewart: They're against the wedding between Rusty's mother and Finch's father and got into trouble by both sides of the family left those two for California.
Jade: And those two are ended up in prison.
Stewart: For about ten years.
Chief Jenny: And what about the others?

Stewart: I remember Sonny Mooney was arrested for stealing firearms and his trucker's license has been revoked, the rest we don't know.

Chief Jenny: I also found out the photos of their own Pokémon. *As Jade and Stewart see the Pokémon
own by Sonny beside Mankey are: Raticate the Mouse Pokémon and Muk, the Sludge Pokémon both are from Alola [as in Hawai'i], the Pokémon own by Rusty beside Mightyena are: Magcargo, the Lava Pokémon, Camerupt, the Eruption Pokémon and Garbodor the Trash Heap Pokémon and the Pokémon own by Finch beside Clawitzer are: Tentacruel, the Jellyfish Pokémon, Sharpedo the Brutal Pokémon and Crawdaunt, the Rogue Pokémon*

Jade: What the girls' Pokémon beside what we saw on the disc?
Stewart: Don't know my informant's Sobble will continue to find out where the boys are going.

[Stewart's right there's plenty more to come, end of Part Four]
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Part Five

Somewhere in Pickens County, SC, USA [Remember Part Four]

*Sobble continues to follow Sonny, Rusty and Finch there the men stop where another man in a plaid shirt, old jeans, rope belt, straw hat and gloves while shoveling the coal into his bucket along with a bipedal lizard-like creature with a mohawk, a badger-like creature with markings of a glam rockstar, a weasel catlike creature with a red crown and collar, and a big silver-gray bird*

Bucky Gray: *when he saw Sonny, Rusty and Finch coming with buckets on each man* You made it, Sonny, boys!
Sonny: *to Rusty and Finch* Let's git [get] digging! *Each grab a shovel to start digging the coal into their own bucket*
Rusty: This is one huge pile of black diamonds [coal] your boys brought in, Bucky!
Finch: Can't wait to show the girls the pile we've got.
Bucky: Don't the girls know it.
Rusty: Yeah, this will be great not only for cooking and cleaning, but also to make the entire supply of 'Fool's water' *Sobble sneezes and oops his camouflage is gone*

Sonny: Knock it off, boys! Let's make sure no one finds out about it, ya hear.
Rusty/Finch: Right, Sonny
Bucky: *to the weasel catlike creature looking out for spies* What's wrong, Weavile? *Sobble is scared and go back into camouflage mode*

Finch: Never mind, Bucky, Bucket's full!
Rusty: It's not!
Finch: It is so.
Sonny: *to Rusty and Finch* Equal amounts, boys! *Until he saw a poison mothlike creature shows up and circling around* Bucky, is that?
Bucky: It is, Ruby's Dustox!

Sonny: Come on boys, when it's Dustox, it means the boss is coming.
Bucky: *to the badger-like creature with the markings of glam rockstar and the bipedal lizard-like creature with a mohawk* Help us, Obstagoon, Scrafty grab the buckets that are filled, Skarmory, Weavile look out for any intruders here we don't want anyone taken our black diamonds [coal] away. *Skarmory and Weavile agreed* Dustox, lead us to Ruby! *As he, Sonny, Rusty, Finch, Obstagoon and Scrafty grabs each bucket filled with coal and follow Dustox as it flies while Sobble continues to be in camouflage mode*

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan
Conference Room
Jade: That was too close otherwise Sobble would have been caught or we have never seen this evidence.

Chief Jenny: Director Sterling, what did Rusty mean by 'Fool's water'?
Stewart: Fool's water?!?! *Waved his finger to Chief Jenny and Jade and whispers, Chief Jenny is shocked, and Jade realized what 'Fool's water' means* [Sorry, to make this word (Fool's water) to keep my story clean it's better to be safe than sorry]

*Sobble returns to the house there was a girl who likes Elly May Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies [Again I don't own the character or the show whatsoever] expect her hair is red with sloppy pigtails, cropped blouse, cut off jean shorts with a rope belt and almost ratty tennis shoes and there was an upright meerkat-like creature besides her*

Pearlie Mae: *to Ruby Sap* Are you sure the boss is coming, Ruby?
Ruby: Sure is, Pearlie Mae, me and Watchog are looking out and the boss is coming.
Violet: *feeding a blue-gray big catlike creature* Alone?
Ruby: Nope, just his daughter and two gentlemen coming on his moving vehicle.
*Alolan [as in Hawaiian] Persian meowed*
Violet: Don't get bored, Persian!
Pearlie Mae: I hope the boys get back with the coal. *Dustox shows up to Ruby*
Ruby: They sure made it. *As Sonny, Rusty, Finch, Bucky, Obstagoon and Scrafty along with the buckets of coal enters the house*

Bucky: Howdy, Pearlie Mae, Violet, my sweet Ruby thanks for bringing Dustox to us.
Ruby: You're welcome, Bucky! *Ruby kisses him on his cheek*
Violet: *to Ruby* You always give Bucky some sugar [kiss] after he came back with a lot of coal.
Bucky: Oh Miss Violet, after all she is my girl show some respect.

Jade: What can tell about those two lovebirds?
Stewart: Bucky Gray used to work at a coal mine in West Virginia and his girlfriend, Ruby Sap well I've found out they are once-removed cousins...And I've got a bad feeling it's about to get ugly when they are about to meet.
Chief Jenny: Sobble better get outer here...*as she, Jade and Stewart gasped as the video has been blanked out* Oh no, what happened?

Jade: Either it's my imagination or the video camera got finished it's run.
Stewart: It's not your imagination, Jade, but you are right about the video camera finished it's run.
Chief Jenny: So, what happened to the informant?
Stewart: I've found out from him that he escaped after being spotted Becca's Grumpig using Psychic and the rest well I hope I'll find out from him as of now, He send it the evidence over to you, Jade, and making sure it's safe with you until I arrive and making sure it goes to ACME for a top-secret mission to shut down Crumbs' bootlegging business once and for all.

Jade: I bet it's for the ones with a higher rank.
Stewart: Exactly!
Chief Jenny: Some of the ACME agents don't have Pokémon.
Stewart: I'm aware of that, Chief Jenny! Jade, I have to take you back home and stay there until further notice from ACME, is that clear?
Jade: As clear as a crystal! *As she and Stewart stands while Chief Jenny grabs the Blu-ray disc and hand it and the pictures over to Stewart, while Jade grabs her padphone from the table after rechanging at the dock*
Chief Jenny: Make sure the evidence is safe at the main headquarters.
Stewart: *as he and Jade are about to leave* Of course, Chief Jenny!

Jade: Until then, Chief Jenny! *And she and Stewart leaves headquarters*

Stewart: Jade, I'll be returning to San Francisco as soon as we land, you have to go home fast.
Jade: That's why, I'm already prepared!

[The End]
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If you think Crumbs and Team Shine are the only ally to Mason Dixon and the Greyhats, think again, there's more coming soon. [right now, I have to get back with my mind, pen and paper only then I'll blogging whenever I'm ready]

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