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It was merely a casualty in the mansion. The rain pounded on the roof as we realized one of us had blood on our hands. Anya wasn't too happy about this whole Larping thing. I could tell as she stared coldly at me from across the room.

"Honestly, Mrs white is glaring at me like I am some despicable criminal," I say as I tease my worthless detective girl.

" she is just suspicious of everyone since her boss is lying lifeless," Ruslan explained roleplaying as professor plum. He carefully kicked the fake body. "Good riddance," Maya cried, acting as Mrs peacock.

" Well, I say, we should look for the murder weapon post haste," I explained because, firstly, I didn't do it. Professor Plum and I go down the hallway, talking about anything to keep our spirits high. "Honestly, miss scarlet, do you like cider or wine better?" He asked me with a cheeky smile."Apple cider," I answered while we entered the ballroom

The ballroom was elegant. Soft piano hauntingly played in the background."Which do you prefer out of the two?' i returned his question
"I think of wine?" Ruslan dropped his role for a second, and I stuck my tongue out in response. I spy the curtains and notice they hung awkwardly among their rods."Why are they lose?" Professor Plum queried with a shrug,
"I'm not sure how odd," I answered as He began looking around the mansion for the missing rope.

I leave the ballroom with the intent of solving this murder mystery and rubbing it into the detectives' faces. I sneak into the kitchen because I know where I would hide a murder weapon. The kitchen was quite a huge mess. The room housed Shattered plates, flour, and an unknown red substance splattered across everything." so this is what a crime scene looks like," I chuckle as I search for a weapon. I lick some of the red substance off my fingers, and I am relieved it was strawberry jam and not blood. Suddenly I could feel eyes staring at me.

I could tell just from the cold vibes that they belong to Anya.

"no guests in the kitchen," Mrs white scolded me.
"I'm sorry," I explained as I made my escape.

I carefully grasp the silver revolver within my palms. I hide it along the small of my back.

I notice Professor Plum, at Last, finds the rope.
"I see you found it, also found a this as well,"
I exclaimed before pulling out my hidden weapon.
I pretend to shoot him. "bang, You are dead." I mischievously chant.

"oh no," He exclaimed while falling on the floor in a fit of laughter.

I wondered if Mrs white and Mrs peacock had found a weapon yet."pretty sure, corpses don't giggle." I tease as I help him back up on his feet."I saw Mrs peacock acting rather suspicious." Professor plum informed me. I faked a gasp. That's when it dawned on me; I haven't seen her since the start of the game." where did she run off to?" I wondered

I decide to let her have her way while playing this game."I swear on my life, I am innocent." Mrs. white exclaimed while running past the professor and me. Right behind her was Mrs. Peacock, who angrily shook the candlestick." she came out of the study!" Professor Plum explained that which was obvious, "I think She got creeped out by the maid." I suggested knowing that I had a run-in with the maid mere moments ago

Professor Plum and I follow the unladylike ladies as the group made its way into the conservatory.

it's getting cold." I mutter to Professor plum in my sleeveless gown.
He took off his coat and gently wrapped it around my shoulders.
"Thank you, sir," I acknowledged his polite, gentlemanly skills.

Mrs white stood near some cacti. I wished she didn't wear such a poker face because I needed to know who creeped out who the most.

Mrs peacock had backed off from her hunt.she had her back towards us as she sat silently on a concrete bench,

Professor Plum and I stared at each other for a few moments. "I will talk to Mrs peacock; you will speak to Mrs white," I demanded of him.
"I will let you take the lead," He answered as he walked towards Mrs white.
She seemed hesitant at first but quickly decided to discuss the matter.
I made my way over to Mrs peacock and complimented her peacock hairpin.
"It seems you aren't here to discuss fashion, especially since a killer is on the loose," She answered since she saw through my layer of deceit.
"I beg your pardon," I replied while trying to lead the conversation to figure out who did it.

I heard a gunshot, and you have the revolver, dear," She accused me while donning a coy smile.
To be honest about it, we all know it is a fake revolver; yet to keep the game alive. We will treat it as a real one.

I was flirting with professor plum," I rebutted her accusation while giving an alibi."Flirting with a weapon, how scandalous, Miss scarlet," She replied.

