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We were such close friends and we were roommates back at acme academy during our teenage years.
I felt alive when she would purposely annoy me and her warm and mischievous personality was the polar opposite of my goal-oriented and cold disposition.

I thought I understood her but how did I miss the fact she was Carmen’s trainee right under my pure-blooded detective nose?

Like she wore a red trench coat and made tons of crime jokes. It should have been a dead giveaway that she was a vile agent and yet I fell for it.

Ruslan did too; actually, he fell harder as he kept going on romantic dates with her and they snuck out of the dorms together.

I know he still sneaks out to see her and honestly, I think that's dishonorable for his career. But not like potatoes care about being tidy and honorable. They live in the dirt and of course, he is up to being dirty with the criminal. we are supposed to arrest that brat.

He likes to act like it's totally fine to play under the sheets of a criminal mastermind. If we weren't assigned partners I probably would throw him out the window for the audacity.

And that criminal acts like it's all a game to play. Well, Carmen acts like that too and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

She seems to get into more trouble than Carmen ever has and it's usually some gang-related disaster with kidnapping and torture. How is she even alive? after all there are some of these horrific scenes, I watched helplessly through security cameras.

Like if I alerted acme or the law enforcement to the perils she has gotten herself into. She wouldn't be grateful and start behaving and two it's not my job to be her guardian angel.

Will she learn to stop picking fights and stay close to Carmen or will she die a terrible murder?

These are things I shouldn't waste my time about as it doesn't bring her or Carmen Sandiego to justice

Those traitors need a taste of their own vile medicine.
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That's what they call a long con.

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