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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, The Chief, Archie Pelago, Bolt Upright, Ivy, Zack, Lee Jordan, Josha, Cole Gannon, Phoenix (Chase's pet falcon),Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas, Double Trouble, Dara Riska, Al Loy and Jane Reaction whatsoever)

Guest Characters: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus (Ron's pet a naked mole rat),Wade,Dr. Drakken,Shego,Senor Senior Junior,Bonnie Rockwaller,Monkey Fist,DNAmy,Duff Killigan,Motor Ed,Kim's family (Dr.Mr.Possible( Kim's father he's a rocket scientist),Dr.Mrs. Possible (Kim's mother she's a brain surgeon) and her twin brothers (Jim/green and Tim/red)) (I don't own these characters either they belong to Disney hope everybody understands)

(This is a crossover story)


Middleton,USA (Blogger's note: I look up at Kim Possible wiki about Middleton some say it's Colorado but not to the Series Director of Kim Possible who stated that Middleton is Anywhere,USA and I'm not making it up.)

In a nice house...

There was a red-haired,blue-eyed woman who is looking at the mail until...a brown-haired,black eyed man came home upset.

"Hey Mr. Rocket Science how's work?" the lady asked
"Awful!" the man answered
"What's the matter?"
"I've got the pink slip and not only that I was accused of stealing North America's most powerful electromagnet."
"I know you don't steal anything,James!"
"Ann,I'm positive." James said and sighed "I don't know what to do now."
"Oh calm down,honey." said Ann "at least the mail came in today."
"I hope Kim made it okay in the UN."

"Or our boys in St.Paul."

"Ah, Jim and Tim at the science fair I hope that money will get them to college probably where I attended." said James and Ann screamed with joy. "What is it..is it from Kim or the boys?"

"Neither." said Ann as she opened the envelope "it's that contest I enter."

"Oh yeah I hope you got the grand prize." said James as Ann opened the envelope and she said to James..."It's not!"

"What?!?! You mean you didn't win?"

"I did win an all expense paid trip for two to San Francisco!"

"San Francisco?!?!" James said "Exploratorium,California Academy of Sciences..."

"And Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf,Chinatown,Aquarium of the Bay..."

"Ocean Beach,Crissy Field,Transamerica Pyramid..."

"Lots of pretty houses in Alamo Square!"

"Talk about the 'Painted Ladies' *Ann starred at James's face*...in a term of Victorian and Edwardian Houses that is."

Ann sighed of relief .

"So when are we going to San Francisco?"

"We are leaving Saturday we're going to spend two weeks there to have fun and get our kids some souvenirs from there...and we're checking in at the famous Fairmont Hotel on top of Nob Hill."

"Beside we better think what to pack for our trip." said James.
"Let's figure it out together!" said Ann
"Look out,San Francisco Mr. and Mrs. James Timothy Possible are coming over!"

(end of prologue)
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(Act one begins)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Chief 's office

As The Chief (Dr. Weller) is about to leave on a Model UN meeting as one of the guest speakers in New York City...his fax machine is still on and it printed out a note...The Chief gasped when he saw the note.

Three Hours Later...

Archie Pelago's Office

"Miss Ezell." said Archie while he and Bolt Upright in his office...
"Yes,Archie!" said Jade on the screen.
"I hope you'll be ready for assignment in St. Paul."
"Always,everything is plan according to the MOB." said Jade
"Brilliant,Miss Ezell...and you,Mr. Monaghan,Agent Josha,Dr.Ross and Miss Young proceed with caution." said Archie as Sam meowed on the screen. "And you too,Sam,keep your paws to yourself."

Archie flip the screen to there on the screen is Lee Jordan.
"Jordan,I hope you know what to do." said Bolt.
"I don't know what's going on in the Nation's Capital." said Lee "I'm glad it isn't the President the suspects are after."
"The answer lies in the National Zoo,Jordan."
"Right,Bolt!" said Lee.

Meanwhile in Middleton,USA

In a nice house...
There was a brown-haired/teal eyed girl packing her things in her bedroom when someone knock on her door.

"Come in!" the girl said and there was a muscular guy with tanned skin,black hair and pale blue eyes...

"Bonnie,What're you doing?" the guy asked
"What's it look like I'm doing I'm moving out." Bonnie answered.
"What for?"
"You know my parents when a Rockwaller is done with high school has to go on to college,"
"Are you going to college?"
"No Senor Senior Junior,I didn't get in."
"What? Why?" Junior asked as Bonnie whispered to his ear.
Junior was not surprised and then he saw something on the floor...he pick it up and said to Bonnie "Take a look at this!"