Why was Mrs white running away from you," I ask her. She looked at me with those dark brown eyes. "She saw something she shouldn't have," She answers with a smirk." how cryptic," I mutter as I head away from Mrs peacock. Professor Plum seemed better at getting an explanation out of Mrs white.

Any luck?" I asked him when he left her company. He looked at the floor and frowned. "Afraid I got nothing," He exclaimed. " no one knows who did it until the folder opens in two hours," I admitted as myself. "Dang it, two hours left of pointing fingers," Ruslan exclaimed while pointing at everyone." that's rude in some cultures," I informed him. "Sorry," He remarked slightly, embarrassed. "let's go to the dining room," I suggested as Miss scarlet. It wasn't easy to tell I was acting at all.

"I will be in the billiard room," He explained before darting off. I shook my head in frustration at how clueless he was. Then I chuckled because he is Clueless in the game of clue. I entered the dining room, intending to manipulate the game. And I quickly noticed the dagger that hung on the right side wall was missing. My target is the folder with the cards resting on the table ever since the beginning of the game.

"If he had joined me, I couldn't do this," I thought as I swiped the evidence folder.

The aura of being in the game with costumes and settings was messing with my head.

I felt ruthless and more seductive than usual, which frightened me.

I was horrified to find the folder empty.

"We suspected you would do that, so we hid the real folder," A disembodied voice explained.

"ugh, it's the player," I muttered.

I threw the empty folder in the fire in disgust at the player's knowledge of me.

"play fairly," He warned before cutting off his communication.
I pour myself a glass of apple cider to calm my thoughts. The cinnamon stick swirled in the crystal chalice as I took a break. It was nice that an anonymous sponsor to set this game up for us. I wonder if they were experimenting on us like lab rats. The surveillance that now, was brought to my attention as the player was sinisterly laughing at me. I stared at the camera as I sip my cider."To what purpose are we playing?" I pondered

Mrs white entered and fixed herself a glass.
"I swear, I have been grieving over a stupid dummy," She states out of character.

"The game is messing with us," I muttered.
I could tell she wants this game to end soon too.

"Are we sure Maya and Ruslan are okay?" I asked as I try to break even more out of character.

I doubt it," She replied." by the way, Mrs. White, have you seen the dagger?" I asked while showing her the place it used to hang. I noticed the handle sticking out from her apron's ties. It was Done to save me from having a dagger in my eyes. I chose to let her confess if she decides to. Her smoky eyes dart back and forth."I'm Scared." She whispered. "I am too," I admitted as I felt we were finally bonding.

I thought back to what Mrs peacock said earlier.
"Anya, what did you see in the study?" I asked.

Although she outwardly didn't show any emotions towards my question.

"I saw a man in a lab coat examing whoever plays Mrs. Peacock." She explained.

"her name is Maya Ladron," I replied.

"She appeared to of had a panic attack." She continued.

"that explains how angry she seemed with you," I added.

I remembered that Maya is a master of illusions and her ability to sniff out lies is like no other.
She often teases me about how I give myself away easily.
If something is going on, she would know immediately.
I finish my cider and quickly place the chalice on the table.
I waved bye to Mrs white because I needed to confirm my suspicions with Mrs. Peacock.
I noticed Professor Plum was playing billiards as I passed by the Billard Room.
The sound of the balls pinging against each other echoed loudly.

I smiled at the thought of Ruslan enjoying playing by himself, absolutely oblivious to the madness sets in around us.

"How it would be to be innocent again," I muttered under my breath.

I found Mrs peacock in the library; She sat on an embroidered couch with a pile of books to her side. "Maya, What illusions are in effect?" I asked her while slamming the book out of her tanned hands. "So you discovered that this isn't merely a fun larping experience," She stated while studying my body language.
"Before I reveal what you should know, Have you been drinking?" She asked me.
"no," I lied and knew very well the apple cider was alcoholic.
"you have because you are a bit flushed my, dear." She explained with a smirk.

She was proving to me that she was still very much aware of everything going on around us.'

"We haven't been invited because of the game. We are here because the sponsors are researching our psyches.

"That explains the player, laughing at me; he safeguarded the game cards," I explained.

