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(I don't own the poem mentioned.)

Lucy checked the time and then rushed toward the dorms, upset she'd lost track of it on such an important day. The sun set and the wind picked up, making leaves and trees dance. Her shoulders and feet ached as she made it to her door. It had been a very long day but it was good because it marked the first day of her veterinary internship.

She fumbled through pockets for her key. “Please tell me I didn’t leave it in one of my classes” Last month it was her cell phone, and the month before that it was her calculator that went missing. Relief fell over her when she found it in her backpack.

"Back!" there was no answer. The air was usually filled with her roommates music as she studied, but it was quiet. Instead her cat met her with meows and rubbed its body against legs excitedly. "Yes, Luna. I'll get your dinner." The meows continued as Lucy prepared the food and set the bowl down. Luna took to it like she hadn’t eaten in days.

Satisfied she turned to the package on her nightstand which contained a cinnamon scented candle. It was his favorite scent. The box was easy enough to open and its smell was stronger than imagined. The phone suddenly went off. A text message popped up. "Are you there?" her mom was right on time, as always. A sigh. Tears escaped as she slid down the wall and Luna snuggled with her. Lucy was as ready as she was ever going to be. The girl dialed her mother.

“Hello, mom.” The candle was lit.

Mom’s voice came through in a low tone. “Lulu, you alright?”

“I miss him” more tears fell but she wiped them away.

There was a pause. “I miss him too. Your father would be proud of you. You’ve come so far.” Mom’s voice cracked and she sniffed.

“I know, mom.”

“You said you had a poem this year?”

Lucy cleared her throat and through the tears she spoke.

No presents bought, no candles blown; this year you walk on streets of gold,
And it's so much more than the stories you've been told.
The sun is shining on your face,
and you're standing in all of God's good grace.
There were people there to meet you at that pearly gate.
Promise for me there too you will wait.
The angels no longer sing from up above;
but hand in hand together, you sing about God's love.
No more pain, no more strife,
but the gift of eternal life.
The sufferings of this world are left behind.
You made your mark; your life was not left undefined.
You told people of your Savior's love and how he died for you and me
so we could spend our time praising him for all eternity.
Someday we'll meet again,
for time is just a vapor in the wind.
But until that day comes, I will miss you every day.
I just wanted to wish you a happy heavenly birthday.

“That was beautiful hon. Please tell me when you get your father’s journals.” now her mother talked through tears.

“I will, thank you.”


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Hey mate, that was good! Would you like me to reformat your poem so it's easier to read?

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