"What is it?" Bonnie asked and she gasped "That's the letter I got from Grandma twelve years ago."

"So my father never believes Grandma that she has a treasure for a Rockwaller."
"Where is your grandma's treasure?"
"All I remember from Grandma that the treasure is somewhere around San Francisco probably somewhere in Ocean Beach."

"What are we waiting for? I remember my father got a small place around Ocean Beach I'm thinking to move there start over for myself." said Junior "Bonnie Rockwaller,would you like to go to San Francisco with me?"

"Why not? Let's go!" Bonnie answered and she and Junior grab Bonnie's stuff and heads off for San Francisco.

Somewhere in Nevada/California Border

Vic the Slick (in his own car) driving and then hit the brakes and saw two people...one is a man who has black hair, blue skin and a scar under his left eye and a woman with black hair,green eyes,pale skin with slight green tinge.

"Hey you two." said Vic and the man starred at Vic. "Need a lift?"
"Sure why not!" said the man "Shego!"
"What is it Dr. Drakken?" Shego asked
"We got a ride." Dr. Drakken answered
"It's about time!"
So Dr. Drakken and Shego hop in and Vic drives.

"So where are you going,uh...?" Dr. Drakken asked
"The name is Vincent,but everyone calls me as Vic and I'm going to Lake Tahoe." Vic answered
"What for?" Shego asked
"To meet my friends and my boss."
"Your boss?!?!" Dr. Drakken asked "We would like to meet him."

"Him?!?!" Vic answered "No,no,no my boss is her."
"Her?!?!" Shego asked
"Yeah!" said Vic as he gave Dr. Drakken a picture of Vic's boss
Shego gasped as she saw the picture.

"Vic, your boss is Carmen Sandiego?"
"I used to know her."
"Where did to meet this Carmen Sandiego woman,Shego?" Dr. Drakken asked
"It's a long story!" said Shego.

(end of act one)


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Please note: This is not Act two...it's ACME's MOB (Mission Objectives Briefing)

The Chief receive a message from Carmen Sandiego, according to her she will strike again and she means it...literally!

Mission One

[Chase Devineaux and Ivy Monaghan]

Main Objective: Protect the Model UN Delegates representing from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs from being kidnapped by an unknown suspect in New York City.

Secondary Objective: Also escort and protect the Chief (because he's one of the guest speakers there).

Ideal Entry: Front Door of the UN's General Assembly.

Mission Two

[Lee Jordan,Cole Gannon,Tyson Jackson and Jason Argonaut along with Lee's beagle dog,Reuben]

Main Objective: two unknown suspects are after animals at the National Zoo in Washington,D.C.

Secondary Objective: Proceed with caution some animals can be aggressive especially when dealing with one of the unknown suspects have a group of monkeys dressed as ninjas.

Ideal Entry: Detective Jordan will show his badge to the guard from the back entrance.

Mission Three

[Jade Ezell,Zack Monaghan,Josha,Dr. Spencer Ross and Maylee Young along with Jade's mackerel tabby cat,Sam]

Main Objective: Protect the Science Fair projects and its creators ranging from middle school to high school students in St. Paul,Minnesota.

Secondary Objective: Watch out! Some Science Fair projects can be fumed with chemicals so proceed with caution.

Ideal Entry: Front door entrance.

(Inspire by the Role Played Seraphim at the old site but I don't own that idea whatsoever).
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(Act two begins)

United Nations Headquarters,New York City,NY,USA

General Assembly Building

After the Chief is escorting safely along with the Model UN Delegates from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs...

Chase Devineaux (in a Charcoal gray suit with light gray shirt and gray necktie,black socks and black shoes) and Ivy Monaghan (in a dark gray one button blazer and suit pants set with a blue-violet tank top under the jacket and black ankle boots) is searching for the unknown suspect from kidnapping the Model UN Delegates...

But then all the sudden Ivy saw something "Chase." she said quietly...

"Commander,they're just guarding the building." said Chase

"No,Chase they look familiar."

Chase gasped as the two security guards pass by him and Ivy...

"Now do you believe me?"

"I sure have,Commander come on we have to follow them." said Chase and he and Ivy did.

Inside the Model UN Meeting

After the Chief speaks to the Model UN Delegates about ACME's allies with the UN Peacekeeping secure the world's landmarks,treasures from museums and other historic areas from VILE's clutches.

"I say it's a bad idea to have ACME aided the UN Peacekeeping protect the world from robbery let ACME think do it for themselves." a delegate said and he step down.