She shook her head, which allowed her auburn curls to fall out of place.

"can't say I'm surprised they would." She chuckled.

"Who are they?" I asked her.

She shrugged, "I'm not psychic; I don't know who they are," She admitted sadly.

It is too easy to forget that Maya doesn't have supernatural abilities as she makes it seem so effortless.

She doesn't know everything and becomes solemn when she has to point out the limits of her talent.

"you are the greatest," I praised her.

She turned her attention back to the book that had fallen askew on the carpeted floor.

I took that as my cue to leave her alone.
I quickly leave the library and decided to join professor plum for a game." care if I take a shot, Ruslan?" I asked as I walked into the Billiard room."go right ahead, Lav," He said while backing away from the billiard table. I grab my stick from its place against the wall. I noticed the wall was cardboard; I didn't think much of a cardboard wall. I went around the billiard table to take a shot at the colorful balls. I leaned over and popped a few balls across the table. I was surprised; I knocked the red ball into a hole." you know it, seems, like time is going on much slower than usual! " Ruslan blurted without thinking. I wondered what time it was; I used my skills as a pickpocket him out of his silver pocket watch." hey, Miss scarlet, keep your hands on things that belong to you," He whined." where would I put it? Evening gowns don't have pockets," I scolded professor plum and found surprising; it has been two hours and thirty minutes since the game started.

I could see from his expression. he became concerned with the new sense of time. It was relieving to know someone with such vivid facial definitions. I felt my thoughts melting away once in a while. Though At least I'm trapped here with my detectives and My best friend. I felt as I have forgotten something important; as I play billiards with professor plum. The game was enjoyable as colorful balls fell one by one into the holes."Good shot, Professor plum," I chuckled as he masterfully hit two balls in at the same time. He winked at me.

Time ticked by; we all forgot it was a game.


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Mrs peacock entered the billiard room with Mrs white by her side." playing a game while we still haven't figured out the culprit?" Mrs. white cried out in annoyance at Professor plum. While I had been goofing off. for a few moments." Isn't that a job for detectives?" I casually replied while knocking another ball into a hole. She snarled at my carefree attitude.

"You are trying to seduce everyone and runoff from your hideous deeds," Mrs peacock complained about me.

I Stood up to make her pay for what she had just said.

"You are gonna regret that, birdie?" I evilly chuckled as I walked towards her.

I felt as I was watching a movie from inside a character's body. I knew I wouldn't harm my friend; I couldn't help but watch myself attack.

Professor Plum and Mrs white noticed that something bad was about to happen.

Before I knew it, They had me pinned to the ground and Professor Plum took my revolver away.

I cussed them out in anger.

An announcement rang out.

"it's time to flip the cards." The Player's voice spoke from his surveillance room

We finally were given the cards that revealed the location, the weapon, and who did it.
Mrs peacock decided to skip out on flipping the cards over.
Professor Plum had his hands on the location card; Mrs. white had the weapon card. That left me with the guilty card.

Professor Plum flipped his card over; it revealed the kitchen.
Mrs. White flipped her card over; it revealed the revolver.
I shuttered at the thought of who might be on my card.

I flipped mine over slowly; before I could completely flip it over, my senses became all fuzzy.
My mouth became drier than a desert; my vision faded into black.

"It was me; I killed Mr. Boddy," I exclaimed loudly as the darkness turned into a burning bright light.

I shut my eyes closed as the sound of sirens filled my ears.

When I opened them again, I discovered I was in a hospital room on top of a hard plastic bed.

"Is anyone there?" I cried out as I hate being alone in unfamiliar situations.

I forced myself off of the uncomfortable bed; at that moment, a nurse came into the room.

"Good morning Laverna, Did you sleep well?" She said to me

"I slept well; why am I here?" I replied.

"you were involuntarily committed to the acme medical center." She answered my question.

"what day is it?" I asked

"Oct 31st." She answered me again.

"Well, happy Halloween." I chuckled to myself.
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This was a cool clue story with a good twist. I don’t care how many times dream twists are used, I like them anyway


Goddess of thieves
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This was a cool clue story with a good twist. I don’t care how many times dream twists are used, I like them anyway
(( it took me about three days to write it))

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