Carmen’s first interrogation


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on a dusty VHS laid the truth of her criminal beginnings.

the video began to play showing the notorious thief at just ten-year-old.

she sat in an interrogation room across from the camera and on her chubby face was her signature smirk

"look, I didn't do anything, Detective sir," She pleaded with a Japanese man.

"Why aren't you in school with the rest of your friends?" He asked in a concerned way.

"what friends, they ain't nothing but snitches; also school's boring when you know everything," she argued giving a big display of rage in such a tiny body.

the man laughed.
"no one knows everything, Ms. Sandiego." He replied.

"not true, I do," She remarked with a slight chuckle.

"you didn't know you would be arrested for stealing candy, did you?" He asked.

she shook her head; "I been framed, I tell you honestly I'm innocent."

The man pulled her hat off revealing chocolate sauce all over the girl's face.

"oh really? then what's on your nose?" he asked holding back his laughter.

Carmen touched her nose-wiping off the evidence.
" shall we call The golden gate school for girls and return you or should we send you to prison?" He teased.

"I think I rather try my luck in prison, sir" Carmen replied sassily.

"you don't want a record, let's just get you home." He insisted before the video cut off.

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