Climbing in the bed


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Early or late was the time

And i couldnt sleep for the memories was too deep.

Memories no one should remember in their deep sleep.

For its tramatic tendecies to replay on repeat.

So i tucked carmen sanbunny into my footed onesie and i zipped her nice and tight.

I unscrew the vent cover in my room and i planned to venture towards boss mama.

Crawling like an infant into the dusty vent.

I crawled until i came across her room

Its a room i found through exploring and its hidden very well

Perfect for the royal heighness of crime.

Slowly i reach through the vent and unscrew the cover.

I breathed through my nose as i didnt want to be fired.

Prehaps she would just snuggle me in her sleep

Its an adorable thought and dream.

I opened the vent and it made a horriable squeal

I held my breath and luckily it didnt deter her.

I climbed out carefully and pull carmen sanbunny out of the safety of my footed onesie

I tiptoed over to the bed and pulled back the covers.

And made myself right at home.

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