"I'm not impressive of what you said that's not the right way to say it in the negative way." said the professor of Political Science of International Affairs "perhaps a good affirmative way from Miss Kimberly Ann Possible would."

And there she is Kim Possible dressed in a blue dress (sleeveless and knee length) over a navy one-button blazer, pearl stud earrings and necklace set (that Nana Possible gave her for her post-graduation party) and black two inch heeled closed toe pumps...

"Dr.Weller as we much appreciate ACME concern about protecting stolen items but what about this Carmen Sandiego woman...Do you think she'll take over the world? Because that's what villains like to do." said Kim until the two security guards seal the doors hard...everyone gasped.

"What is the meaning of this?" the Chief asked as the security guards revealed themselves as they removed the disguise and in their own outfit.

"Don't move a muscle,everyone Dara Riska is here!" the henchwoman answered.

"And I'm Al Loy telling you that this is a hold up." the henchman answered until a blast came out of the ceiling and there was a guy dressed up like a Scotsman with a set of golf clubs appeared from the sky.

"Hey you with the skirt this is a hold up." said Dara

"Don't I know it,Lass!" said the Scotsman "And it's a kilt and the name's Duff Killigan.

"Alright,Killigan,what are you doing here?" Kim asked "And who are these clowns? (referring to Dara Riska and Al Loy)"

"Why you!" said Dara until Chase (in his dark red battle suit) and Ivy (in her teal battle suit) kick the door.

"Oh great not ACME!" said Al
"Let's get'em,Commander!" said Chase
"Right!" said Ivy as she and Chase are about to get Dara and Al when all the sudden Killigan uses his golf balls on Ivy and Chase and both Ivy and Chase fell to the floor.

"That ought blister your bagpipes." said Killigan and laughed until Kim cartwheeled herself.

"Thanks to you,Killigan." said Kim "You and these two ruined a Model UN meeting."

"Huh!?!?!" said Killigan "I thought it was a peace summit meeting,oh well practice makes perfect."

As Ivy and Chase got up...."Al,we better get outer here!" said Dara
"Good thinking,Dara!" said Al as he and Dara ran...Ivy and Chase are going after them but Killigan use a golf ball sized smoke screen bomb and then all the sudden someone scream...There was Killigan grabbing the Chief .

"You two I'll give you a lift." Killigan said to Dara and Al and they did.

"Oh no Dr.Weller!" said Kim
"Chief!" said Ivy as Chase's face turns red as a lava burst from the volcano.

National Zoo,Washington,DC,USA

Reptile Discovery Center

Cole Gannon and Jason Argonaut followed a plus size woman entering there...and there coming behind Cole and Jason...

"Did you hear something?" Jason asked
"I hear it." Cole answered "But it's not my stomach!"
"Of course it's not!" Jason said as he wave his flashlight and saw a weird creature with a size of a raccoon but the mouth is like an alligator.

Jason and Cole gasped and screamed.

(end of act two)


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(Act three begins)

National Zoo,Washington,DC,USA

Reptile Discovery Center

Cole and Jason are holding them own selves still until they saw another

"Oh,I'm glad you met my pals the Coonigators!" said the plus size woman as she appeared.

"Okay who are you?" Cole asked

"And what are you doing here?" Jason asked

"I'm Amy Hall but I'm a big fan of Cuddle Buddies."

"Huh!?!?!" said Cole and Jason in unison

"I'm just making an army of Coonigators!"

"Not so fast,DNAmy!" a dark skinned sixteen year old boy said as he appeared.

"You're too late!" said DNAmy as she capture an American alligator as she gets away.

"Let's go!"

"Jason!" said Cole
"We'll trust him,Cole." said Jason "Come on!"

As he and Cole followed the dark skinned teenage boy

"By the way, the name's Wade." the teenage boy introduced himself to Cole and Jason.

"Cole Gannon!" Cole introduced himself
"Jason Argonaut!" Jason introduced himself "We're from ACME!"
"Sweet!" said Wade "I know you ACME agents are so cool!"
"We sure are,Wade!" said Cole.

The Great Ape Exhibit

After tracking down the mysterious stranger...

And thanks to Reuben's sense of smell.

Lee Jordan and Tyson Jackson enter the exhibit quietly.

Lee uses his flashlight to search for the mysterious stranger and then all the sudden Reuben barked.

"Yo! Detective Jordan!" said Tyson,quietly
"Shh! I know,Tyson." said Lee,quietly as Reuben keeps barking until someone kicks Reuben.

"Reuben!" said Lee,quietly as he came to Reuben's aid when all the sudden the mysterious stranger came and said to Lee..."I see you're looking for me!"

