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@Jacqueline Hyde I was so lucky to see an advertisement for it! The only reason I signed up for Facebook and took that site seriously was because of that game. I was furious when they stopped hosting it; and from how good it was knew they couldn’t make another game that came close to it, which ended up being Sadly true. You would have played along with other players as ACME Detectives helping each other solve clues, and track the VILE crooks down. There were a TON of cases to choose from in folders.

You selected a certain number to hold on to as they were only available for a certain amount of time. The difficulty of the folders were marked by their color with blue being easy, yellow being medium, and red being the most difficult. The cases were timed you had to solve the case before the timer counted down. Instead of being annoying it was realistic and made you want to solve the case before the crook got away. You had to do research on the internet to solve alot of the clues.

You got a bunch of unlockables based on your performance on certain cases. The most challenging ones were the *drumroll* Task force cases! Basically cases that called on multiple ACME agents to form a task force of five to solve the crime! When you finally solved enough cases to gain the experience necessary to catch Carmen you got to try... And I emphasize try. The time to catch Carmen was EXTREMELY limited to the point where you had to pay to get her arrested.

But other than that the game was sooooo gooood! I literally could go on and on about this game, it’s arguably the greatest Carmen game they ever made simply because the mmo-like ability of other players helping you out. Or in other words we’d all be playing it right now if it were still hosted.

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