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(I don't own the character Stretch the Crime dog whatsoever don't worry animals don't talk just their own minds do)

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA,USA

K-9 Unit and Animal Action Team division

Stretch the Crime dog enters and howls at Reuben, Lee Jordan's Beagle.

'Hey, Stretch!' Reuben said 'What's howling?'
'Oh just a new canine in town.' Stretch answered
'Canine!' Reuben exclaimed 'Where's the new dog?'
'Settle down, Reuben!' Stretch said 'He ain't coming in till tomorrow you know.'
'Oh I see I'm going to be replace in the team.'
'No, Reuben!' Stretch said 'Your owner is glad he can't keep you in his apartment so he puts you here for training.'
'Great, I've figure he trade me for a pet rock.'
'A pet rock?!?!' Stretch replied 'Don't be ridiculous his landlord told him no pets allowed.'
'I bet the new canine's owner would do the same.'
'Exactly!' said Stretch

The next day...

Jade Ezell's cat, Sam and his little kitten sister, Socks enter the facility

A dog barked scaring the whiskers out of Socks...

'Calm down, dear sister it's just Stretch!' Sam said
'That doesn't sound like Stretch!' said Socks hiding behind her big cat brother when all of a sudden a male German Shepherd Dog appears.
'Hey you two cats no one is allowed unless you two are dogs and part of the K-9 Unit.' the German Shepherd said to the cats.
'Actually I'm part of the ACME Animal Action Team.' said Sam 'My name is Sam and this is my kitten sister, Socks!'
'Hi!' said Socks still scared of that big dog.
'We're just here because our owner works here as a free agent and amateur detective.'
'I'm just here for some kitten food and little training myself.' said Socks

'I don't believe you fur balls!'
'Romanov!' said Reuben who appeared from the K-9 training room 'Don't scared them these are my furry friends they're not from VILE.'
'Whoops!' said Romanov 'My fault...sorry about that I was worried they are distracting me from starting my training.'
'My little sister is going to trained like I do.' said Sam 'After all we cats are a pair of crimefighters too.'
"Romanov!" The K-9 unit officer said
'I've better go, see ya later!' said Romanov as he enter the K-9 training room.

'I see you two met Romanov!' said Reuben
'He scared the whiskers out of me.' said Socks
'Socks, Romanov is a German Shepherd Dog he belongs to Arthur Chance.'
'I wonder if Arthur has a cat with him.' said Sam
'No way, Sam!" Reuben said 'He came from the D.C. office and Arthur has an apartment already but he can't keep Romanov here the landlady warn him he can't keep pets unless they are small like a guinea pig or a hamster.'
'Not even a kitten!' Socks said to Reuben
'Afraid so!' said Reuben 'I got to go I promise the gardener not to water the plants on those beautiful roses.' As Reuben heads outside.

'There you are little one.' Stretch said to Socks as he came. 'Are you ready?'
'Sure am, Stretch!' said Socks
'Let's go, sister!' said Sam 'Basic training begins right now!'

As Sam and Socks enter the training room for cats...Socks wonder what is it all like to be a crimefighting kitty all about!

(The End)
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