"Who are you?" Lee asked as the mysterious stranger appeared unto Lee,Reuben and Tyson turned out to be a man with hands and feet of a monkey.

"You can called Monkey Fist!" the stranger introduce himself. "Monkey ninjas,get rid of them."

And there are a bunch of monkeys dressed in a ninja costumes are going to fight against Lee and Tyson while Reuben barked all the sudden someone's voice said "Rufus,help out!"

There was a naked mole rat it uses its tongue and made a raspberry on to the monkey ninjas...when the blond-haired/brown eyed man came.

"Ron Stoppable!" Monkey Fist said who recognize the man.
"In person!" said Ron

"Ron Stoppable?" said Lee pondering his eyebrows
"Ever heard of Kim Possible,Detective?" Tyson asked
"I've heard of her but not that guy." Lee answered until DNAmy came and knock down him and Tyson...when Ron is about to get even with Monkey Fist all the sudden a pair of Coonigators just attack him trying to ripped his mission outfit when Lee and Tyson got up and save him from getting hurt by throwing the Coonigators to floor safely.

"What are you doing here?" Monkey Fist asked
"Getting away!" DNAmy answered
"Oh terrific well I'll spare the ring tailed lemurs."

"There she is!" said Jason
"Monkey ninjas,retreat!" said Monkey Fist and DNAmy uses a smoke bomb to escape along with DNAmy's Coonigators and the stolen American alligator.

"Oh great they got away!" said Lee as his face gets a grouchy attitude.

"Hey Wade,it's been a long time." said Ron
"It's been awhile,Ron." said Wade. "And hate to break it to you but part of your pants is ripped."
"Eek!" said Rufus and Reuben whine when Ron saw the left leg pants got ripped by one-twelfth of it. (Reminds me of Kim Possible's old mission outfit being ruined in the Kim Possible episode 'Clothes Minded')

Meanwhile in St.Paul,MN,USA

In the suburb town of Maplewood

3M Innovation Center

"Wow! The Creators of the Scotch Tape is hosting the Science Fair." Zack said when he,Jade,Josha,Dr.Spencer Ross and Maylee came along with Jade's cat,Sam.

"Remember we better look out for any thefts around here." said Jade "This is really important it could be one of the best projects they're after."

"Let's get in with an access pass of course." said Spencer.

Inside the Science Fair

Everything's good so far and here come the judges coming to the next project.

"Ah this must be Jim and Tim Possible?!?!" one of the judges said to two sixteen year old boys one in a green shirt the other in a red shirt.

"Which one is Jim?"
"I'm Jim." the one in a green shirt said
"and I'm Tim" the one is a red shirt said "this is our entry."
"How to Spy on Crime?" said Jim as he and Tim shows the judges their project.
"Both me and my brother so hard for this." said Tim
"How long was that?" one of the judges asked
"Four years!" the twins answered until two security guards shows up.

"It's already been done for!" the security guards said
"What do you mean?" one of the judges asked
"I mean the party's over!" the security guards answered as they revealed themselves.

"Hey you two aren't security guards." said Jim
"You're Double Trouble!" said Tim until someone crash in with a motorcycle.
The cyclist steps off of the motorcycle and remove the helmet and the twins notice the cyclist and they said "Motor Ed"

(end of Act three)


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Before I'll start act four here something I forgot to mention in act two...

I read Kim Possible's 'bio' that she drawn towards International Diplomacy and I look up at wikipedia there's some schools that has to deal with her career of choice...so I narrow down to one...beside I pick the Columbia University's School of Public and International Affairs. (beside this is my idea although a college has not been mentioned in the Kim Possible episode 'Clothes Minded')

Also in act three looking for a good site of a science fair...I search for one in St.Paul,MN...and there was the 3M Innovation Center that hosted probably once I guess (anyway it's fictional just so everyone knows).


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(Act four begins)

3M Innovation Center,St. Paul (Maplewood),MN,USA

Everyone screaming when Double Trouble and Motor Ed shows up when Jade,Zack,Josha,Spencer and Maylee entered the building along with Sam who jump off of Jade's arms.

"Sam!" said Jade as she followed Sam.
"Jade!" said Maylee as she follows Jade.
"Jade,Maylee!" said Josha as a crowd of people are scared.
"Come on!" said Zack as he,Josha and Spencer followed Jade and Maylee.

Inside the Science Fair

"This is going to be a piece of cake." said Double Trouble
"Dudes,seriously?" said Motor Ed "Let's rock!" As does his air guitar movement.

