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(This was from an old Journal entry Lucy had while she was attending the Academy before she was a detective. It was written with Julie.)

The SPCA Mission Adoption Center was alive with sounds of barking echoing the halls, chatter and all sorts of other animal noises. A young couple sat near the desk with a few reusable tote bags full of what looked like needed supplies. A calico cat was walking slowly across the front desk while the assistant was talking to the owner of a basset hound.

As soon as the dog noticed the calico cat, it jumped up and started barking furiously. The cat stopped and just looked at the dog. Missy was the owner's cat who frequented the site and always got into mischief. No matter how many times they closed the door to the dog kennels, somehow Missy got in to walk in front of the dog cages teasing them.

Lucy shook her head. She leaned over to Julie and said "See that cat? That's Missy, the one I was talking about" she unzipped her jacket and was swiftly hung up on a coat rack behind the front desk. The sign in sheet was on the opposite end of the front desk from the assistant. Julie followed Lucy's lead.

They went to the supply closet first and then the cat area was all the way in the back, last door on the right. It was an enclosed glassed area with a bunch of cat carriers spread out. Lots of cat toys scattered about the ground. The scratching posts and towers had been there awhile.

The cats ran around them as they entered, Julie quickly shut the door behind them. “Oh no you don’t” She said. A few greeted Justice with a meow and she started petting them. They seemed to like their ears and chin scratched. Others greeted Lucy by rubbing against their legs and meowing, others ran every which way. There were some new ones since the last time. One was orange like Garfield and a little overweight. It reminded Lucy how much she enjoyed those comics along with the peanuts. 'Garfield' lay in one of the cat beds and observed the scene.

Lucy put on her gloves and grabbed a plastic bag and a scooper. She started cleaning the litter boxes Justice saw this and begins working too.

They were done quicker than expected. ‘Garfield’ walked up to Julie with a knitted mouse in it’s mouth and put it in her hand. “Oh, what do you have for me boy,” she asked. Julie plays with ‘Garfield’ for awhile.

Lucy looked at her watch as her stomach growled.

"Would you like to join me for lunch?"

Julie followed Lucy to the break room where they washed their hands and then they both sat down for lunch.

“So Lucy, are you liking the academy?”

“Yes, it’s fun and challenging. I enjoy learning new self defense techniques with Ivy.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Zander, one of the employees poked his head in. His short black hair was a mess in his face. "Excuse me, ladies. I don't mean to interrupt but I was hoping to ask Lucy if she would help me with something."


Zander smiled and motioned for Lucy to follow, leading her into a quiet room. Meanwhile Julie went to go check on the cats where they had been working, making sure they had what they needed.

He put a brown cat carrier by Lucy’s feet and opened it. He kneels and peers inside, Lucy followed suit. There was a cat pressing her body against the back of the carrier. It was a small black cat with a white underbelly. The kitten wasn’t hissing or making any noise.

“Oh you poor thing. I know what it’s like to be scared of coming out.” Lucy said in a soft, soothing voice. The cat blinked, and took half a step forward then hesitated.

“You’re the first one she’s responded to without treats or food. We’ve been looking for someone to foster her but she’s been hard to place because she won’t come out.”

Watching Lucy with the cat reminded him of how long it had taken the girl to warm up to everybody here.

The girl turns to him “I would be happy to foster her.”


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What a purr-fect story you wrote,Lucy? *Sam is one =^-^= (happy kitty)* (I don't own that emotion icon =^-^= (happy kitty) whatsoever).

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