Jade and Maylee enter and saw Double Trouble and Motor Ed looking for the Science Fair's favorite to win project...and looking for Sam of course.

"Maylee,suit up time!" said Jade
"Right!" said Maylee as she and Jade uses their own bracelet and turn their own favorite outfit into their own battle suit.

"Nothing in this section!" said Double Trouble
"Dudes,we gotta find that prize winning project." said Motor Ed as he looks underneath the table and saw the Possible boys.

"Excuse us!" said the twins as they crawled fast but caught by Double Trouble as the twins gasped
"You two ain't going nowhere!" said Double Trouble.
"Seriously,you two you're toast!" said Motor Ed
Jade (in her medium blue battle suit) and Maylee (in her hot pink battle suit) came and Jade said to Double Trouble and Motor Ed "Hey Moe,Larry and Curly let those boys go!"

"Seriously?!?!" said Motor Ed
"Oh she serious,motormouth!" said Maylee.
"It's Motor Ed,Pinky!"
"Watch you say Ed,you and Double Trouble are under arrest." said Jade
"Watch it,Miss Geeky, you're talking to Motor Ed here!" said Motor Ed until Sam jumped onto him "Hey,pussycat get off of me!" as Motor Ed fell into a bag of packing cornstarch peanuts.
"Oh no!" said Double Trouble as they saw Zack,Josha,Spencer and the security guards are coming.

"Jade,Maylee!" said Zack.
"Good timing,Zack!" said Jade
Motor Ed still struggling with Sam until Sam decided to jump off from Motor Ed and Motor Ed's hands went into the electrostatic generator..."Ahhhh! My mullet!"
"Forget the projects let's take these boys!" said Double Trouble
but Maylee used her judo chop unto Double Trouble from behind...and thanks to Maylee, Jim and Tim just stomped the troublesome twins' own two feet.

Maylee somersault herself to safety..."Let's party outer here!" said Double Trouble.
"Come on dudes,let me you two give a ride,seriously!" said Motor Ed as he used his motorcycle and pops out two chairs for Double Trouble to hop in and speed outer here.

"You boys alright?" Jade asked
"We're okay!" said the twins.
"What are your names?" Zack asked
"I'm Jim and this is my twin brother,Tim!" Jim answered
"We're the Possible boys!" Tim said
"Possible,as in Kim Possible?" Maylee asked
"Hoo-sha!" Tim answered
"Yeah,Kim is our big sister." Jim answered "She's famous!"
"Was famous,Jim!" said Tim as Zack's cellphone rang.

"Excuse me you guys!" Zack said as he head outside.

"Where are you boys from?" Josha asked
"Middleton!" Jim answered
"Why are you two here in the science fair?" Spencer asked
"Me and Jim are bringing our science fair entry called 'How to Spy on Crime?'" Tim answered as he shows Spencer their own laptop with project inside.
"We've been doing this for four years." Jim answered
"Real nice,boys but that's not a good science fair entry." said Spencer
"Actually this entry is perfect for private investigators and eavesdroppers."
"Or informants!" Tim said as Zack came back and said " Everybody Ivy just called she said we've got to return to San Francisco immediately."

"What for,Zack?" Jade asked
"Ooo...Chase isn't in a good mood!" Zack answered
"Are you serious?' Spencer asked

Meanwhile in San Francisco,CA,USA

James and Ann Possible are strolling along with their own luggage.

"I can't believe that concierge told we have to get reservations." James said
"I told him that I've got the reservations thanks to that contest."
said Ann who is furious.
"Where did you that contest from?"
"I bought one of the latest healthy snacks from Pop Pop Porter,recently."
"Pop Pop Porter?!?!"
"That's right before our boys left for St.Paul."
"When we get back to Middleton we need to talk to him and find out why he did this."
"Good idea!" said Ann until James bumped unto someone.

"Oh jeez,I'm sorry,sir!" said James as he pick up his luggage
"It's okay!"
"My husband didn't mean to...uh,who are you anyway?"
"Bolt Upright!"

"Nice to meet,Mr. Upright,We're the Possibles,I'm James and this is wife,Ann." James introduces himself and Ann to Bolt.

"We were about to enjoying a good vacation when all the sudden it was ripoff." said Ann

"A ripoff ?!?!" Bolt asked

"Yes! No thanks to Pop Pop Porter!" James answered

"*gasped* I think I got something about this...Come on you two follow me?" said Bolt

"Let's go!" said Ann
"Right!" said James as he and Ann follow Bolt unaware some mysterious person is finish eavesdropping it seems the mysterious person isn't happy and left.

To be continued...

(end of act four)
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